Thursday, April 23, 2015


A NEW DISEASE: Well, not really new, just a new name.  It is called, for the purposes of this post, Accelerated Gender Entitlement.  You only catch it if you happen to be suffering from Often Later Development.  It seems the Doctors of late, are using this on a number of people. It also seems that my wife and I both have this disease.  While the title of this disease has the names I have given it, it goes by the acronym of OLD AGE.  Yep, we suffer from it.  Seems a shame that we have this disease and we don't really feel that it should apply to youngsters like us.  But this is what brought it on.
My wife went to the Dr. for an unrelated problem, and he just said, you need an endoscopy. Why? Well, to check things out, because at your age you just need this test. So, off we went to a
Dr. who does these kinda tests in a neighboring city, (120 miles away) and she met with that dr. and he said, "At Your age, you need to move to a larger city where there are more Doctors and hospitals to take care of you."  Arrangements were made and we returned a few days later so he could do the actual test. Which he did.
Now, I went to my PCP for a follow up on the anemia problem he said I had, and the blood tests said that all was well.  Well, except that I seem to have anemia.  So, "Since at your age you have never had an Endoscopy, you need to have one." Why, I ask. Cause you have never had one and at your age you need to have one and see if there is something causing the problem in your stomach.  I didn't say so to him, ( he probably weighs 130 pounds soaking wet ) but the only problem with my stomach is it needs to shrink. I'm working on that. But, the appointment was made and in a few weeks off we will go to the neighboring city to let the Dr. there have a look at the inside of me.  And, like my wife, he will probably tell me I am suffering from Accelerated Gender Entitlement brought on by Often Later Development. 
Hey, we should be happy for that. Not every one gets to actually suffer from this disease.

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