Thursday, December 31, 2015


AS 2015 COMES TO AN END, AND 2016 COMES TO A BEGINNING:  I may have mentioned this in past posts. I didn't go back to check.  But if I have or have not, I will state here, I am not one to normally make New Years resolutions. While I understand, and believe that a looking back at the year ended and looking forward to the year coming up and making any changes that one feels necessary, I feel that if I need to, ( and I usually do) make corrections during the year, that time is the best time to make that life correction.  So, having said all that, after this post I resolve to try to make my blog posts more meaningful and less critical of those around me. Especially the tics.  I said after this post.
So while I feel that ones vote of personal and private, I am going to put myself out there and say this; I do not like Trump and do not intend to vote for him. However, in a contest between Trump and Hillary, I would have to shut my eyes, cross my fingers and vote for Trump. I don't like his ways of bullying and insults those who come close to him in the polls. I like Dr. Carson, but he is slipping in the polls and we will have to wait and see.
Now, I will end with Hillary.  For any one who is to young to remember, Or to enamored with her to think about it, please remember the time she was the first lady in a scandal filled presidency, and what it would mean for her to return, with Billary at her side.  Shudder. Also, remember   when they left the white house and George W. moved in, they had trashed the White House, removed the "W's" from the computers, trashed Air Force One and taken the White House China.  They were caught with the China, as it were and did return it, but still, her lies and deceit just can't be good for the country. And if the media would remind the public of these things, her campaign would go down the tubes. I think.  So, for any one who wants a Woman President, I have no objection, just no this woman.
Well, I guess that is enough for now, and we will see how long, in an election year, I can be a niver person, even to the tics.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I'M REALLY, REALLY GETTING TIRED. A while back I said to myself, "Self, just back off from the posts about the tics".  I really wanted to just focus on other things in the few blog posts that I write. I have even considered blogging more about things closer to me, you know, like well, me.  But I have a hard time doing that, mostly and the tics just keep on getting, well, more tic,ky. So, here goes.
I a recent debate between Queen in her own mind Hillary and Bernie and another seldom mentioned Democratic candidate, Hillary made some unsupported claims about the Donald that she has been called out on. She refuses to back down.  And Donald. Well, if his language gets any worse, the country will run out of mouth washing soap before the elections are here, much less over. Would Donald make a good President. I think not. He is a successful businessman, but I think he will not be a good President. However, there is so much of the populace that is really tired of the current government leadership, that they are rallying behind him for whatever rhetoric that seems to spew from his mouth.  As for Hillary, She is being rallied behind for whatever reason I fail to understand at all.  It has been proven that she has told many lies about the things she has done. Even if you ignore a lot of what is said on social media, and take the liberal media with a grain of salt, Hillary still comes off in a bad light.  The media seems to ignore the face that she and husband Bill made off with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of China and other items from the White House when they left after his term of office. They were caught and they did return said items, but they still did abscond with them. So what seems to be the draw for Hillary and Donald. I really don;t know. ( Are you getting tired of me using the word really?)  So, I think the best match up would be the seldom mentioned Democrat and Cruz or Rubio on the Republican side. Maybe a good look at an Independent candidate would be in order this time.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED, how the news anchors gush about things.  And they will say, "Everybody" does this; or "Everybody" wants this; Or "Everybody" has been waiting for this. Or "Everybody" watches this TV show or has seen this movie or is just waiting to do so. And I can just shake my head, cause I don't want, or haven't been waiting for or whatever it is that They are gushing about.  Since "Everybody" wants this and They said so, and since I don't and didn't, I guess that makes me nobody.
And you know what?  That just makes me happy that They and Everybody wants to do this or that or wants this or that and is waiting for this or that to happen and I don't want to and don't really care.  So, Yep, I'm just happy being a nobody.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


ARE YOU A PATIENT PERSON? Those who know me best will tell you that I am not. If they chose to look back over the decades, they may tell you that I have improved.  What they won't tell you, probably because they don't know, is how much I have learned about myself over those decades and how much I work to control my patience. And what they won't know is that as I work and learn, it is getting easier to control myself, mostly.  Now, I mention all this just cause I can, and I will tell you the train of thought that brought me to write this post in the first place. 
A few days ago, during a conversation I was having with a friend of mine, the comment was made about how fast this year had gone by, and how it didn't seem all that long ago that people were panicking over the turn of the century and the possible problems that Y2K was going to bring.  Problems that just didn't materialize.  But as I thought on this thought and the few things that were said about how fast things were going, how fast the years are going by, I came to this conclusion. 
When we were young we were always looking forward to something. Grade school graduation, High School graduation, Proms, a first date, basketball season, the weekend dance, Christmas, getting old enough to get a drivers license, and then a car and then a job and it seems like it takes forever to get some of these things done, or to reach that date.  As we got older, we have reached these milestones and the ones we are looking forward to are getting less, and as we get involved in a busy life, it seems that time just slips away at times. And then the next thing we know, we look back and wonder, where did the time go. It seems only a few days ago I was a new husband and then a new father and now I am a Great grandfather.   Being a Great Grandfather is a matter of genealogy. Just how great I may be is debatable.  And as my time on the earth is winding down ( I guess it starts that process at birth, it just becomes more noticeable now) the time seems to slip by faster and faster every day. And my patience begins to go the other way.  While a school kid can't wait for summer vacation, I would just like to slow time down a bit. even though the days for both of us is actually 24 hours in duration.

Friday, December 4, 2015


THANKSGIVING IS OVER; and now it is time to start the Christmas season. I am one of those funny people who thinks we should celebrate one holiday at a time.  July 4th; Labor Day; Halloween; Thanksgiving and then Christmas. While decorations and a tree can be put up shortly after Thanksgiving, to do so before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cooked is pushing it a little.  Christmas carols after Thanksgiving is good, but start off slow and then build up. Even a steady diet of carols can get a little bit annoying at times.
But with this season, this year, there is a lot of doom and gloom across the globe. The latest shooting in Paris and then in San Bernadino, not to mention all the ones before them, and you just have to wonder what is going on.  Is this the escalation of evil that has been long predicted? The evil that will spread across the earth in the last days. Some will arguably say it is. Others not so much. Me, well I think it is an escalation. I think the end of the world as we know it is getting close.  But as awful as these shootings are, as awful as the increasing threat of the ISIS band is, much as the bulk of the world would like to see a return to sense and sensibility, I don't really think that is going to happen. Not any time soon, any way.
And as for the end of the world.  Well, the world is not going to come to a crashing halt with a grinding of gears and a smoking engine. Although there may be some smoke involved, the world will "end" with the 2nd coming of the Lord and sin, including the many wars and contentions will cease and the world will be a place of peace for many centuries.  Will this happen in my lifetime?
Probably not. In the lifetime of my children? Possibly. My Grandchildren and great Grandchildren? I would say most definitely it will happen in their lifetime. But with all that is happening at this time, all across the world, with world leaders pointing fingers at their neighbors, and while they paw the ground, throw dust across their backs and bellow like a couple of old bulls getting ready to fight, we must all remember the real reason for this season of the year. We should keep in mind that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, who came to earth, lived and died, as a perfect being, and in so doing, offered each of us the opportunity to return to that home from whence we came.  We should always remember that no matter how much pawing and dusting the world does, we need to always be mindful of what we are truly here for and what we are trying to accomplish on a personal level.

