Monday, September 21, 2015


ACCORDING TO THE HISTORY BOOKS, we used to live in caves.  Oh not me, personally, but mankind. Many hundreds of years ago. Even thousands of years ago. Depending on where you are and what people you may be looking at.  Who knows, there may be someone somewhere living in caves in this day and time.  But, even me, at my age, that being the 8th decade of life, have never lived in a cave. I have always lived in a house. I grew up in a house and have spent all my married life in a house. And in all that time I have never had the urge to live in a cave.I was raised in the country and I usually can't wait to leave when I go to a city, but really, a cave.  No I think not. So, what is the purpose of this carrying on?  Well, I'll tell you.
My wife and I don't watch a lot of TV.  But when we do, we watch a lot of HGTV home make over type of shows.  And in a lot of them the MAN OF THE HOUSE, will just have to have his man cave.  I say, what in the world is the purpose of a man cave. As I said, I thought mankind moved out of caves centuries ago. Now, we, as in mankind, are wanting to move back? I just don't understand the desire and the need.  If you don't like your family and want to just be alone, then by all means move to a cave and enjoy the heck out of it. As for me, I'll  just stick to a normal house.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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