Tuesday, November 29, 2016


NO, NOT THE ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE, but the pressure of being bombed.  The Christmas season is in full swing and we are being bombarded from all sides. On the TV, the Radio, if you listen to one, in magazines and news papers and on the computer. As are coming in in droves. Buy this or buy that, or even buy both of them.  And you know you need this. it will make you life easier. Just a small monthly payment on your credit card and it can be yours.  Chances are many of these items will be long wore our before the small credit card payment is completed.  Now we have black Friday, and shop small business on Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Makes you look forward to Taco Tuesday, I guess.  What do we do for Wednesday, or Thursday?  Have you seen the TV ad of the man with the black eye that he got while shopping on Black Friday, but he saved hundreds, while his neighbor slept in and saved thousands buying a new vehicle, cause the car dealer has saving type deals all month long?  Well, I didn't sleep in, I didn't shop black Friday, or cyber Monday and I saved hundreds also.  I also didn't buy any thing that the advertisements gushed that they thought I Needed.  I don't need the TV people to tell me what I need, how to act or what to do at any given minute.  I may be getting old and senile, but for now I can still think for myself, and buy what I really Need, when I really need it. So, take your bombs somewhere else. I don't need them or pay attention to them.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, November 21, 2016


WELL, IT'S BEEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS NOW; since the election. There will be a lot said and done over the next few weeks prior to the inauguration of a new President. There will be a lot said and done over the next 4 years as the new administration governs. For better or worse. We will see.  On that note, I would like to make a few comments on what happened, and why.
1. In spite of the polls and the media predictions, Donald Trump won the election.  Some of the news talking heads I watched over the next couple of days were in shock. Comments I heard them make was   "What did we do wrong" and "How did we get it wrong"?  It was almost as if they were the only people involved in the election and what ever they said was the way it would go. So, what did they get wrong.  That is the purpose of this post.
2. They polled the "Elite" as it were and they polled in the Cities. They took the word and endorsements of "celebrities" and the failed to poll and pay attention to the "silent majority".  You know the ones. Those of us that work and pay the majority of the taxes that run the tics in Washington. The ones who were losing work because of closed industrial jobs, mines, forests and logging jobs, ranching and farming jobs. Rising taxes and over burdensome regulations on doing business, while the roads and bridges are going to pot.  In some States literally going to Pot. Police officers that are called to a domestic violence situation or a robbery or whatever is being committed by some one with a long history of law breaking and when the officers arrive and the law breaker eventually gets shot, the officer is the bad guy.  The people who are law abiding gun owners who are threatened with losing their 2nd amendment right and their guns because one individual who shouldn't have a gun, gets one and kills some innocent people.  These people.
3. Will Donald Trump be a good President?  Only time will tell. He can bring a boost to the economy and create jobs.  How will he do on foreign policy as well as other domestic policies, we will have to wait and see.  Will he get rid of Obama Care? No he will not.  Will he and congress revamp Obama care. Yes, I think they will. Will he support the 2nd amendment.  He says so. Will he cut the over burdensome regulations on doing business. He says he will. We will see.  Will he revamp and simplify the tax code?  he said he would. We will see. 
4. Will he revamp the immigration status of those who are here illegally? Well, yes, he will do something.  Will he heal the race relations?  He will try, I think, but he will need the assistance of those of other races to work with him.
5. Will he do every thing he said he would do?  Probably not. But then no president has and no president probably will. 
6. One thing I think that will help will be for Hillary and President Obama to stand and call for those who are looting and burning and trashing private or even public property to stop. While President Obama has ask that Trump be given a chance to govern, he has not ask the rioters to stop, and whether she intended it that way or not, Hillary only spurred them on by making a speech and telling the people to continuing doing what they are doing and standing up for what they believe.
7. One last thought.  For the most part, I tend to ignore the rants on facebook, regardless of the direction they are going.  However, I did see a couple of local news programs that High Schools and Colleges were providing counselors for those students who were depressed over Hillary losing the election.  I'm an old man, but I think these kids need to be told the facts of life, and that life isn't always fair and that sometime your side loses.  Suck it up and get on with life. Get an education or a trade and be a contributing person your community and the nation and don't go around crying about losing and destroying someone else's property because you are upset.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I HAVE A FEW THOUGHTS ON THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION.  THESE THOUGHTS ARE NOT SO MUCH ON WHY TRUMP WON, AS ON WHY HILLARY LOST. Although, these things are connected, as we will see as I voice my uneducated opinion on the matter. These thoughts will be somewhat scattered and written as they come to mind.  Before I start, I will say this, I am not a fan of Donald Trump and am in no way elevating him to any kind of star status. That being said, here goes.
1. Hillary didn't talk to people. She talked at people. And she held her rally's in the cities and brought in "Stars" to help her with her message.  Donald talked to the people and often held his rally's in small rural areas and wanted to know what the people were thinking.
2. Many years ago, probably before the 1970's, but definitely in the 1970's a movement was started to protect the environment.  Many of the people involved, ranchers, farmers, loggers, etc, got on board with this movement, as they were in the process of protecting the environment any way, as the earth provided them a living and so they believed this philosophy. It took a few years for them to realize that this movement was not in their best interest, as these groups wanted them off the land and wanted to turn it back to what, in their minds, was the pristine land like it was in the Garden of Eden.  So began the conflict.  This movement has continued through the decades and the environmental groups gained more power and voice in Washington, adding to the woes of the people.  During the 8 years of the Obama administration, things have escalated to the point that the people have had enough.  Some examples.   The gun control lobby.  President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, along with many other politicians wants to get rid of guns. Period. When this didn't happen, They, through some environmental rule, closed down the mines that produced lead, thus making it difficult to produce ammunition, making ammunition difficult to purchase. It also put people out of work.  They also, through environmental rules, closed down coal mines, again putting people out of work.  The democratic congress passed the Affordable Health Care Act/ AKA Obama Care.  This was supposed to make health care possible for every one. But no one could actually tell you what it contained. Now, it has gotten so expensive, that people's insurance premiums have increased many fold. In Arizona, the insurance companies are pulling out and there are people who can't get insurance as of January 1 at any price.
3. The government keeps adding rules and regulations to ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners and businesses to the point that they become bogged down in paper work and fees that make it almost impossible to do business.
4. Hillary had stated that she would continue the Obama care program. She would keep the mines shut down. She stated that she wanted to institute the Australian program on guns; which is a "buy back" program, where citizens would turn in their guns for a monetary return. She stated, when the Supreme Court upheld a police officers right to have a gun in Washington D.C. that they Court was wrong. When told that this was a constitutional right according to the 2nd amendment, she said then we need to re write the constitution. She toned this down somewhat in the debates, but she is on record for that remark and belief. 
5. Now to Donald Trump.  He is a brash person, with a vulgar mouth.  He is not a racist. He has said he wants to stem the flow of people coming into the United States until they are vetted and when they do it legally.  He has said that he will overturn Obama care. he has said that he will uphold the constitution, including the 2nd amendment. He has said that he will revamp the tax code and lower taxes. He has said that he will build a wall on the Southern border. he has said that he will create jobs and bring jobs back to America.  He has not insulted Women. He has insulted specific women. Do I agree with that? No. I do not believe that he is a racist. I do believe he makes statements that he can do as a business man, but cannot do as a President who has to work with congress.  
6. So let's look at some of the things he said he will do.  Will he overturn Obama Care. I believe so. It is an unpopular program and the house has already tried to do this but President Obama vetoed the bill. The problem here is what the government will come up with to replace this act.
Fixing the taxes.  Can he fix this? Yes.  Will it get done? We will see.  Much was made during the campaign about Donald not paying any taxes. The media also admitted that what he did was legal. How?  Every time a President says they will raise taxes on the wealthy, the politicians in office come up with a loop hole to hide their money. Only the wealthy has enough money to make use of these loop holes, but they are there for the use of all of us, if we qualify, which most of the middle working class don't have. So, the bulk of the taxes fall to the working man or woman, while the rich get richer and the poor just hold out their hand.  So, while Donald may be able to fix the taxes, congress may not let him, as it will affect them and their pocket book.  We need to watch and see if they will work with him on this.
7. Donald said that he would put the miners back to work. He said that he would reduce the regulations on the working people and maker it easier to do business.I believe he will do this. I do not believe he will build a wall, but he will look at emigration and revamp some of that.  He resonated with the people, in that they have had enough of government in their lives and liked what he said. They didn't like what Hillary said.  There are millions of responsible gun owners in the United States that enjoy sport shooting or hunting that would never use a gun in the manner of Sandy Hook.  When "One" person takes a gun an wrecks havoc, the gun control people holler gun control.  That is just one person, but it makes news. The millions who do not do this are never in the news. 
8. Bernie said after the election that congress would work with Donald Trump, unless he tried to overcome environmental rules etc.  While Bernie and others have their opinion, they need to pay attention  to why Donald was elected and what the people want.  He, and others, may find their own future election in jeopardy if they oppose a lot of the reforms that Donald said he would bring about.  if they really want to work with him, then do that and bring about change that will put the people back to work. 
9. Environmental rules are great and necessary. I believe in protecting the environment. I don't believe in using environmental rules to bring about personal agendas which end up putting people out of work or causing companies to relocate out of  the country. 
10. Trade? I don't really understand all I have heard about international trade, but I think that trade deals are necessary. I just have to rely on someone else for any information on this.
11. So will the Trump Presidency be better than a Hillary Presidency. I have to say yes.  I repeat, I am not a big fan of Trump, but I believe the way he wants to take the Country is a better direction that Hillary would.
12. A final comment.  Gary Johnson received a few million votes nationwide.  The problem with him was that he didn't have the financial backing to Cross the country and present his message. In order for him to get his message out, he needs to start now and build a fund so that the Libertarian party becomes a force to be reckoned with in future elections. he needs to build the party to the point that he or whoever runs for office can get on the debate stage.  Will this happen?  I don't know. Can it happen? Yes. Time will tell.  I may make further comments on a later blog, but this is enough for now.

Monday, November 7, 2016


MUCH HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT THE NOBLE SAVAGE; AKA THE AMERICAN INDIAN. I have to wonder just how noble they actually were, or how savage, for that matter.  I have a little knowledge of the heritage of the American Indian, and I know somewhat of their back ground. There have been times in their history that they were indeed noble and there were times that they were indeed savage.  By the time the Europeans arrived on the scene in the form of Christopher Columbus, they had many centuries to practice their craft of savagery.  Now, I am not posting this blog about the history of the Indian.  I just have to wonder if any of them actually said what they said.   Example.
Daylight saving time is the White Mans way of cutting a foot off one end of a blanket and sewing it on the other end to make it longer.  While I agree with the sentiment, did a member of one of the Indian tribes actually say that?  If so, to whom is it credited?  Just wondering.
Another saying is the Indian comment on a bicycle.  The saying,  That is just the White Mans way of setting down and walking.  Again, did a member of an Indian Tribe actually say that, and if so, who?  
And finally, an Indian saying is that there is in each of us a good person and a bad person, and the one that comes through is the one we feed.  That is probably a paraphrase, but once again, is this an authentic Indian saying, and if so who said it?  
Now, I am not discrediting any of these sayings or their origin being from a member of an American Indian tribe.  I just have to wonder if they actually said that, or if they are credited with saying that for some unknown reason.  JUST WONDERING HERE ON THE DITCH BANK

Thursday, November 3, 2016


1.  DID YOU WATCH THE COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS SHOW?  No, I didn't either. I am a country music fan, but I like the classic country. I did see a few blurbs on social media about the show, however.  I just have to wonder how many people are now "Country" music fans there are after watching Beyonce do he strip show on a country music show.  Glad I didn't watch that.
2. Did you watch the world series game last night.  No. Me neither.  But the Chicago Cubs won the game and the series in extra innings. This is the first time the Cubs have won the series since 1908. President Obama has tendered them an invitation to the White House. Don't know if they will accept or not.  The Cleveland Indians were the losing team.  The series took 7 games and the Cubs won 4 and the Indians won 3. The Indians haven't won the series since 1948 and they put forth a great effort.  Even though they didn't win the series, I think they should be offered an invitation to the White House also. 
3. Did you vote already?  Are you having Buyers remorse?  It seems that there are some people in some States that voted early, mostly by mail, and now they are wishing they had not voted the way they did and there are some States that are making in possible for these individuals to have a do over.  Seems that they can go in a cancel their previous vote and cast a new one.  Hmmmm. wouldn't it just be easier to wait for election day and then be sure.  Or at least kinda sure?
4. Do you have medical insurance?  Did your premiums go up for 2017?  For many people it did. Almost double, in some cases.  If our old people insurance goes up, we haven't yet been notified. Guess we will have to wait and see.  I think I am glad we made a change a few years back.