Friday, September 27, 2013


AM I HOLDING MY BREATH?  No, not even until my face turns blue.  And why should I?  Well, according to those in the knows, uh nose, uh news, I should be.  Why, you ask.   Cause, every one, and I MEAN EVEYONE, at least according to the news people, just every one is holding their breath to see if Castle proposes.  Well, I don't watch Castle, so I don't know if he is going to propose, and if he does, to whom, or what.  And if I did watch Castle, I would not hold my breath waiting for him to do so.

And this week is the final episode of Breaking Bad.  At least that is what the local TV news people are saying.  And carrying on  and on and on about.  Since the show was filmed primarily in Albuquerque, the Albuquerque news people can't seem to get enough of talking about it.  Well, I don't watch that show either.  But it seems that a lot of people do, or did.  And the Albuquerque businesses have jumped on the band wagon.  You can go somewhere in the city and by Breaking Bad beer, or Breaking Bad donuts.  You can even buy a pair of underwear worn by one of the actors  on the show.  And I can only say, Why would I want to?  Why would I want them if they were free, even?  And people in Albuquerque are throwing a party to end the show, or the final showing or something.  On and on ad nauseating.  And some are wondering if the main character is going to die on this show.  Jay Leno said yes.  He died at the hospital while filling out Obama Care paper work.  Guess that was supposed to be a joke.

I do watch some TV.  Mostly the news.  I like NCIS.  I watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I watch a few of the so called reality shows.  But I don't hold my breath so see what is going to happen.  I don't hold my breath waiting to see if someone will be eliminated.  I just watch for the entertainment value.  And sometimes to get a topic for a blog.  But never with held breath.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


SOME GOVERNMENT THINGS ON MY MIND:   I am using red print cause the government is in the red.  I may change colors during the post, if the feeling to do so occurs.

OK   it occured.  I have several ideas for a post, but think I will do a few government type posts and save the others for a later post.  So on with the view.  Mine, not the TV one.

Where to start. I guess I will kick it off with Nancy Peloci.  Always good for a kick,  uh, off.
The Pelosi said on national TV, that there was no where to cut any expenses.  The budget is cut to the bare bone already and that the people just had to understand that.  Uh, no, I don't think so.  I think she said that, no, I know she said that, cause I saw the report when she said that.  No to that there are no places to cut the budget.  Lots of them.  I will mention two.  In my opinion, of course.  Voice yours if you so desire.  On budget cuts as well as Pelosi's statement.

The new health care program  AKA Obama Care.  This law, in spite of the Ted Cruz filibuster, will kick in next week.  Should it be defunded?  I don't really know.  I do know there are some good things in the bill.  People won't be denied insurance.  People with pre-existing conditions can't be denied insurance.  That is a good thing.  What I don't like is that people are legally bound to get insurance, even if they don't want it or can't afford it.  If they don't get insurance, they will be fined. If they can't afford insurance, can they afford to pay the fine? And affordability aside, I don't like the government telling me ( I have insurance ) that I HAVE to buy insurance or be fined.  And the price of this insurance?????  Probably yet to be determined, although Nancy Snyderman is trying on the NBC nightly news to convince people that they can afford it.  Kinda.  Different rates for different States, she says, and the more money you make and the older you are, the more it costs.  Final opinion to be determined, but I think there could be a lot of gevernment money cut here.

And last.   The Post Office.  Right now the Post Office delivers mail 6 days a week.  Sunday's off.  But the postal workers work only 5 days a week, so there has to be employees working every day to cover.  WHO REALLY NEEDS POSTAL SERVICE ON SATURDAY?  Now, I said Needs, not wants.  Who really needs it?  Large corporations? I think not.  Even though these company's may work 24/7, the peopel who get mail delivery do not work on Saturday. And the government? Shoot, they don't even work half the time during the week, much less on Saturday.  Nope, cut Saturday mail delivery and the service will need less employees.  Now, I am not advocating the firing or lay offs of a large number of federal employees from the postal service.  But if this cut was made, then through attrition, the required number of employees would eventually be reached.  Of course, the postal service would have to be required to not fill open positions left by those individuals who left the service through this process. 
I would venture a guess that there are many other branches of the civilian services that could do the same thing, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi says.

Of course this same process could filter down to local and State governments.  What a novel idea.  And speaking of novels, a book could be written on this, but I won't.  Maybe a poem.


Thursday, September 19, 2013



1. THE NATIONAL PARKS ARE RACIST:  What?  How can a National Park be racist?  Well, it seems that a survey was taken and the majority of people that attend National Parks are Anglo.  So called minorities are in the minority when it comes to attending the National Parks.  Now, they are not restricted from attending.  They are welcomed in if they come.  They just don't come.  Why? Well, the news people didn't really say. Just that non-white people didn't attend, so that makes the Parks racist.  All I can say is, Bull.  Maybe they just don't want to be there.  Maybe they have other things they want to do.  If the news people are going to run a story like that, then interview a respectable number of people to get a reason why?

2.  A QUESTION ON THE NEWS; ARE PILOTS GETTING TOO DEPENDANT ON ELECTRONIC CONTROLS, THUS CAUSING ACCIDENTS. Hummmmm.  My opinion.  I don't fly enough to judge and I am not a pilot.  But, are we as a people getting to dependant on these electronic controls in our automobiles.  And I am not talking completely about the controls that operate the car.  I am also mentioning Smart phones and ignorant people that think that a car can drive itself while the talk and text on said phones. 

3. RACISM: This maybe should have been number 2.  Just my opinion on racism.  I think people like Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey do more to set back the racial issue than most of the "run of the mill" people, regardless of their race.

4.  THE DEBT CEILING:  President Obama, in a news cast, said that people are not understanding.  Just because the debt ceiling is raised, doesn't mean the national debt will go up. Well, technically, he is correct.  But the debt ceiling, according to him, has been raised 100 times.  I can assure you that the debt never went down during any of those raisings.  When the ceiling is raised next month, and I can assure that it will be, in spite of the protests of those in the house, the debt will go up. 

5. AND ON TO MICHELLE:  Michelle Obama, who I don't like to side with particularly, is on a health kick. You know, healthy meals for school kids and now she wants people to drink water.  Well, I agree with the healthy meal thing, and my kidney Dr. requires me to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.  Milk, juice or any thing else liquid is not part of that 2 liters.  So I agree with her.  My fingers almost cramped.  So why this post.  Well, it seems that Michelle has angered the environmentals.  UH Why?  Don't they like water?  Well, yes, but they want you to drink tap water and part of Michelle's program requires bottled water and the environmentals don't like bottled water.  Well, I drink tap water when I am home, but it is hard to do when I travel, so bottled water it is.  And I assume that to be true for a lot of people.  Maybe even an environmentalist or three.  And her program does call for the use of water bottles that are used many times over and are environmental friendly.  They actually have such things?  Well, guess I'll end this post and go get a drink.  Of Water.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK