Monday, February 27, 2012


SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS TO BE FIRST. There are people who just have to be first. We have a street in our town that is 4 lane, two each direction, but on the north end, it narrows down to one lane if you want to merge onto a different street. so, people speed, literally, up the inside lane, then at the last second, crowd in to the outside lane in order to merge. They knew where they were going. Just get in line and go with the flow. But nope, they just gotta be first. Some will rush ahead of you to get first in line at the grocery store check out. Like their time is more valuable than yours. And others rush around to get first in, well, you know the type. I'm sure you have them where ever you live also. But all of this begs the question then of who was first to think
OK here's this black man. Guess I'll just make him my slave. Or
Here's this herb. Think I'll just roll it up, put it in my mouth and light a fire to the other end and see what happens. Or
Here's this perfectly good grain. If I ferment it, and distill the fluid from it and then drink the fluid, I wonder what will happen, or
Wow, we finally got this airplane in the air, think I'll strap this thing on my back and jump out, and see if I make it to the ground alive. Well, you were on the ground already, so why not just stay there. Why get in an airplane and get in the air, just to jump out and get back to the ground. I'm sure there a lot of other first's to add to this list, and I will in future posts as I think of them.
See if you can be the first to read this blog and add a comment. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On the Albuquerque news this morning the two lady newscasters were talking in a news broadcast type of way, about a final episode of some show being filmed in Albuquerque. And they were gaga over who ever the star is. The hosts of the Today show are constantly raving about some star or other, like they are the ultimate person to consult about life styles or whatever. Just this morning they were talking about Rhianna, and I hope that even with the spelling you know who I mean, going somewhere with that character who beat her. Oh! they said, she is a role model and this is sending the wrong message to young girls. She should not go any where with this man. Well, and they carried on and on and on and well you get it about Whitney Houston. I'm sorry she died like she did, but she was an addict. Just like Michael Jackson, and many others before them. Because of who they are/were, they can get all kinds of drugs from many sources and literally kill themselves. Not the first, but one you may have heard of is Marilyn Monroe. She took an overdose of sleeping pills. Yet, decades later, people still think she was the ultimate in whatever. My point in all of this, is, these people are not role models. They are people before the public. People that you can enjoy their acting or music, if what ever they do suits your taste. But do not hold them up as role models. The are not. actors, singers, sports stars. They are just people with a talent that people pay to see.
Just because the current crop of actors, singers, and sports stars are being held up as role models, do not follow them. First, see how they live and act when not on stage. How do they treat their families and friends. How do they treat people who can do nothing for them. You can admire their talent for what it is, but let them live a few years, or decades, and see how they do in their personal lives. then, if they measure up, cautiously use them as role models. Most good role models are the family and friends around you that will never be known beyond their, and your, circle of friend and acquaintances. People who are willing to lend a helping hand when needed. People who treat their spouses with decency and respect. People who raise their children to be just good people. People who don't lie, cheat or steal. People who don't do drugs. I encourage all who may read this blog to study the article at the beginning of this blog and decide to feed that which will do you the most good. And following "the stars" ain't it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


JUST A FEW THINGS ON MY MIND. I have a few things that have crossed my mind lately, none of them worth a blog by themselves, but put together, perhaps some thing that will occupy your time for a minute or two. Mayhaps even cause a chuckle. OK, maybe not.

1. I have an open mind. Guess that's why I can't remember any thing, cause it's so open that things just fall out. Or just go on through without stopping to rest.

2. I live in a haunted house. I know I do, cause every time I look in a mirror, there is this old man staring back at me.

3. I have a lot of hair. I really do. I went to the store and saw all these boxes of hair color. Most of them were for women, but a few were for men. One of the men ones said, Try this one for the BOLD look. I tried it and when I looked in the mirror, ( yes the same haunted one ) It looked like I didn't have any hair. I wondered what I had done wrong, so I went back to the box, and that is when I noticed it actually said Try This One for the BALD look. It works. I have the bald look, even though I really have hair.

4. And finally, Does it seem like there is a large amount of people today that seem to not have a brain, or if they do, they aren't using them. I figured out the reason. They gave someone a piece of their mind, not realizing they didn't have any to spare.