Monday, January 30, 2017


I AM NOT A POLITICAL ACTIVIST. AND I AM NOT REALLY A BLOGGER. OK, so maybe I do write some blogs, but I don't consider myself a political blogger.  Even though I write a blog post occasionally, I don't really consider myself a blogger. And every time I blog about a political situation, I say I won't do that again for a while, then something happens that changes my mind. So here we go again. 
First, I want to restate something that I have stated already.  There seems to be 5 kinds of people in the political spectrum at this time.  I will name them and lump some of them in to groups where they don't really want to be, but I am putting them there any way.  Just bear with me.
1. There is the group that strongly supported Hillary.  2. There is the group that strongly supported Trump.  3. There is the group that didn't like Hillary but voted for her because they didn't like Trump more.  4. There is the group that didn't like Trump, but voted for him because they didn't like Hillary more.  and 5. Everyone else.  I know there were other candidates but I am not talking about those.  so, now Trump is President. And he has caused a stir of controversy. And that is what this blog is about.
Trump won the election on a campaign of controversy. He promised a lot of things that a lot of the American public liked the sound of.  Now as President, he is backing down on some of them and carrying through with others.  I fit in group 4 listed above.  On that basis, I think Trump does need to do a lot of things that he promised he would do.  But, I feel that he needs to take a really good look at just what he is doing and how he is going to do it.  Do I feel that he, and congress needs to revamp the Obama Care health program. Yes I do.  Do I feel that it needs to be completely repealed and leave people without any insurance. No I do not.  Has Trump said that he would completely repeal it? No he has not. He has said that he wants to keep the good parts and get rid of the bad parts.  I don't see any problem with that.
He said that he wants to close the borders and build a wall. He said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Mexico has said no we won't.  Time will tell on both points.  In the meantime, Trump did sign an executive order placing a ban on certain people coming into the country.  This is not a permanent ban. It is a, Lets vet some of them right now and put a 90 ban on others while the immigration policy is looked at and things figured out.  He hasn't really done any thing that Presidents haven't done since Bill Clinton, including Obama.  It's just that his methods are a bit more drastic.  he is being applauded on some sides and trashed on others. So, I have an opinion and will voice it in the next paragraph.
Immigration policy has been in place for several presidencies.  Obama limited the number of people who could come into the country in any given year. He increased the number to 70,000 and then last year he raised it to 110,000.  Trump, in his executive order, has reduced the number back to the 50,000 that was in place before Obama raised it to 70,000 in 2011. I feel at a little cross purposes on this. Living in the southwest where we see the results of a porous border, I agree with a more drastic measure on border closings.  I do not believe a wall will solve the problem. I feel that people need to be vetted before they are allowed to come into the United States. I feel that those who are working on the proper method of getting here, should be allowed to continue that process. I believe that the United States really needs to look at this process and provide assistance to those who need it. I don't think that the protests that destroy property will solve any thing. 
One last thing.  I read a lot of the posts on social media. And watch the news.  I do not like the things that I see there.  I have a lot of family, past and present who are Democrats, and they were not and are not the names that they are being called by those who are so strongly in favor of any thing Trump does.  All that name calling is senseless and baseless and is only creating more of a division in the country. a country that was already divided and there are many people on both sides that just keep picking at the scab. And as long as they do so, the division will never heal. 
OK, one more last thing.  Even though you just read the above paragraph, I just have to say that I am disgusted at the display of Senator Schummer and Representative Pelosi.  To cry crocodile tears and accuse the statue of Liberty of doing so was only creating more of the drama that I feel is causing the rift to remain unhealed.  Yes, they can oppose the order. yes they can voice their opinion. Yes, the can vote on the Senate or House floor to rule against the order. Yes they can voice their opinion and vote accordingly. But the display that they put on only makes people like me turn against them in disgust.  And that applies to members of the congress or the news media's all across the country.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I'M GOING TO WRITE THIS POST ABOUT MY OPINION ON THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP, then I think I will take a break from political posts.  At least that is what I think.  I have been watching the unfolding events, listened to the rhetoric, tried to cut through the verbal nonsense and hopefully came up with something somewhere on the side of reason.  Well, my reason, any way.  So here goes.
1. Whatever your personal opinion of the election was or is, Donald Trump won.  What he won was the electoral college vote.  What does that mean?  Well, our founding fathers set it up so that a highly populated state wouldn't be able to elect an official over the desires of several less populated states.  If the majority vote had been the rule, Hillary would have won and would have been the President of California and new York, so to speak, because the majority of the votes that gave her the majority came from there and a few other places.  People in the majority of States, however voted for Donald, thus the advantage of the electoral college.  At least that is my understanding. 
2. Because Donald won, many of the Hillary supporters were upset, to say the least.  Many others chose to riot and loot and burn.  I am not really sure that those were actually voters, but just chose to riot and protest because they felt they had a cause and could get away with it.
3. I have seen so many posts on social media on both sides of this coin.  I have seen posts by people, some of whom I am aquainted with, somewhat, call the people who voted for Hillary some vile names. Names that I know are not true. And even though I voted for Trump, for reasons that have been mentioned in previous posts, I can't help but feel upset when I read posts by friends or even family when they spout the same vile hatred type of messages that accuse the "other" side of doing.  We should all be on one side.  The side of the American people.
4. I don't understand the purpose of the Women's march on Washington and in other places across the country, including the small city where I currently reside.  The signs and the slogans just didn't fit what I thought a protest should be.  It seems to me that these women felt that they had rights that were going to be taken away from them by President Trump.  I just failed to understand the rhetoric spiel they were spouting.
