Thursday, January 1, 2015


2014 IS NOW PAST AND 2015 IS JUST BREAKING:  Since I ended 2014 with a post that was kinda on the negative side, I decided to start 2015 with a post that was on a more positive note.
Because, well, I am really a rather positive person. At least most of the time. No matter how bad things are, I can usually look on the bright side and be positive about the eventual outcome.  I also don't make New Years Resolutions, as a general rule. I feel that if there is need to change, then do it when the need arises, not wait until a new year arrives. That being said, I thought to mention a thing or two here about the upcoming year.
I realize I have no control over the outcome of what may happen during the upcoming year. And in spite of their constant predictions about the weather, often including the long range view, weather people have no control over the weather, either.  We all know, OK maybe not all, who is actually in charge of the weather.  And that same Person is also in charge of my future. Oh, I know I have some control. I can make goals and decisions, but things will inevitably happen that will change those goals and decisions that cause me to make course corrections not only during the year, but through out my life. 
So, on that note, I resolve to try to be even more positive about the future and plans my wife and i have made.  And no, I will not share them here. They are not for public consumption. Just know that there are some in place. I also resolve to try to be more tolerant of my fellow man. There are some that will make that one especially tough.  May have to take this one person at a time. And decide on who the person is. 
Now, having put that out there for the public of one or two who actually may read this, I will have be on my toes, ( no I am not going to take up ballet) and try, try to really make personal progress for my self and let others do the same.
It may be difficult at times, but we will see what happens 365 days from now.  AND THAT'S THE RESOLVE FROM THE DITCH BANK

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