Monday, November 16, 2015


AND SO LITTLE TIME.  There have been several events that have taken place over the past few days that I could post about.  The democrat debate, the shooting event in Paris, the defeat of Rhonda Rousey. All of these could be a post on their own. Instead, I just mention them in passing as I get to the subject in my mind.  And that is
If I actually believed that such a thing could happen, the spinning part, I would bet on it.  Have you listened to the news people lately.  Even old me, who mostly got poor grader in English, know better than the phrase sentences like the news anchors and reporters are doing. Repeated words in the same sentence that only adds a redundancy to the statement. Ending their sentences with words like AT.  As in   Where are you at?  Is that acceptable English now?  Any language professionals out there who can answer this question?  And when did it become acceptable to use the words like, and you know, and I mean. Sometimes several times in one sentence. And in every sentence. And to start a sentence with I Mean. How can you say I mean, when you haven't even said any thing yet.  And the weather reporters overuse the phrase "out there."  Every thing is out there.  Or the reporters that say   we will have a live report.  Isn't that better than a dead report? Just have to wonder if maybe a refresher course in English may be in order. You know, like I mean. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, November 9, 2015

RANT # 3

THE ONLY THING THAT QUALIFIES THIS AS A RANT, is that it pertains to the tics and the news media.  Other than that, it is just a comment.  
OK, I'm going to put myself out there.  But before I do, I will say this. I believe that the American public should vote and that who they, or we, vote for is private.  Now, having said that, I am favoring Ben Carson.  Who I actually vote for remains to be seen, determining on how things go. I believe Trump is probably a good business man. How good depends on how honest he is in his dealings. Things that I know nothing about.  I do know that every time one of the people gets close to him in popularity, he attacks them, usually with belittling insults.  I don't like that.  Now, Ben Carson is being attacked. Why?  Well, I think mostly by Trump because he's pulling ahead of Trump in the polls.  Mostly by the media, because they don't like him, so they are going back, in some cases way back, and digging up things that have no bearing on any thing and causing him to justify or clarify himself from 40 years ago, instead of dealing with the current issues. Do I think Trump would be a good President.  Yes I do, If you could run government like a business. Unfortunately, the board of directors, in this case, all have other agendas and someone like Trump won't be able to deal with them. Will Ben Carson? Maybe. Time will tell.  Jeb Bush maybe could, but he won't be elected. Why? Because he's a Bush and the people are tired of the Bush's right now.  They are tired of the Clinton's' right now also, but the reason Hilarious is ahead in the polls is because she does not have a viable candidate opposing her. That may change. We can always hope.  And one last thing, before I close this missive.  After the last Republican debate, the candidates complained about the moderator and the questions that were ask.  I did not watch the debate, only the media reports, but from what I was able to glean from the biased media was that the candidates, all of them, were concerned that the questions were frivolous and didn't deal with the issues.  Mr. Obama then poked fun of them and said if they can't handle a TV moderator then  the Russians and the Chinese won't be concerned.  My opinion, they weren't there to "handle" a moderator. They were there to debate the issues and that was the problem.  Maybe the Russians and the Chinese are concerned about which of the Pubs get in the final running.

Monday, November 2, 2015

RANT # 2

DOES THIS QUALIFY AS A RANT?  With the tics heating up their campaigns, with those currently in power in the East, AKA as Washington D.C. and all the things going on, I can see my rants adding up to higher than I can count.  As in 20.   First, I want to say that I abhor war, and I eschew peace.  I don't see either one happening in the near future.  (Did abhor and eschew frighten you from this author?) I do know a few words like that. Not many, but a few.  But I digress.  Mr. Obama has said that he has a phone and a pen and he will declare law in matters that congress don't agree with him.  And congress is passing laws that make many of us in fear of our actions.  Case in point.  Recently two former Samali refugees were hired by a beer distributor to deliver beer.  But then after getting hired, they sued the company because beer is against their religious beliefs.  They were not required to drink it, just deliver it. But, the government sued in their behalf and they won $240,000.  All because they applied for a job and were hired and then didn't want to do that job. If that was against their belief, they shouldn't have applied for the job. On the other hand, the owner of Melissa's Sweet cakes was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. So the answer is why do some get money because they apply for a job that is against their belief and someone else is fined for not wanting to something that is against their religious belief.   There are many cases like this, and it makes one have to wonder why. Maybe we need to all take a really good look at those running for office and vote accordingly. City, County, State and national.  I really wonder why Hillary is allowed to run for President while she is being investigated for criminal wrong doing.  Man, I sure wish we had Mitt and Joe opposing each other and Mitt would win.  That would be the ideal match up.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


THIS WILL BE THE SECOND TIME that I have written about this.  So, does that qualify it as a rant?  Since it is politically motivated, perhaps it does. So, before I get much further into this rant, let me give a little back ground information.  In 2005 our federal government passed the Real ID Act.  Since our "esteemed" governor at the time thought it necessary for those entering the country and the State illegally should have a New Mexico drivers license, the federal government said it would not honor New Mexico drivers licenses as a valid form of identification. The powers that be in this State ask for an extension to "fix" the problem and that was granted. For a while.
Then a new governor, Susana Martinez, was elected and one of her campaign platforms was to get rid of these illegal drivers licenses. She has tried every year since she has been governor to get the legislature to fix this problem. They refuse to do so. All they do is ask the feds for another extension, and so far they have been getting that extension.  And every year the State Legislators keep the law that says those who are here illegally can have a valid New Mexico Drivers license. 
Now, the latest extension runs out on January 11, 2016. And there is no extension approval this time.  And our legislature don't meet again until January 19. So after the 11th, residents of New Mexico will have to have a pass port to board a plane, enter a federal facility that requires a valid ID, and many other things that drivers licenses are routinely used to identify a person. They will no longer be valid. Period.  When a legislator, was recently ask why they had not fixed this, she said she said she was trying to be sympathetic to the needs of the thousands of people who have made their way to New Mexico to make this their home. Well, what about being sympathetic to those of us who already live here, and have for decades. One just has to ask,   What exactly is it about our elected officials that they don't seem to understand about the term  "illegal".  What about that word is it that they fail to understand. 
So, I feel that we as New Mexicans need to inundate our legislators with e mails and phone calls every day until they fix this problem.  Either that, or we move to Arizona, Texas or Colorado. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I JUST HAVE TO ASK.  40 years ago, while I was still a young man, relatively speaking, and working full time, and raising a family, I was paying into the Social Security system.  I wasn't ask if I  wanted to pay into the system, I was just told that I was.  In fact, I have been paying into the system since the late 1950's and continued to do so until just about 3 years ago.  Even though I "Officially Retired" in 2009, I continued to work part time here and there and continued to pay into the system.
Now, back to the 40 years ago thing.  In 1975, the government put into place a rule, or law or whatever they called it, that when the cost of living went up, so would the social security payments. And for the last 40 years they have done so, with an average increase of 4%. Except for 3 years in that 40 years.  And all three of those years have happened since 2010. And the years we did get an increase since 2010, it has been less that 4%. So, how can this be?  Well, it is in the way the law, or what ever it is, was wrote.  It's based on the CPI.  And when the economy is good, the CPI will go up and so will the social security payments.  Well, in 2015, most indicators went up, but the price of gas came down, so that "offset" the other, according to the powers that be back east. However, the government mandated health care system that is now the "law of the land" has risen out of sight, so we, the old and the infirm, are going to have a large chunk of said social security taken away to pay for the higher costs.  Well, if health care is up, food costs are up, housing costs and insurance costs are up, and if I don't drive any where to use the lower fuel costs, it would seem to this old curmudgeon that the system I paid into for 55 + years could afford at least a small increase in benefit payments. Or at the least, not penalize me for getting old and infirm.

