Friday, January 16, 2015


OR BEARS AND WOLVES:  I have posted about some of this in the past. So this is really just an extension of a previous post. If you didn't read the previous post, just scroll through the old posts till you find it. If you are up to the task. And want to. OK, I am getting off track here, like I do in most of my posts. So, I'll get back on the road to what little bit I am offering today.
News Item 1. This is an update of the previous post. The Fish and Wildlife service had proposed to extend the range for the reintroduced Mexican Gray wolf. There has been a lot of pros and cons about this, from both sides of the subject. I will cover some of those. The proposed extension of the range will allow the wolf to range as far North as the I 40 corridor in both New Mexico and Arizona. There are three zones for the wolves to live in and each zone has it's own rules, and encompasses the one previous to it. The largest zone, which will reach I 40, will take in several towns and small cities as well as the Southern half of Albuquerque. The Fish and Wildlife service has said when the wolves range into areas where there are people, they may have to be removed. Well, I guess the people in the small towns that the wolves can now live in don't count as people. Only when they get to the larger places is the welfare of the people of a concern. It will be interesting to see them in downtown Tucson or Phoenix or Old Town Albuquerque. Both are within the new range guidelines. Sorta.
On another note, there was a news item on TV this morning that the Bear population in Florida had reached a low of 1300 bears back in the 1990's so a law was passed to make it illegal to hunt them. Now, the Bear population in Florida has reached over 3800 and there are numerous Bear and People confrontations, with some people having been attacked by the Bears. So, some are wanting to bring back Bear hunting in Florida. Of course, there are those who say that is not the solution. Those who disagreed with the Bear hunting solution didn't have a solution, they just didn't want that one.  Well, I have a solution.
Trap them and bring them to Arizona. That way the Mesa Bear won't have to go shopping all alone and will have some one to help spend the Lost Dutchman Gold that the Mesa Bear apparently found back before Christmas. They can even team up with the wolves and all go together, roaming around the country side and city  scapes of these two states that the politicians seem to think are just an unpopulated area any way. Maybe they van find Smokey and learn how to prevent Forest Fires and walk around holding a shovel and giving warnings about fires to all the tourists that come from Florida to see the Bears.

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