Saturday, December 12, 2015


ARE YOU A PATIENT PERSON? Those who know me best will tell you that I am not. If they chose to look back over the decades, they may tell you that I have improved.  What they won't tell you, probably because they don't know, is how much I have learned about myself over those decades and how much I work to control my patience. And what they won't know is that as I work and learn, it is getting easier to control myself, mostly.  Now, I mention all this just cause I can, and I will tell you the train of thought that brought me to write this post in the first place. 
A few days ago, during a conversation I was having with a friend of mine, the comment was made about how fast this year had gone by, and how it didn't seem all that long ago that people were panicking over the turn of the century and the possible problems that Y2K was going to bring.  Problems that just didn't materialize.  But as I thought on this thought and the few things that were said about how fast things were going, how fast the years are going by, I came to this conclusion. 
When we were young we were always looking forward to something. Grade school graduation, High School graduation, Proms, a first date, basketball season, the weekend dance, Christmas, getting old enough to get a drivers license, and then a car and then a job and it seems like it takes forever to get some of these things done, or to reach that date.  As we got older, we have reached these milestones and the ones we are looking forward to are getting less, and as we get involved in a busy life, it seems that time just slips away at times. And then the next thing we know, we look back and wonder, where did the time go. It seems only a few days ago I was a new husband and then a new father and now I am a Great grandfather.   Being a Great Grandfather is a matter of genealogy. Just how great I may be is debatable.  And as my time on the earth is winding down ( I guess it starts that process at birth, it just becomes more noticeable now) the time seems to slip by faster and faster every day. And my patience begins to go the other way.  While a school kid can't wait for summer vacation, I would just like to slow time down a bit. even though the days for both of us is actually 24 hours in duration.

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