Monday, September 21, 2015


ACCORDING TO THE HISTORY BOOKS, we used to live in caves.  Oh not me, personally, but mankind. Many hundreds of years ago. Even thousands of years ago. Depending on where you are and what people you may be looking at.  Who knows, there may be someone somewhere living in caves in this day and time.  But, even me, at my age, that being the 8th decade of life, have never lived in a cave. I have always lived in a house. I grew up in a house and have spent all my married life in a house. And in all that time I have never had the urge to live in a cave.I was raised in the country and I usually can't wait to leave when I go to a city, but really, a cave.  No I think not. So, what is the purpose of this carrying on?  Well, I'll tell you.
My wife and I don't watch a lot of TV.  But when we do, we watch a lot of HGTV home make over type of shows.  And in a lot of them the MAN OF THE HOUSE, will just have to have his man cave.  I say, what in the world is the purpose of a man cave. As I said, I thought mankind moved out of caves centuries ago. Now, we, as in mankind, are wanting to move back? I just don't understand the desire and the need.  If you don't like your family and want to just be alone, then by all means move to a cave and enjoy the heck out of it. As for me, I'll  just stick to a normal house.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


ARE YOU HAVING MEMORY PROBLEMS?  I am getting old. Well, at least older. Naw, let's just stick to old.  And so, perhaps, the problem with memory loss looms ahead.  I'm not talking about just a temporary what was I going to do, type of loss, but the dementia or Alzheimer type.
Then low and behold, my wife saw an article on TV or somewhere, ( I forget just where ) that if you eat bacon, it will help you with memory retention. So, we decided to give it a try.  What can we lose, besides our memory any way.
So we bought some bacon and began eating it for breakfast. And sometimes we would have bacon and tomato type of sandwiches for lunch. If we cooked too much bacon for breakfast, then we could eat a piece during the day for a snack. And so I can say that yes, eating bacon really helps you with your memory.
We have remembered why we quit eating so much salt.  Guess we will have to cut back on the bacon.  Perhaps someday we will forget why we did.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT.   My wife and I were having a conversation about clothes.  The kind we like to wear, the kind we won't, and the kind we maybe would but don't. During the conversation, the type of pants we wear was discussed. We both like denim. There are a few different kinds of denim, but I favor blue, while my wife will wear other kinds.  But still denim.  When I ask her about a kind that was being advertised on TV, she said NOPE.  She didn't like that kind of material.  It might look nice for a while when it is new, but after it has been washed a few times, it begins to look tired and worn and old. Even if it is not.   Well, now, I said, that explains every thing.
I will just quit washing myself, as in bathing, and then maybe I won't look so tired and old and worn.  At least it's worth a shot. Check me out and see how it's working.  Just probably have to do it downwind.

Monday, September 7, 2015


ANY ONE, OR MAYBE THE ONLY ONE, WHO READS MY BLOG, is aware that I have made no bones about my dislike for President Obama. What I may not have mentioned is that I didn't like Vice President Al Gore either. And I like him even less as time goes by.  He has carried on and on about global warming and ice caps melting and Polar Bears dying and well, you get the picture.  According to him, the Polar Bears in Alaska should all be gone by now.  Well, let's get back to the point of this blog.
President Obama recently made a three day trip to Alaska.  Each stop was staged by staff members working ahead of the president's travel.  Each photo op was planned. Except maybe the whale, but who knows how long they waited for one to surface. And much was made about his renaming of Mt. McKinley.  Well, it used to be called Denali decades back, so he didn't really rename it, he just changed it back to what it was.  Have we seen the end of that. Probably not.
But, back to the ice and the bears.  Even though Al Gore and his like and those belonging to environmental groups like the Center for Biological Diversity keep spouting the end of the polar ice and the polar bear, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary. 
During a speech while in Alaska, the President said that by the end of this century, the global warming would have warmed up 6 to 12 degrees. And the ice would continue to melt. Then he also said that he was asking Congress for money to buy more ice breakers for Alaska. If the ice is melting, why do they need more ice breaking ships? 
And even though the environmentalists keep carrying on about the demise of Polar Bears, the Pres. did not even mention them and none were seen. Except for the possible fake one that the CBD brings along to remind the President about their agenda.  There was no evidence that the Pres. even got to see the fake one, and he did not travel to the areas where the Polar Bears live. probably because they don't want to mention that scientists have proven that the numbers of bears are increasing.  
Now, the CBD brings their fake bear along on these junkets to remind the Pres of their agenda, which is  1. Rescind proposals to drill for oil in the arctic.   2. Halt all new fossil fuel exploration on public lands. 3. Cut greenhouse pollution from airplanes.  4. Reject the Keystone Pipeline once and for all.  This is just a partial agenda of this group and their fake bear.  
And the news goes along with all of this, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary.
One has to wonder just what the world would be like if Gore and POTUS and the environmental groups would actually use real and true facts and not make up things to support their beliefs.  I think things would be a lot better, if they would just try to get along with what is really going on and both sides of the issue would study and then act on the best environmental route to take, not spout mistruths  to lead the public astray.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


ANY OPINIONS OUT THERE?  Other than my uneducated one?  I'm talking about the Tics. Or, for any one who is not sure what I mean, the politicians.  Do you think they will get it?  People are just tired of them.  I may or may not vote for Donald Trump. Actually, I kinda like Ben Carson. But I, along with most of America, ( no I don't speak for them, so I just assume ) are tired of the professional tics. We don't want any more Clinton's, or Bush's or Biden's in the White House.  And that is why Trump and Carson and Sanders are rating high in the polls, in spite of Hillary and Jeb and some of the others ranting about being so down in the polls.  We can only home that after November 2016 election day they will be down in the mouth after losing. Better yet, they will lose early next year and not even make it to November.

Monday, August 24, 2015


A FEW DAYS AGO, ON A NATIONAL NEWS SHOW, one of their lead ins for an upcoming hour was this;  Should it be OK for men to wear shorts to work? I have to admit upfront that I don't know what they came up with, because I had watched the show for an hour and that is about all I can stand of their silliness and their love affair with all things Hollywood. And certain politicians. They get so carried away with things like Bruce Jenner and what he did and things like that, that if a maggot was watching it would gag. I don't gag, cause I just turn the TV off. or maybe change the channel to something more sensible.  But, to get back to the question in the heading, would you wear them? Shorts, that is. To work.  Or to play.  Well, I will step on a few toes.
I will say up front, I have never worn shorts any where. At least not since I was old enough to make a decision about what I would wear. If I wore them before that, I don;t remember doing so. And I will not wear them in the future.  I just won't.  Why?  Well, I just would feel naked doing so.
Now, I will say this, and this will make some of those mentioned toes hurt. I know I have sons, grandsons and grandsons in law who wear shorts. At least to play in. Probably not to work, as far as I know. Now, I want to say this.  Hold you beating until you finish reading and then pound away. I can take it, I have pants on.  
I have seen both men and women wearing shorts.  I can say this. I have seen hardly any men who look Ok in shorts and not a lot of women either.  Some women just should not wear shorts. And no men.  Now, having said that, I am talking about shorts that are above the knee. Way above. I have seen a lot, I repeat, a lot, of women who wear shorts at or below the knee that look good. And they usually have shorts on that are tailored to their body.  I will admit here that there are a few men who are in good physical shape who look OK in shorts below the knee. Out on the golf course. But, well, I guess it is just a phobia of mine that men should just be dressed. In long pants. 
Did any one who may actually read this drivel watch the show that talked about this. If you were able to get through all their silliness, what did they say about men wearing shorts to work.  Probably were in favor of it.  But then,  THAT'S JUST THE OPINION FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, August 10, 2015


DO YOU WATCH THE CLOCK?  Or the calendar?  Or check your cell phone or computer often? Or watch sand falling through an hour glass?  How do you tell time.  Or do you?  Every day has the same amount of time. 24 hours.  You may lose some time, or even gain some if you fly across a time zone. Or live in New Mexico or Arizona on the state line.  So what does this commentary have to do with any thing?  Actually, nothing.  Just a commentary to peak your interest.  Or did you even make it this far?  But, the post is about time.  or the use of time.
I am guessing that most of you are aware that school has started, or is on the verge of doing so. And I also suppose that this awareness  is viewed with mixed emotions.  Mixed in the sense that some of us are looking forward to that and some of us are not, and some of us don't even really care.
But, if you have been watching the news the last few days, you will have noticed that many people are saying that school starts too early, and kids, especially teenagers, need to sleep later and start school later.  THEY JUST NEED MORE SLEEP, FOLKS.
Well, duh.  Refer to the third line above.  There is 24 hours in a day. From midnight to midnight, or 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. or whatever time you want to start from.  So, if your teenager needs more time to sleep, SEND HIM OR HER TO BED EARLIER. Take the TV and computer out of the bedroom. Turn off the cell phone.  If they need an alarm, get a clock with an alarm on it.
One lady on the news was complaining that she had to get up by 5:45 in order to get her kids up and ready in time for school.  Well, golly darn, lady, you should be up by then any way. In 15 minutes it will be mid morning.  I can assure you that late night TV is not essential to the betterment of your family.  Send the kids to bed early and get them up early.  If they have homework, do it as soon as they get home from school, which, I understand, is early afternoon. Get that done, then participate in after school activities. and then to bed. A good bed time would be 9 p.m. in my opinion, but I will concede 10 for some older ones.  Young ones, preschool, ( or is there such a thing now?) or early elementary school should be in bed by 8 p.m.  Talking of preschool. When do they start school now?  On their 1st birthday?  Well, if you think I am just out of it, you are right.  See my previous post.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I'VE SEEN A LOT OF THEM OVER THE YEARS. Never thought I would be one of them, though. I used to look at them and just shake my head and think, "Come on, it can't be that bad". Now, in my dotage, I realize I am becoming one of them. More and more every day.  I just have to shake my head and wonder, Why do they think the neighbors like to hear their cars and motorcycles with no mufflers on them.  Or why do they think we like to hear what they call music floating through the air from blocks far away, not to mention next door. Or why do they think we like to hear their kids hollering and screaming at the top of their lungs and calling it fun.  Yep, I am becoming one of them, and getting there fast. Sometimes I seem to be on a slippery slope heading there.  And just what is it I am becoming? you ask. Or not.  Well, whether you ask or not, I will tell you.  I am fast becoming a CURMUDGEON.    And what's more, I am proud of it.  I am getting more like George, the neighbor in Dennis the Menace every day.  And I don't really care.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE?  who is it with.  Just answer that question to yourself cause it's really none of my business.  If you have it, or who with. unless you cause me problems, then I am sure I would like to know. Actually, I would insist on it.  But that is not really the purpose of this post.  Do you watch TV?  Do you watch the commercials?  If you do, do you really listen to the insurance commercials. Or even see them in a magazine or newspaper ad?  What do they say.
Invariably they will say something like this;   "You can save ( insert dollar amount here) over other companies. The amount will vary, depending on the company, but they will all, and I repeat, all, will promise to save you money.
So that set me to thinking. The next time one of those ads come on the TV, I will just take them up on their offer. I could use the savings. And I figure if I change every 6 months or so, I should be in a position soon where the next company that offers me a savings will have to pay me to use their insurance.
Now, I think that is a deal I couldn't turn down.  How about you?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I HAVEN'T POSTED FOR A WHILE ON POLITICS:  So here goes a short couple of opinions.
The first one I will mention is the recent supreme court decision on same sex marriage.  Now, I do not support this decision. I believe marriage is to be between a man and a woman. Or a woman and a man, if you prefer.  Having said that, the purpose of this post is not to decry this ruling, but to decry the fallout of it.  While those who fir this scene wanted equality, they now want everyone to do as they want.  IE. If they want a wedding photographer and the one they ask refuses for whatever purpose, even though there are several photographers who are willing to provide this service, the one that refused will be, ( not can be, but will be ) taken to court and sued for the refusal. The same thing applies to bakers or any one else who refuses to provide a service.  Yet, these people want an end to discrimination, but will discriminate others to force them/us to go their way.  If a man wants to marry a man and a woman wants to marry a woman and the law of the land says they can, then by all means do so. But, do not force others to agree with everything you are doing.  You/they can go about the business of marriage and all that the law allows with resorting to this kind of behavior.  OK  nuff said.

2.  Just this year President Obama has established relations with Cuba.  There are many, in and out of politics, who are against this policy as well as others who are for it.  As I have said in the past and is listed in my profile, I am a member of the LDS Church and one of the scriptures we quote is that the gospel will be taken to all nations, kindred's and people.  well, Cuba fits that profile and I am of the belief that this move was instigated by a Father In Heaven who now wants the gospel to go to Cuba, and this move opens that door.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HISTORY?  Scratching your head yet as to why I am asking that question?  Well, lets look at what is going on. 
Ever since the advent of smart alec phones and other electronic media items, like I pods and I pads , and nooks and cranny's, the current crop of people spend the bulk of their time looking down.  At their hands. Well, not really at their hands, but at what is in their hands. Like the above named devises.  Or maybe they are just vices.  And they do this in most waking moments, while working, driving, walking, eating or whatever.  
And with all of this, the schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. Teaching students how to print. And with the shortcuts they use in the pods and pads and nooks and cranny's, they will soon forget how to print.  And all the old history documents? Well, they are written in cursive and will soon become as a foreign language to most and thus discarded and lost. And well, you know the saying, ( paraphrased) those who fail to read the past history and the mistakes, are bound to repeat them.  I fear for the history that will be written in the new smart alec phone language. who will really remember, in a few years, just what lol really means?  Bring back cursive teaching.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


NAMES IN THE NEWS: Or rather the lack of names.  I read an online news paper on a regular basis, and one of the items listed almost weekly are the local police blotters.  Of all the things that are on the blotter is the number of times the officers are called and the result is that someone, or several someone's, have been drinking.
Or they are called to a bar or a club where drinking is going on and a fight broke out, often between family members. Sometimes to the extent of an injury being inflicted. Occasionally a fatal injury.
Yet, still they drink, and fight and just don't seem to understand the correlation between the two.
Yes, I agree, not all problems are the result of drugs and alcohol, but so often it is and one just has to wonder why they don't understand this and just stay away from those influences.

Monday, May 18, 2015


JUST A FEW OBSERVATIONS:  A sad situation last week when an Amtrak train derailed in the Northeast. An even more sad part to this is that the Democratic part of Congress hopped on a band wagon blaming Republicans for the accident. Their mantra;  If the Republicans hadn't cut funding this wouldn't have happened.  
Well, lets look at the real reason, as far as we know it.  The reason the train derailed was because it was doing over 100 MPH on a 50 MPH curve. Why was it going so fast? Well, that is yet to be determined, but it had nothing to do with politics. Fact: Amtrak funds are supplemented by tax payers. And it has been so for many years. Republicans have never cut that funding, as claimed by the Democrats in the wake of the recent accident.  Republicans have cut increases in funding from time to time, but not the funding that was already in place. And again, speed, not funding or tics were to blame for the accident.
Next, one has to wonder why the news media constantly harp on Republicans running for President. As in:  Do you think it was the proper thing for George Bush to go to war in Iraq? Every candidate said,  Based on the information he had at the time, yes, it was proper. But the reporters don't like that answer. They want the candidates to say it was wrong, knowing what we know now. And because the candidates won't answer in the way they want, they call it a mis step on the part of the candidate.  Yet, Hilary is never ask these type of questions, or any questions at all, for that matter, and in spite of the many things that she has done, she is touted and fawned on by the media. I just don;t understand it. Even thought she and husband Bill claim to had earned $30 million in the last 16 months, she claims to be the champion of the middle class. She has no clue.
And finally, President Obama has stated this weekend that there was a glitch in the system that allowed 2000 illegal immigrants to ignore a federal judges order and now Obama's administration is begging these individuals to tear up their work permits. Uh Huh, like that's going to happen. And like there really was a glitch. If you believe that, lets talk about that proverbial Arizona Ocean Front Property.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


OR MAYBE THERE IS: But not in my favor.  In the last few months my wife and I have been to numerous Doctors appointments.  Mostly for the purpose of check ups. Not because we were ill. Just because we were old. At least that is what one Dr. told my wife. Only to refute it when she repeated it to a nurse.  One of the tests I needed was so a specialist could view my insides through a personal travel channel.  First I was put into a deep sleep and then he went on his trip. When the scenery wasn't very interesting, he changed the route and it left me kinda down in the mouth. It seems like this is actually an invasion of privacy, in the most personal way. So, I think there are laws against this. The invasion of privacy thing.  Well, there is, but before the Dr. can go on his travels, I had to sign a paper giving permission to travel on this private road. Guess that is duplicity on my part. So, why this post. No reason, I just hadn't posted for a while and couldn't think of any thing else to say at this time. Hope you don't give up on me. I will come up with something better for a future post.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A PERSON JUST HAS TO WONDER. A black man commits a crime and is arrested and dies in police custody. Or a black man commits a crime and is shot while evading police, or well, you watch the news. And the news reports that the protesters are tired of black people being treated this way by law enforcement and just want justice. 
WHY DON'T THE NEWS FOCUS ON THE CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED. And these people in Baltimore are not protesters. They are looters using an excuse to loot, burn and pillage. Every one of them should be locked up and brought to trial to answer for the crimes they committed in the name of justice.
I don't care if it is in California or Washington, Florida or Maine or any point in between. When someone commits a crime and the police respond, and the criminal gets hurt while the officers are trying to do their duty, that does not give a large portion of the people of the same nationality the right to destroy property, attack police and cause hate and discontent among the citizens.
And I just can't understand why the news media refuses to focus on the initial crime that was committed and on the crime being done in the name of justice.  If, in my uneducated opinion, cameras and reporters would focus on the crime, and condemn those committing it, maybe some, and I repeat some, would not be so quick to riot. And just maybe the leaders, in this case, of the Black community, would acknowledge that the people being hurt or killed in police custody are criminals and not pillars of the community.
Maybe, at times, the police use excessive force. And maybe they could handle things differently. But then, if they did, they would have to get rid of hind sight.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


A NEW DISEASE: Well, not really new, just a new name.  It is called, for the purposes of this post, Accelerated Gender Entitlement.  You only catch it if you happen to be suffering from Often Later Development.  It seems the Doctors of late, are using this on a number of people. It also seems that my wife and I both have this disease.  While the title of this disease has the names I have given it, it goes by the acronym of OLD AGE.  Yep, we suffer from it.  Seems a shame that we have this disease and we don't really feel that it should apply to youngsters like us.  But this is what brought it on.
My wife went to the Dr. for an unrelated problem, and he just said, you need an endoscopy. Why? Well, to check things out, because at your age you just need this test. So, off we went to a
Dr. who does these kinda tests in a neighboring city, (120 miles away) and she met with that dr. and he said, "At Your age, you need to move to a larger city where there are more Doctors and hospitals to take care of you."  Arrangements were made and we returned a few days later so he could do the actual test. Which he did.
Now, I went to my PCP for a follow up on the anemia problem he said I had, and the blood tests said that all was well.  Well, except that I seem to have anemia.  So, "Since at your age you have never had an Endoscopy, you need to have one." Why, I ask. Cause you have never had one and at your age you need to have one and see if there is something causing the problem in your stomach.  I didn't say so to him, ( he probably weighs 130 pounds soaking wet ) but the only problem with my stomach is it needs to shrink. I'm working on that. But, the appointment was made and in a few weeks off we will go to the neighboring city to let the Dr. there have a look at the inside of me.  And, like my wife, he will probably tell me I am suffering from Accelerated Gender Entitlement brought on by Often Later Development. 
Hey, we should be happy for that. Not every one gets to actually suffer from this disease.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


JUST A FEW THOUGHTS: on the upcoming presidential race.  Here is my opinion. You may voice yours in the comment section if you like. 
Hillary has announced that she is running for president of the United States. The surprise would be if she did not run. She wants to be the first woman president. So, I will comment on that along with a few other things.
1. Richard Nixon deleted a few minutes of a tape recorded message and wound up having to resign the presidency.  Hilary deleted hundreds of e mail messages and it seems to be OK.  Brian Williams lied and said he had been under fire in Afghanistan, or Iraq and he is suspended from his job for 6 months and may not come back at all.  Hilary also lied and said she had been under fire in Iraq and she is running for president. It has pretty much been established that she lied about Benghazi and then when caught she said  What difference does it make.  So, would you vote for her?  I will not and I hope no one else does either.  I also know that is more than I can expect.
So, who would you vote for. A few comments and opinions. Hilary says it is time for a woman president. I say it is time for a sensible president, either male or female. Republican or Democrat. Don't vote for Hilary just because she is a woman. I don't think we need another Clinton in the white house. We have had enough of them. For the same reason I will not vote for Jeb Bush. We don't need another Bush in the white house.  And while I may vote for Marco Rubio, it would be because I feel he is the best candidate, not because I feel it is time for a Hispanic in the white house.  I think Sarah Palin would make a good President. However, I would not vote for her because I think her presidency would be so controversial that even less would get done than is getting done now. 
So when all is said and done and it comes time to vote, vote for the one that will actually work for the people and get something done. Not because they are a woman, or a Hispanic, or what ever gimmick the candidate come up with. Remember, they will never be able to keep the promises they make, even if they want to, which most don't.  And never forget all that Hilary has done and lied about.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Sunday, April 5, 2015


AKA, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PIN CUSHION:   Did that post title grab your attention?
Those is a continuation of some of my more recent posts. Those few of you that actually peruse these ramblings know what I am talking about, and those of you that haven't read the past posts probably aren't reading this one either.  However, for those few of you that have read, you are aware that I have had a few medical situations in the last few months. And every time I had a new appointment, someone wanted to stick a needle in my are to watch it bleed. A test tube here and a test tube or three there and then just for good measure, a tube count of 10 a time or two. I recently had regular lab work done and 5 tubes were drawn, and the next week three more and then I went to my local PCP and he had the  nurse draw 2 and then he decided he needed 1 more so another draw was ordered. His determination. I am a little anemic. Shucks, I'm surprised I have any blood left at all. Then before I left for a semi annual checkup in the city to the north, it was determined that they needed more blood tests done, so three more tubes were drawn.  I think I will go to a plastic surgeon, or who ever may do that kind of thing and have them put a faucet in my arm, then when they need blood, I can just turn it on and let them catch what ever comes out. If any does.
The specialty Dr. said also, that I showed a slight tendency toward anemia. He, however, seemed to think it was a lack of iron in my blood, and suggested that I find a railroad rail and lick it from time to time to overcome this problem. He didn't seem to think that chewing on a rail was needed, just a lick from time to time should do it. Since I don't live really close to a railroad, maybe I can go to the local hardware store and find an iron bar to take home for this purpose.  I wonder if it will taste better with salt, butter and pepper, or just straight.  Guess I will have to experiment. Maybe I can invent a special iron bar to be sold in the candy aisle at Wal Mart just for those who have iron tired blood.  Wonder how much royalty a person could get from a product like that? 

Friday, March 27, 2015

I just have to wonder why.

JUST A COUPLE OF SHORT NEWS ITEMS:  One I will expound on a little more than the other one.   So, the first one.  President Obama wants to eliminate the Freedom of Information act. Every time he comes up with something like this, he always has a seemingly plausible reason. Just a little digging will usually uncover the real reason for his decision.  Wonder why he wants to do this.  Dig Dig Dig.
The second one is LEGS.  More specifically the legs of Taylor Swift.  No, I am not obsessed with her legs. Or even her, for that matter. But the news reported that she has insured her legs for $40 million. And why does she think her legs are worth that much?  Because, she said, if something happened to her legs, she wouldn't be able to put on her show. Well, I guess when a "singer" can't sing, they have to do something.  And I do not own an album of hers, nor will I. Every time I happen to be unlucky enough to hear her, it always sounds like the first song she ever came out with. All in a monotone. So you have to put on a show. Wouldn't it be a novel idea for her to just stand, or even sit, and sing. Adele does that, as well as a lot of the older time country singers I like. When they put on shows, that is. But, I guess some people can do whatever she does with her legs and Garth Brooks can rope swing across the stage among fireworks going off and smashing guitars.  Others just sing songs that are fun to listen to.  I guess if something happens to Ms. Swifts legs, she can use the $40 million to take voice lessons and learn to sing, then she can actually entertain her fans with her songs and her voice.  Or maybe not. 

Monday, March 16, 2015


NOW AN ODYSSEY: It has been said that when it rains it pours. However, here in our area, that is more like poors, rather than pours.  In this case, though, the odyssey is mine, and has nothing to do with the weather.  I mentioned a few posts back that I had some medical problems and the procedure that took place at that time.  My mother was not doing very well at the time and I wanted to go to the valley of the sun to visit her. I had to put that off for a period of time because of the a fore mentioned medical items. As I was cleared from that issue, and was preparing to make the trip I developed a case of of roofing materials, AKA shingles. I sincerely hope there was enough shingles in this case to do the roof, cause I don't want no more. Now, nearly 6 weeks later, I still have some shingles left, so I think I will have sufficient to do the job.  So, I delayed the visit for a while longer. Then came the message from my sister that Mom was failing and so the decision was made not to put off the visit any longer. I decided to make the 4 to 5 hour trip on a Tuesday and return on Wednesday. That decision made, I stewed some over it and had the feeling that I needed to do something different. So I followed the prompting and my wife and I made the trip on Sunday instead. We spent time with Mom Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning. Monday mid afternoon, as we were traveling home, I received a call from a different sister that Mom had passed away just an hour or so before. As the instruction from the President of our Church has said, never delay acting on a prompting. And I firmly believe that is was a Spiritual prompting that I make the visit on Sunday and Monday and not delay any further. I am ever so glad that I did.  This past weekend the family laid her to rest in the cemetery of the town that she loved, by the man she loved. One who had preceded her through the veil 28 years prior. This town, where lies the ditch bank of my blog name, is at 7000 feet elevation and is populated by pine trees, and the breeze in the pines, the sunny blue skies, and the stream gurgling in the ditch, was nothing short of idyllic. The tribute's paid to Mom that day were appropriate to a lady of high standards. Family traveled from places far away, even from across the pond, to pay their respects to this wonderful lady. In so many of my posts when talking of a subject I often say nuff said. In this case I will end, but there will never be nuff said.
As far as my shingles go, I have been very protective of self when people wanted to give me a hug or something. This past weekend I just grinned and bore it. As a results I received many slaps on the back. It seems I suffered no ill affects from said slaps. I hope these slaps beat the shingles in to submission, like nails tack real shingles to a roof, never to be worried about again.  Well, one can hope, any way. Rest in peace Mom.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, March 2, 2015


ARE YOU FED UP YET?  I am. With what you say? Or maybe you know what.  The republicans won a huge election last November. They took that as a mandate to undo every thing that the current administration has done. And maybe they are correct. But playing politics with these issues is not the way to get it done nor a way to keep being elected in the future. As I am sure the few of you who may actually read this blog are aware, the current congress is playing politics with the budget, immigration, and Obama care.  OK, I get it. These are things that need addressed. So address them. As individual subjects. If Obama care needs tweaked, then tweak it. If, and I say IF, the department of homeland security needs funding, then fund it. If the immigration issue needs something done about it, and it does, then do it. But don't tie up the country playing if I can't have my way then you can't either type of games.  Stand up and be adults. Do what needs to be done, for the good of the American people. And I don't care if you are a republican, democrat or independent. Just do the job you were elected to do, or hopefully, face the wrath of the American voters next Election.  Unfortunately the President won't have another election to face. At least we can hope.  And   THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Friday, February 20, 2015


THAT IS AFFECTED, NOT INFECTED. In this time of flu and measles and other things floating around, I just wanted to get that straight. I often reflect on the affect others have on our lives. I rarely speak about it and never write about it, but it is there in the back of my mind, never the less. So, for this post, I decided I would write a few scattered and random thoughts about this subject. There will be few written, but if I wrote all that can be said, this post would not hold all those thoughts. Mine or yours, as I am sure that any of you that may actually read this post will have thoughts along this line of your own. Some will match mine, some will match thoughts I didn't write and some will be things I didn't think of. Having said all that, lets see what comes our of the pen, key board.
The first people who have any influence on us will be our parents. I would say that for the first two decades of life or so, they are probably the most influential people we will know. Any siblings we may have will also influence us. I can only assume that said influence will depend on just where you fall in the line of children. First, middle or last. Cousins will play their part, for good or ill, as will school class mates. When you reach my age, which is old, you will look back and remember some of these class mates and others you won't even remember having. Depending on the particular classmate, that influence will be fleeting or deep and everlasting. Then you will meet someone and fall in love. At least most of us will. And that person will probably have the most influence of any one on how our lives shape up for the coming decades. Children will give you a new perspective. And each child will be different. Too bad they don't come with instructions. A thing that parents have wondered about since the Garden.
And then there will be employees/employers/co workers. As I look back on the 50 plus years of my working life, I realize there are very few of those that I even remember. Some, I kinda remember working with, but don't remember their names. Most had no influence on me in any way. Some, will pass through your life and the contact will be but a fleeting moment, but you will remember them even years later down the road of life. Some of these in my case have been medical workers. People who didn't remember me minutes after I left their sphere but who I remember even years later and the kindness, for the most part, they expressed to me and the care they gave. And some do remember me and show it when I arrive in their bailiwick from time to time. And that makes a person feel good to know that while they had some influence in my life, I may have just had a little influence in theirs as well.
Well, I guess I have rambled enough and hopefully left any who reads this not very confused. I will close this missive by saying that the most influential person  in my life has been my wife and has been for the past 54 years. I look forward to time immemorial of that continuing.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, February 9, 2015


I HAVEN'T RANTED ABOUT THE TICS FOR A WHILE. So now I will post a little thing about those who are elected to govern us, their subjects. 
The legislature or the State of New Mexico is in session. A 60 day session, of which 15 or so days of those are already behind them. Today, in committee, a bill was tabled for further debate or to come to a vote later or just to die a natural death. Time will tell which of these happens. My issue, however, is why was this particular bill even written and brought up to take precious time. Well, our elected officials waste a lot of time, so why not on this, I guess.  Maybe, after this, I need to be a little more specific on what I am ranting about.  
There is a concern about students who have a truancy problem. So, according to the legislative committee or legislator, who brought this up, a solution was proposed. Take away their drivers licenses.  I believe in education. Just ask my children. But, these students have a legal license and there is no law or rule that says any one has to be enrolled in school in order to have a drivers license. And I feel that the truancy problem needs to be addressed. But, take away their licenses? I think not. But give them to people who are here in the State and Country illegally. Yep, hand them out like candy. Even though our current governor wants to repeal that law, so far the legislature says nope. Let them get licenses. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND. 
Just a couple of other items. A short mention.
Back East a city, Boston, I think, has decided to fine individuals that don't shovel their walkway. Yep, I may have a heart attack from the cold and exertion, but as long as the sidewalk is clear, I am OK.
And even though NBC won't talk about it on the air, Brian Williams is away from his evening news cast because he lied about being in a helicopter under fire during the recent war. This supposedly happened a few years ago and he has repeated that story several times. Now, the truth is out and he may be also.  Didn't Hillary Clinton get caught in a similar lie some months back? Wonder if this will be mentioned if she officially announces a run for the presidents office of the United States.  Again, time will tell.

Monday, January 26, 2015


YOU JUST HAVE TO WONDER ABOUT THAT.  Or is it just me.  On a recent trip to a city in the north country, my wife and I did eat at a restaurant. Or three. And often had a hard time finding a place to park. Cause there were a lot of people wanting to eat at that restaurant also. And as we drove down the city streets, we noticed that other restaurants had full parking lots also. Morning, noon and night. All kind of places. Fast food burger places. Walk in and sit down places. Pizza places. Name it and it had a full parking lot. And just yesterday, a Sunday, as I went to church early in the morning, the two restaurants that are open for breakfast were full. At least the parking lots were full. And on a return trip home around noon, they were still full. Or full again. Just have to wonder. Does any one eat at home any more. Do they even know how to cook? I can assume that there will come a time that people will have to eat at home and they may be in a world of hurt when that time comes.  AND THAT'S THEY VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


AT LEAST I THOUGHT I WAS. Now, not so much. Why, you ask. Oh, you didn't ask. Well, if you continue to read I'll tell you. I think I have mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, I am an old person. Old enough to take an old peoples magazine. AKA AARP. And in a recent issue this is what I read. These are things that will make my old people life easier and improve my life.
An earphone that uses bone conduction. A high tech type earphone. AfterShokz As500 Bluez 2 ($100.00) or the Panasonic BTGS10 ($200.00)
Then there is the Insight Switch ($60.00) that I can plug in between electrical outlets and home appliances and then turn them on or off with WeMo smartphone app. I can even get a test message from a pot roast. I can get a Crock Pot for ($130.00)  and turn down the Chili while I am at work. Or where ever I may be. It will ping when it is done. Also the WINK line connected home products and the HUE lightbulb set from Phillips ($200.00) which is controllable via a tablet or smartphone. I can also get my medicine in a special bottle with a Vitality Glow Cap ($80.00). The cap chirps when it is time to take a pill and I can press the button beneath the cap to order a refill. 
I can get a Pen ($150.00) that will write like a normal pen but it then sends what I wrote to my I phone. And if I don't have an I phone, but use Android products instead there is the Equil Smartpen ($150.00) that will do the same thing for a smart phone. Or I can get a Where's My Keys finder ($25.00) with four different colored receiver fobs to help me find keys that may have wandered off. Or a GreatCall Touch 3 ($150.00) and with a ($25.00) per month contract, it will contact me to emergence responders and I can receive medication alerts.  And if I am having trouble with the regular smart phone, I can get the Amplicom Power Tel 785 for ($250.00) which has big buttons and an out size volume capacity.  A separate wrist band unit vibrates when a call arrives, and then lets me answer with out picking up the phone. Eat your heart out Dick Tracy.
And if that isn't enough I can get the Jawbone's UP24 band ($130.00)  and the Polar Loop activity tracker ($110.00) that I can wear 24/7. It tracks how well I sleep, and as soon as the UP24 learns your sleep patterns, it will gently awaken you by vibrating when you are in your lightest sleep period. And in case I should get Alzheimer's, I can buy a GPS Smartsole, ($299.00) which is an insole for my shoes with a built in GPS tracking chip, so I can be found if I wander off. Or I can buy the Apple Watch ($349.00) and has a built in fitness tracker and a lot of watch-ified apps. It takes an i phone to make it work, though. And the Samsung Gear 2 NEO ($200.00) which does double duty as a portable music player. Or Motorola's MOTO 360 ($250.00) with a circular face and analog display. Voice activated controls means I can get directions by talking to my wrist watch. Man, Dick Tracy didn't know how good he had it.   
Had enough yet?  If not, then here's just a little more.
Smart Bandages with a wireless medical sensor that uses nanotechnology to take dozens of readings (heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, for example, displays them on a mobile phone or the internet and call your doctor when it senses a problem. Or contact lenses that measure glucose levels, deliver drugs and detect cancer. Or pills that contain a sensor activated by stomach acid to take readings and sent the data to a skin patch receiver, which relays it to a Doctor or caregiver. 
Well, if you have made it this far in this post, you may need one of those devises to issue you an aspirin to help with the headache. Now, I will admit that I have a phone that is smarter than I am, and I use it to make calls on and even occasionally send an e mail. But I can assure you, If I am capable of learning all the things listed in this post, and am willing to spend the $2798.00 to purchase all these things, I don't think I really need them. And if I need them, I probably don't have the mental capacity to learn them. Sounds like a vicious circle. One I would only get dizzy in. 
Seems like a lot of technology for those young enough to like all that. If I need to make a note, I will use a pen on paper, not one that costs too much money and sends the notes to a smart phone that I won't use any way. And all for what.  To make my life more miserable, not an improvement like the article tried to tell me it would.  I'll just stick to the old ways and embrace a little of the new ways. Like being able to blog. AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Friday, January 16, 2015


OR BEARS AND WOLVES:  I have posted about some of this in the past. So this is really just an extension of a previous post. If you didn't read the previous post, just scroll through the old posts till you find it. If you are up to the task. And want to. OK, I am getting off track here, like I do in most of my posts. So, I'll get back on the road to what little bit I am offering today.
News Item 1. This is an update of the previous post. The Fish and Wildlife service had proposed to extend the range for the reintroduced Mexican Gray wolf. There has been a lot of pros and cons about this, from both sides of the subject. I will cover some of those. The proposed extension of the range will allow the wolf to range as far North as the I 40 corridor in both New Mexico and Arizona. There are three zones for the wolves to live in and each zone has it's own rules, and encompasses the one previous to it. The largest zone, which will reach I 40, will take in several towns and small cities as well as the Southern half of Albuquerque. The Fish and Wildlife service has said when the wolves range into areas where there are people, they may have to be removed. Well, I guess the people in the small towns that the wolves can now live in don't count as people. Only when they get to the larger places is the welfare of the people of a concern. It will be interesting to see them in downtown Tucson or Phoenix or Old Town Albuquerque. Both are within the new range guidelines. Sorta.
On another note, there was a news item on TV this morning that the Bear population in Florida had reached a low of 1300 bears back in the 1990's so a law was passed to make it illegal to hunt them. Now, the Bear population in Florida has reached over 3800 and there are numerous Bear and People confrontations, with some people having been attacked by the Bears. So, some are wanting to bring back Bear hunting in Florida. Of course, there are those who say that is not the solution. Those who disagreed with the Bear hunting solution didn't have a solution, they just didn't want that one.  Well, I have a solution.
Trap them and bring them to Arizona. That way the Mesa Bear won't have to go shopping all alone and will have some one to help spend the Lost Dutchman Gold that the Mesa Bear apparently found back before Christmas. They can even team up with the wolves and all go together, roaming around the country side and city  scapes of these two states that the politicians seem to think are just an unpopulated area any way. Maybe they van find Smokey and learn how to prevent Forest Fires and walk around holding a shovel and giving warnings about fires to all the tourists that come from Florida to see the Bears.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


In a time not so distant nor far a way, one that took place in the waning years of the previous century, it was determined by someone with initials after their name, that I had a problem with my kidneys. I eventually reached a point that I was privileged to visit a dialysis clinic three time's a week for a period of 23 months. Then I was privileged to receive a new kidney from someone who had the misfortune of passing away. I was sorry for them and their family, but happy for me. Kinda one of those things that makes one think, as my fortune was based on someone else's misfortune. Well, I rocked along with this new kidney for nearly 14 years and then something happened.   What, I don't know, but those people with all the initials after their names have a name for it. And that is the purpose of this post. Not the name, but the process of determining it. So, if you dare, read on. If not, click off and go do something useless, like get on facebook or something. Not that reading this post is useful.
It seems that back in October of last year, at one of the bi annual checkup's I have, it was determined that there was a problem with this transplanted kidney. So, in December I went to the local vampire's and they sucked out some blood to be tested and it was determined that I had too much blood, so I had to go back the following week and have more blood extracted by a gleeful lady who enjoys her job way too much. ( Actually, she has problems of her own and is a very nice lady, but to say that would contrary to the theme of this post. )
As a result of that extraction, it was decided that I needed further testing by drilling a hole in the transplanted kidney and getting a core sample or three. So, back to the local vampire to have 10 tubes of blood sucked out of my fainting body and sent off to the Doctors with all the initials to decide what, exactly, needed to be done. it was decided that early in this year, I was to report to a surgical center in Albuquerque at 7 o'clock in the a.m. of the appointed day. Thus, my wife and I hooked the horses up to the wagon, threw in a little luggage and off we went to check in at a local hostel in the fair city where my future was to be determined. At 6:50 in the a.m. of the appointed day, I, with my wife, arrived at the place of needles and scalpels, and a cute little nurse crooked her finger at me and said, "Here, take off all your clothes and put on this dress." Maybe I need to back up just a little. I was told to take a shower with a special soap on the night before the appointment and then shower again on the morning of the appointment. The wanted to be sure I smelled good for them. I didn't ask if they had to smell good for me also. Now, when the nurse told me to undress and then put on the dress, she said I could leave my socks on. Guess she was afraid of foot odor or something, although she seemed to have a foot fetish, cause she kept massaging my feet. Her memory wasn't very good, either, as she kept asking me what my name was and what my birthday was. That seemed odd to me, as she had all that written down on a paper that she had. She seemed to be really nice, but the next thing I knew, she was needleing me. And this dress she had me put on opened at the back. Now, I have been married for a year or 50 and I know that, Hollywood excepted, dresses that open in the back have a zipper or something to close it up.  All this one  had was a couple of little strings to tie at the neck to keep it from falling off. And then after the nurse finished needleing me, she went under the front of my dress to slap three sticky pads on my chest area. Boy, I would be in trouble if I tried that.  Then she ask me my name and birth date again. Then another nurse came in and she had a foot fetish also. And her memory wasn't any better than the first one, cause she kept asking for my name and birth date information. Finally, 20 minutes late, the Dr's. got there and the second nurse wheeled me into a surgical room. Where I met another lady with a camera on a tube that was supposed to look at my insides. And she couldn't remember my name or date of birth either. And they kept asking me that question. Man, I know they hadn't seen me before, but you would think they could remember that little bit of information longer than a few minutes, especially since they had it written down. I think they thought they would confuse me and I would forget, but I fooled them. I never did forget who I was. Then, the nurse with the camera tube and the Doctors, shot me with some kind of juice that made my skin numb, and then they used this long thin drill steel to drill into my kidney for a core sample. Seven times. Seems like all those initials after their names didn't help with the drilling process. They were finally satisfied, though, so then the nurse wheeled me to recovery room. There she turned me over to another nurse with a foot fetish. And a memory problem. I wonder if I had ask them what their name and birth date was if they would remember that without a paper in front of them. But, all in all, even with their fondness for massaging my feet and asking me who I was and when I was born, they were really nice.  And then the first nurse that had me put on the dress, came in and needled me again and then she said I could take off the dress and put on my regular clothes. And she smoothly reversed the needle process that had started all this. Then, when she said she would escort me to my car, but I couldn't drive it, I ask her if she wanted to race. She said, nope, get in the wheel chair and she would wheel me there.  Man, along with the fetish and the memory problems, these nurses sure can wheel people around. And with nary a bump any where along the way. 
I guess I produced some blood while I was there, however, as I had to go to another vampire den the next morning so they could suck out three more tubes of blood. And other things that I will not mention here. For testing, they said.
All in all, most every thing in this post aside, I was treated very well, and know that all concerned had only my welfare at heart. And I thank them.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


2014 IS NOW PAST AND 2015 IS JUST BREAKING:  Since I ended 2014 with a post that was kinda on the negative side, I decided to start 2015 with a post that was on a more positive note.
Because, well, I am really a rather positive person. At least most of the time. No matter how bad things are, I can usually look on the bright side and be positive about the eventual outcome.  I also don't make New Years Resolutions, as a general rule. I feel that if there is need to change, then do it when the need arises, not wait until a new year arrives. That being said, I thought to mention a thing or two here about the upcoming year.
I realize I have no control over the outcome of what may happen during the upcoming year. And in spite of their constant predictions about the weather, often including the long range view, weather people have no control over the weather, either.  We all know, OK maybe not all, who is actually in charge of the weather.  And that same Person is also in charge of my future. Oh, I know I have some control. I can make goals and decisions, but things will inevitably happen that will change those goals and decisions that cause me to make course corrections not only during the year, but through out my life. 
So, on that note, I resolve to try to be even more positive about the future and plans my wife and i have made.  And no, I will not share them here. They are not for public consumption. Just know that there are some in place. I also resolve to try to be more tolerant of my fellow man. There are some that will make that one especially tough.  May have to take this one person at a time. And decide on who the person is. 
Now, having put that out there for the public of one or two who actually may read this, I will have be on my toes, ( no I am not going to take up ballet) and try, try to really make personal progress for my self and let others do the same.
It may be difficult at times, but we will see what happens 365 days from now.  AND THAT'S THE RESOLVE FROM THE DITCH BANK