5. Without a doubt, President Trump and the Republican congress will make some changes.  Some of them will be good and some will not. They will make mistakes, just like all past President's and Congresses have done. Will they actually do the damage that some of these groups think they will. I think not.  But then that is a matter of perspective.
6.  We can hope that all will go well and know that it will not.  I just hope that the country can come together and work for the best of the people. I think, however, that there are groups of people who will oppose President Trump at ever turn, regardless what he proposes and how good it may be for the country.  Just cause they don't like him. I can hope things will settle down, but they probably won't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


There are many things to think about.  Many decades ago, a man I admired very much came to a Church meeting and gave a talk.  During the talk he told us young boys that the use of foul language was not a good thing and that we should avoid the use of this kind of language. And I had put that man on a pedestal. He didn't ask to be put there. He had no intention of being put there. I put him there in my mind.    
Fast forward a few short years and I had occasion to go to work for this man.  One day I came around a corner and he was in a discussion with his superintendent for the job we were working on, and the language he was using was the same kind of language he had encouraged me and my friends that we should not use.  His pedestal crumbled that day.  A pedestal that he did not even know he was on.  
While I have elevated others to a higher esteem in my eyes over the years, I have been very careful not to elevate them to a pedestal.  It is very discouraging to discover that those we thought were above some things were actually human and just flesh and blood after all.
I write this after reading on face book today the comments of a friend of ours that had put Martin Luther King, Jr. up on a pedestal of sorts.  The to learn that MLK was actually human and subject to the weaknesses of the flesh after all. That he was a womanizer and that he was actually with a women other than his wife the night he was shot and killed.  This is history and something I have been aware of for decades.  My face book friend, however, was floored upon learning this information. So, on that note I want to mention a couple of things.
1. John F. Kennedy was a womanizer also. This was not as well reported as things are now, but that is a fact. That does not negate the many things he did for this country and his service to the country.  MLK was who he was.  this also does not negate what he did for the betterment of people of color and the helping to get them into a more racial equality.  
2. When we look at those who guide us and lead us, we need to look at where they are going and how they intend to get us there. We need to look at their strengths and realize that no matter how strong they seem to be, they can be a pillar of strength without being on a pedestal. 
And while a pillar can rest upon a pedestal, we need to be careful not to put a pillar in a pedestal that they do not want nor expect.  A pillar may stand the test of time, while a pedestal will probably crumble.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I SAID TO MYSELF, I SAID, SELF, IN 2017 BLOG ABOUT SOMETHING PLEASANT:  Stay away from the political scene.  So for much of 2017, I hope to blog about things more pleasant than what is going on in the news or in Washington.  Then I realized, it probably won't happen.  So, I will start this year with this post. A few observations on the goings on with the election outcome.
1. I have never, in all my life, glamorized those who could act. As in Hollywood. I enjoyed going to movies in my younger days, when movies were a time to relax and enjoy for a while.  I will admit that there were some actors that I liked better than others, but I did not idolize or glamorize or swoon over them.  With that perspective, it has been a long time since I have looked at any actor and thought,  I would like to go see a movie that they are in. I am, for the most part, kinda to mostly disgusted with the antics of those in show business, and have been for some time.
2. I did not watch the Golden Globe awards. I had no desire to do so. I also knew that the Today Show would have more than I wanted to see on the following morning.  However, before I even turned on the TV the next morning, I was perusing Facebook and low and behold, there were some posts on the outrageous comments made by Meryl Streep. The Today Show did play those comments, and have continued to do so.  OK   enough already.  Ms. Streep has been praised or condemned for her comments excessively. So here is my comment on that.
3.  I will not refuse to see a movie that she is in just because of her comments or political views. If she is in a movie that I want to see, I will see it for the movie.  I also agree with what she said in her statement.  To recap, she said      Violence begets violence and disrespect begets disrespect. I totally agree with that. I just have to wonder if she realizes that those are the very things that are portrayed in the movies and TV shows and Broadway plays that she and those she associates with are in.  They portray it and it begets it.  
4. Those who are hollering about Trump and his ties to Russia aren't really listening.  When Mr. Obama sent all those Russians home and Putin did nothing, Trump said  Mr. Putin is a smart man. I agree.  Retaliation on his part would have only started a war. A cold war, perhaps, but a war never the less.  Smart move on his part.  
5. Many are saying that the Russians hacked into the American Political system and swayed the election.  My viewpoint;  Not really.  Did they do the hacking that they are accused of? More than likely.  Did Mr. Putin order or direct that? Also, more than likely. But they hacked into the DNC e mails and then released information from those e mails. The Democratic party supposedly knew about that before the election. Even the media admits that.  They chose to do nothing because they thought that Hillary would win in any case.  The Russians did not hack into the voting machine systems and change the votes.  They may have swayed a few votes toward Trump, but not enough to matter. The fact of the matter is, the people wanted change in Washington and they voted for that change.  The people, folks, not the "elite", Not "Hollywood", but the common every day working man and woman. And Hillary failed to recognize that.  Even President Obama admitted that a few days ago in a news statement. 
6.   In a recent local news report, the Senators from the great state of New Mexico have been quoted on the Senate floor trying to get the Obama care law to stay in place. They quote from citizens of the State that say, please save my insurance.  Trump is going to get rid of it.  Did you not hear what he said?  He said, we need to keep the parts that are working and change those parts that are not.  And yes, he did say to repeal it, but not to the point that people are left with nothing.  But to get rid of those parts that don't work and improve on the law.
Well, guess that is enough for now.  Keep the faith, give things a chance and see what transpires over the next few years.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK