Monday, January 26, 2015


YOU JUST HAVE TO WONDER ABOUT THAT.  Or is it just me.  On a recent trip to a city in the north country, my wife and I did eat at a restaurant. Or three. And often had a hard time finding a place to park. Cause there were a lot of people wanting to eat at that restaurant also. And as we drove down the city streets, we noticed that other restaurants had full parking lots also. Morning, noon and night. All kind of places. Fast food burger places. Walk in and sit down places. Pizza places. Name it and it had a full parking lot. And just yesterday, a Sunday, as I went to church early in the morning, the two restaurants that are open for breakfast were full. At least the parking lots were full. And on a return trip home around noon, they were still full. Or full again. Just have to wonder. Does any one eat at home any more. Do they even know how to cook? I can assume that there will come a time that people will have to eat at home and they may be in a world of hurt when that time comes.  AND THAT'S THEY VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. Restaurants up here are always so crazy full. It's amazing.

  2. There is a KFC commercial that is airing now. The parents come home with a roasted chicken in a plastic container and the kids all groan "Again??" and then the parents look around and those plastic containers are all over the house. The announcer then says "Bring home a meal your family can be happy about" And they put chicken- from KFC- on the table.

    I always wonder why the meal has to be bought and not cooked at home.


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