Saturday, October 21, 2017



1. When I was a young boy I read a poem that impressed me. I don't remember now who wrote it, but it was called Hats Off, the Flag is Passing By.  Now I always believed that and I still do. Show respect for the flag and the national anthem.  If and I said IF, those in the foot ball league feel they have a need to protest something, then by all means do so. But to take a knee in protest of the flag and the national anthem is a mark of disrespect, not a show of protest. You can go on your knees in prayer. You can go on your knees or knee to propose to a loved one, you can kneel in respect to royalty where it is in the reigning party. But when the flag of the United States is presented, you stand and put your right hand over your heart. If you have on a hat, you remove it and place it over your heart. If you are in military uniform, you salute it. But you do not take a knee to protest it.  THIS I KNOW.

2.  I just got back from a three day trip to Albuquerque. Two nights in a motel. Traffic noise, sirens and people every where making noise.  It was so nice to go to bed in my own bed, as broke down as it is, and open a window and hear        nothing.  Nothing but the sound of silence. There was some wind in the apple tree but it was a soothing sound, not a cacophonous sound like the city.  I'll take the sound of silence any time. AND THIS I KNOW.


Friday, October 6, 2017


1. The shooting in Las Vegas.  I feel pain for those who lost loved ones or had loved ones injured in the horrific act of one individual.  However, as usual, Hillary and her minions jumped on the gun control band wagon immediately, with no regard to the suffering that was going on. So lets look at a couple or three things that really happened here.  First, the NRA, which Hillary wants abolished, had nothing to do with this shooting. They have issued a statement asking for stronger laws against what this shooter used.  The shooter bought legal guns and then purchased illegal items from the internet to modify they guns he had in order to make them the type of gun he used.  He did not buy these guns as he used them from any gun dealer.  Finally, on this topic, there are millions of responsible gun owners which translates into millions of legal guns in the USA and they are not  going on a shooting spree. Do not punish them for the actions of someone else.

2. The hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.  The mayor of one of the cities has started a public feud with President Trump, which Trump has went along with. The mayor has stated that the Trump administration is doing nothing to help those in need.  So, once again, lets look at the facts.  The Governor of Puerto Rico has been in touch with President trump almost daily and has praised his assistance. There are cargo ships with multiple shipping containers full of supplies in Puerto Rico, but they have been unable to dock because of damaged docks. When they were able to get the shipping containers on land, there were two problems, One was the damage to the roads getting to anyone, and the other one is that truck drivers in Puerto Rico were not showing up to work to get these supplies to the areas where they are needed. Drivers from the US mainland have went to Puerto Rico to do this.  Yet, the aforementioned mayor would rather trash Trump than acknowledge that his administration has and is giving all the assistance they can.  Yet, none of these items are being reported on the news.

3.I saw on the news this morning that someone is inventing an electric airplane. It resembles a small business jet and will have a range of a few hundred miles and will seat around 8 people. Well, if you are a Jetsons fan that may sound good, but to me, I would fear that the extension cord would come unplugged mid flight or something, so I guess I won't be getting on one any time soon.


Thursday, September 21, 2017



DACA.  Years ago, under other administrations, those who were brought here as children, illegally, were pretty much allowed to stay here.  This is an issue that congress was supposed to address, but they did not.  President Obama ask them too, but they did not, so he signed an executive order called DACA.  This program was designed to end soon.  Now, the President is not allowed to make law.  That is the job of congress.  The President can then sign or veto. And if he veto's it, then congress can over ride him with a certain percentage of the vote.  Now, President Trump repealed DACA.  In spite of the protests and the hysteria that surrounded that announcement, he did not say any thing about deporting those who are called Dreamers.  He did say to congress, Now go to work and do your job and do something about this.  He did indicate that he would sign into law a law to keep the dreamers here and on a fast track to citizenship. 

2.  North Korea.  I saw a post on Facebook that accused President Trump of threatening North Korea.  The post indicated that if Trump would back down then North Korea would quit doing what they are doing.  Not so.  North Korea has said that they at going to obliterate the United States and reduce us to ashes.  They have fired missile after missile and have showed defiance in the face of other Nations trying diplomatic avenues to have them back down.  They have chosen not to do so. President Trump has said that we would defend the U.S and it's allies.

3. On a lighter note, there is a facebook post that says that partners who watch and discuss movies are less likely to get a divorce than those who don't watch movies.  Well, after over 56 years of marriage, it is nice to know the reason for the divorce should we ever reach that point.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I DIDN'T REALIZE IT HAD BEEN SO LONG SING I POSTED. Apparently I haven't been missed.  well, I could have named this post Random Thoughts. I didn't, but I could have.  Because that is what it is going to be.  A few random thoughts on random subjects.

1. President Trump ended the DACA program.  My thoughts.  This is a good and viable program.  I am surprised at the reaction to this announcement.  Didn't they listen to what he said?  So, here is my understanding of this program.  In 2010 President Obama ask congress to send him a bill that would address the issue of immigrants who were brought her illegally as children. Congress did not do that, so Obama signed a executive order creating DACA. It was set to end in 2020, I think.  I may be wrong on that.  President Trump, under advisement from his advisors, ended the program, but he did the same thing that Obama had done.  Put the onus on Congress, telling them to come up with a program in the next 6 months to address this issue. If they fail to do so, then he said he would revisit the issue himself. He also said that those on this program would be a low priority to be deported.  So, if yo have to protest, protest congress. There is a lot more going on with this issue, but this is enough on it for now from me.

2. Do you watch the food net work on TV?  I do sometimes. I have come to a conclusion. I could not cook for these people. Even if I could cook, I couldn't cook for them. They don't like food, unless it has been saturated in booze.  And they eat things that should not be eaten.  Like chicken feet and pig snouts and cat fish heads.  Things I couldn't or wouldn't cook, even if I knew how to cook.

3. On a related note, I couldn't be a judge on these programs either.  The judges eat these foods and talk about the taste of things I have no clue what they are even talking about.  And one judge says it's too salty, another one says it is not salty enough, one says it is cooked to long and another says it is not cooked long enough.  I look at the things they cook and eat and have to wonder, hw would they survive with just plain old steak and potatoes.

4.  On a show I watched a day or so ago, one cook made a taco.  Now, I like taco's. But this one had beef tripe, peas and something else that just don't fit in my world of tacos.  All I could say was Really.

5. I think I have a sense of humor.  As I watch TV and see the things that are previewed for the upcoming season and billed as comedy, all I can do is shake my head in wonder.  As in, I wonder where any one thinks that trash is comedy. it is not funny, nor humorous. I is mostly lewd and gross and usually down right disgusting.

6. I will end with this.  The digital age.  I use computers, because well, that is the way things are. But the digital age is just getting too much for me.  Speak and some electronic item answers. Order and someone will pick out what you ordered and mail it to you.  Nope, I still like to see what I am getting, especially grocery wise. I do not want a wal mart employee picking out my vegetables.  I still think a lot of the old things are best.


Sunday, July 30, 2017


1.  You know that feeling. You make a lit of items you need at the store. You go to get JUST those items and then your cart is half full before you get to any thing that is on the list.  Ever do that?
2.  Today a new swinging bridge was opened in Switzerland.  It is a swinging bridge and it replaces an old one that was damaged by rock slides.  It is 1,650 feet long and goes between two cities in Southern Switzerland. The cities of Zermatt and Grachen.  If not for the bridge, it would take people two days to hike from one city to another.  Check it out on Bing or Google. Would you walk that bridge?  Or take the two day hike?

Saturday, July 29, 2017


OK, WE ARE NOW AROUND 7 MONTHS IN THE NEW ADMINISTRATION.  I have watched and observed what is going on in Washington and around the country. I have came to a few conclusions.  I will mention some of them at this time.  I feel there are three different groups of people out there. I am sure there are more, but I am going to focus on just three.

1st.  There are those who wanted Hillary at all costs, and they are now doing all they can to bring Trump down.  It doesn't matter what Trump does, it will be wrong to them.
2nd.  There are those who wanted Trump to be elected at all costs. And it doesn't matter what he does or says, they will support him regardless and are spewing just as much hate and discontent as the ones that are listed in number 1.
3rd.  There are those who voted for Trump because they were tired of the Clintons and their shenanigans and chose Trump of Hillary for that reason. They didn't really like Trump, but they liked Hillary even less.  I find myself in the third group.  I not vote for Trump in the Primary election and in the remote chance that he makes it for 4 years and runs again, I probably won't vote for him in the Primary again.  But time will tell on that one.
4th. And last for this post.  Now Trump is the President.  I wish that congress would work with him on the issues.  I wish he would work with congress in the issues. I wish he would stop with the tweets and the placing of blame and the pointing of fingers and the retaliation against those that attack him and just get on with the business of running the country. And I wish the media would be a little more accurate with their reporting.

Monday, June 26, 2017


DO YOU HAVE SOME?  My wife and I grew up in a small town and so we knew each other all our lives.  Went to the same school, church and parties.  Our collective parents had no insurance.  Other than car insurance.  When we had a medical situation, they just paid the bill. Whether it was for medical Dr.s Eye Dr's or Dentist's, our parents just paid what was billed. When my wife and I were married, we were in the same situation.  Even though we were working, we had only car insurance.  When we went to the Dr. we paid the charge for the visit. After we had been married a few years I went to work for the Mining company and we had medical insurance through the company.  After I had been there for a while, the union came in and a contract was negotiated and medical insurance, which I already had, was included in the contract.  I always had insurance through the company,  When I retired after 40 years, I was of so I had Medicare.  Mandated by law. I had to sign up for Medicare. No choice.  Then Barack Obama was elected President and he and the congress decided that every one should have health care. So the ADA or Obama Care was crafted.  It was done behind closed doors and Nancy Pelosi said "We are going to have to pass it to find out what is in it". And they did. And we did.  Premiums went up and now, several years later, there are people who don't have insurance because they can't afford the premiums. Many States, Like Arizona, have pulled out of the market altogether.  Are there some good things in the ACA. Yes there is.  Like Insurance company's can't refuse someone because of pre existing conditions.  There are others.  Now, Donald Trump and Congress are trying to craft a new health care act and come up with something better. And cheaper.  There have been so many conflicting reports on the news about this new health care act, that we have no clue what is in it.  Are they going to have to pass it to see what is in it?  I would like to see a law that said insurance company's couldn't turn someone away. Make insurance actually affordable.  And let the medical professionals charge a fee that could be paid by the general public of they choose not to have insurance at all.  Insurance has turned into a racket, and it is we the people that are paying. One way or another.  It would be better for the government to get out of the way altogether, with the possible exception of an oversight bureau. Or some semblance of such.  And that is the VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK 

Friday, June 9, 2017


WHAT EXACTLY, AM I REFERING TO?  WELL, I'LL TELL YOU.   I am referring to traffic laws.  We just got back yesterday afternoon from a 3 day trip to Albuquerque.  The reason for going there is not important to this post.  Or any other post for that matter.  But we cringe every time we have to go to Albuquerque.  We have come so close to being t boned as some little twerp entered the freeway and paid no attention to the oncoming traffic at all.  This trip we saw some people speeding up and down the city streets, running stop signs and red lights, and nearly causing an accident.  More than once.  And we cringed and just hoped it worked out, and somehow it did.  
Leaving Hatch we followed a Grant County Sheriff vehicle out of town.  As I accelerated up to the posted speed, the vehicle was far ahead. By the time I got to a place where visibility was miles in front of me, the sheriff vehicle was nowhere to be seen.  Don't know what he was doing, but whatever it was, he was doing it in a hurry and without emergency lights or siren.  As we crossed the Uvas valley, doing the speed limit, by the way, and following a truck, ( the 18 wheeler kind ) and meeting sufficient oncoming traffic that passing said truck was not feasible, the car behind me pulled into a turning lane on the right. I assume they were turning. Nope, they passed me on the right in a turn lane and then got behind the truck, only to pass it at the top of the rise.  I hope they made it to where they were going.  
We have speed limits here in Grant County.  Speed limits that are broken constantly. What makes it bad is that the police officers, City, County and State all break the speed limit as well.  One just has to wonder how they can do this, and then hand out a speeding ticket to any one.  But they do.  Now, I'm not complaining about a ticket, cause I don't speed, but I just wonder about the mentality it takes to speed down the road and then give a ticket to someone who is only doing the same thing.  

Thursday, May 25, 2017


HA! DID THAT TITLE GRAB YOUR ATTENTION?  Just a little play on words. Kinda.  I have a medical situation that has been in existence for a number of years.  I will not go into details as that is not the purpose of this post.  However,  due to a deteriorating situation, the Dr's. have decided I need a medicine. The medicine is available, the Dr's. have prescribed it.  The problem is, the insurance.  It is up to them to decide if I can have the medicine or not.  So, now, after a waiting game of over a year, I am now in the loop but still waiting.
Recently my wife hurt her knee.  Again I won't go into all the things that took place, but after a Dr. ordered an x ray and other Dr's , yes that is plural Dr's. saw her, it was determined that she needed to have an MRI.  Was it scheduled right then?  Of course not. She had to wait for insurance approval.
I have a pregnant granddaughter.  Her insurance requires that she have the baby in a hospital that has poor reviews and many people saying that it is not a good place to be. When she ask to go to a different hospital, she was told no, her insurance required her to go to this one.
I blame most of this on the ACA. While it was touted as the be all for insurance, it has created a myriad of problems. Yes, it did solve several problems. What will the Trump administration come up with?  I don't know. Unfortunately Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and John McCain and others will fight any change to the ACA.  If they would look at the things that work and keep them and change the things that don't, then maybe we the people would be more inclined to believe them when they say they will do something. Until then we are held prisoner by the insurance companies and the tics that collect pay from them.

Friday, May 12, 2017


And if the news would just report that something happened and then go on to other things that happened, I would be fine, whether I agree or not.  But this thing with Comey is just going on and on and on till I want to puke.  Not that it happened, but that the talking heads won't let it go.  So, I will weigh in on my opinion, for what ever it may be worth.
The investigation into the election/Russian thing has been going on since last summer.  The investigation into Hillary's e mails has been going on since at least that long.  So far as I know from the talking heads, there has been no connection found between Trump and the Russians. Say what you want about Hillary, her e mails were a scandal.  Should she be prosecuted?  Probably, but that is water under the bridge. If she will just go away, we can get on to other things. If she insists on being front and center, then investigate her thoroughly.  
As for Trump and Comey, it was just a few short weeks back that the Democrats wanted him fired. They felt he wasn't doing enough to find collusion between Trump and Putin. Now that Trump has fired him, all of a sudden they are up in arms and coming up with all kinds of things about the reason for the firing.  Even McCain and other Republicans that wanted him fired and now up in arms against Trump because he fired Comey. Their main problem is that they are losing favor and clout in the Trump administration.
So, should Comey have been fired.  I have no clue. An opinion, perhaps, but no real clue. People like Comey serve at the whim of the President and are traditionally replaced when a new administration comes in any way. Did Trump collude with the Russians? I don't think so. Did Putin try to interfere with the election? Probably so.  Did he have any influence on the outcome? I don't think so, although he may have leaked some information that influenced some people. I feel that most people that voted for Trump was just tired of the Clintons and the Washington "Elite" and wanted something new. And they got it.  Time will tell if that was right, but the talking heads need to report the news and not just regurgitate the same of thing day after day after day.  They may be influencing someone, but they are just disgusting me.

Friday, May 5, 2017


If you wear it, eat or drink it, drive it, live in it, use it for fun or work or entertainment, it was in all probability transported by a truck. With a truck driver.
There will be people who will say, but a lot of our consumer goods come in from over seas on sips and air planes and are shipped across the country on a train.  And I will say, I agree, that is true.
But, the ships don't dock at the markets and the airplanes don't land at the market and the train station is not at the market, and these goods are transported from those places on a truck.
Are you aware that truck drives are highly regulated? They can only drive 11 hours per day, plus some time for fuel and periodic breaks.  They have to have a physical every year to renew their health card. They have to keep a log book of their drive time and down time. This is done by then in a log book of electronically by e log.  If they are on e log, which many drivers are, if they drive more than 70 hours in a week, they have to take a mandatory 35 hour down time before they can drive again.  If they keep a paper log book they have to do the same, but it is not tracked electronically.
DOT can pull them over and check their trucks for safety items at random.  And their commercial drivers licenses cost many more dollars than what the rest of us have.  They have a schedule to keep and yet they are vilified by the public if they use an engine brake to slow down.  I saw one driver's post that said  My engine brake doesn't make as much noise as the sound of a truck crashing into your house cause I couldn't use the brake.
They are tested on a regular basis and if they are found with alcohol or drugs, they lose their license. Not just a fine, but they lose their way to make a living.  
Statistics show that 80% of accidents between trucks and cars are caused by the driver of the car.  Yet, TV lawyers will make it seem like the truck driver is always at fault. So, so you travel the highways and byways of the co0untry, pay attention to your driving and let the truckers carry on, delivering the goods that you use every day.  AYE

Friday, April 21, 2017


WHEN I WAS GROWING UP there was a peddler that would come through our town on a regular basis. He had a favorite quote which was    "Money is the root of all evil, and everyone is after the root".  This is a little misquote of the Bible, of course.  You will find this quote in the 1st Timothy 6: 9-10.  9."But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.  10. For the Love of money is the root of all evil; which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
So what does this have to do with any thing.  I have been thinking quite a bit about the politicians that seem to have a thing for the root, as the old peddler called it.  Recently the legislators in the State of New Mexico sent a "balanced" budget to the governor. A governor who had stated that she would not raise taxes to balance the budget. So she vetoed the budget, calling for the legislators to balance the budget without raising taxes. They raised taxes 350 million dollars.  There seemed to be no thought of where the people would come up with the money to pay these taxes.  When I can't afford something, I have to adjust my budget, go without or go into debt.  Since the State constitution don't allow for an unbalanced budget and debt, they chose to raise taxes.
I recently had a conversation with a local business owner.  He needed some clerk/book work done and advertised for help. One young land applied for the job and then when told the rate of pay ( which was a few dollars above minimum wage ) stated, I can't afford to go to work. I can make $30,000.00 a year on welfare and don't have to do any thing.  Yet, the legislators can't seem to see that they can cut this "root" and using this type of cuts come up with a balanced budget.
Our federal politicians often get elected to office and with a salary of less that $200,000.00 a year, soon end up multi millionaires.  They seem to be after the "Root" in a big way and will pass laws that favor them in any way they can.
I think it is time that we the people use a chopping ax and get rid of the Root that the tics seem to be after.

Friday, March 24, 2017


DO YOU EVER WISH YOU COULD JUST HAVE A ONE ON ONE WITH SOME OF THE TICS?  Or in other words a Politician?  One that has some "Power" or "Pull" to get things done?  Well, I often feel that way, but of course I am not important enough to get that kind of conversation with any one.   So I will carry on a one sided conversation with the Tics here in this post.  So here goes.  And I assume you who may read this has been keeping up with what is going on with the tics.
1. Grow up and go to work.  That is the first thing I would say. And I am speaking to the members of all parties in both the house  and senate.  You were elected to go to Washington to do the work of the people. Instead you are wasting time squabbling like petulant teenage boys over which one of them a cheer leader likes best.  They don't realize, in their squabbling, that the cheer leader don't really like either one of them.  Still they squabble over something that will never bear fruit. 
2. What ever your opinion is, ( talking to the tics ) Trump won the election.  So work with him and quit wasting time trying to take him down.  If he has a plan to improve something, work with him to improve it and then own it with him. If it is a bad plan, and I repeat, if it is a bad plan, then work with him and show him that it is a bad plan, explain why it is a bad plan and what the results will be if he continues on what ever path his plan would take.
3. Members of the opposing party. Please understand that Trump was elected because a lot of American people didn't like the way things were going in the last decades.  Not just the last administration, but the last several administrations.  They were tired of the same old same old. So look at some of the things that have been mentioned and work with that.
4. To President Trump.  Quit with the tweets already.  Be the President that you were elected to be. If, and I would say If you were wiretapped or whatever you claim, then have the FBI or who ever investigate that, if it really is an issue. If it turns out that something was actually done, then present the evidence so that the media will have to report it. If there is nothing there, then no harm done, cause you weren't tweeting it to start with.
5. Finally, for this post, the house pulled the Obama Care act repeal bill today, because the Repub's were unable to get it passed.  While I believe the act needs to be overhauled, repealed is probably not a good idea. So I am kinda happy that they couldn't pass it.  So here is what I would suggest.  Go back to where the public was before the ACA was passed into law.  What did we have then?  Why did we feel the need to pass such an act?  Look at that real closely. Then keep what was good from that time and pass the parts of the ACA that would improve on that. But do not, and I would repeat, do not fine people who can't afford insurance. if they can't afford insurance, they sure can't afford a fine.

Monday, March 13, 2017


OR JUST NORMAL CONDITIONS.  The town/area where I live is a mining area.  Oh sure, there is a college, and there is ranching and even an art district.  But mostly the area is supported by mining.  The mines have been up and down for decades, according to the economy.  Businesses depend on the income of the mining industry to survive.  Most of them, however, struggle through the down times along with the mining families and plan for the down times during the up times.  Lately, however, there seems to be a decline in businesses in this area that have nothing to do with the mining industry or even the economy. 
There has been a plethora of eating establishments come into the area.  This is an area that is proud to be known for eating chili.  Lots and lots of chili. Our brand of Mexican food, or Southwestern cuisine, if you will.  The local restaurants that have been in business for years are mostly in business.  Many of the new ones that have came in, and try to bring a different type of food to this area, usually fold up after a while.  One man who did that is now on his third restaurant, still trying to find what the locals will eat.  He may figure it out before he goes out of business for sure.  A local restaurant closed down a year or more ago, due to the older generation passing on and the younger ones not living here and not wanting to run the operation, sold it to a chain. Rumor is that we will have a Denny's there soon.  Taco Bell has closed down. We have Chinese restaurants that come and go.  We now have a Sushi restaurant but I don't know how it is working out, since I don't eat raw fish.  We do have a McDonalds that is going strong, and two Sonics and a Wendy's and an Arby's, as well and the New Mexico Lota Burger.  We have had a Golden Corral that has closed down, A Burger King that has closed down, opened up and closed down again.  There are a couple of other restaurants that have closed down and a couple more that are struggling.  Is this a case of too many establishments for the population, or just a sign of the times?
Not food related, a shoe store has shut down and sent their inventory to a store in a neighboring town.  Radio Shack is in the process of going out of business. 

Monday, February 27, 2017


I HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS ABOUT THIS.  We are a country of emigrants. Even though we may have been born here, some where in the past century or two, most of us had ancestors that emigrated here from somewhere else.  Now, the mood of the country is to close our borders. President Trump and his staunch supporters are clamoring for a wall to be built between the U.S. and Mexico.  Keep the people out, they holler.  There are arguments for both sides of the issue.  And living as close to the border as I do, I can see both sides, I think.  I know there are people who have came here, illegally, to escape violence or just the poor living conditions in their home country.  Mainly Mexico or South America.  They come here and find a job, work and contribute to the economy and raise their families here.  And, except for the issue that they are here illegally, I have no problem with them being here.  On the other side of the coin, there are many who come across who are here for criminal purposes.  And a wall will not stop them. Slow them down, somewhat, but it won't stop them.  As for those that are already here.  I feel that to round them up an deport them, disrupting families and jobs is not a good thing.  I feel that they need to be found, registered as here illegally, do they have a job, do they have a criminal record, are they collecting welfare.  Then determine if they should be deported or not. If they are not causing problems, are working and contributing to the economy of whatever area they are living in, then put them on track to gain citizenship and assist them in gaining this. And be more vigilant on those coming in illegally.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, February 20, 2017


EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK:  Recently there was an news article in the state of Utah about the rate of pay for men vs. women.  The statement made was that men need to be paid more so they can support their families and so that the women can remain at home where they probably prefer to be.  This statement was made by a county GOP vice chairman or something like that.  He received so much flak over this statement, that he had to resign from his position in the local Republican party.  As well he should.  So, reading this, I want to weigh in on my opinion on this equal pay debate.  I have a jumble of thoughts, so may ramble a bit more than usual.
1. Workers at the fast food places, like McDonalds, are demanding higher wages.  They want $15.00 an hour to flip burgers.  When they get to that point, burgers will be so expensive, people will quit buying them.  Places like McDonalds can literally price themselves out of business. While the workers may make that much money if they are working, they won't make any thing if they are laid off because the company can no longer to pay them.  Flipping burgers is a good job for many, especially those who are working their way through school. Managers of such restaurants can and should be paid a living wage, as they have more responsibility, but if you want that much money to flip burgers, then work for that position.
2. I spent 40 years in the mining industry. The company I worked for had equal pay for equal work.  When a person was hired at an entry labor position, they were paid for that position, regardless of their gender.  When they moved on to higher paying positions, again they were paid according to the position rate of pay, regardless of gender.  In the early 1990's the union's that were in place were disposed of and the company changed the way people were paid. People were put on a sliding scale, with each position being put on that scale and you were given a raise according to seniority in that position. Again, that applied to the position, not the gender of the person filling that position. So a man may be paid more to do a job than a woman, because he had been there longer, and the opposite applied also.
3. Going back to the above mentioned news article, apparently this man did not take in to account the many women who have to support their families for a variety of reasons.  Due to divorce, widowhood, or a number of other reasons, women have to work to support their families. But regardless of the reason, if a woman is doing the job, she should be paid for the work.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A few facts and observations

FACT: I have never seen an episode of Saturday Night Live and I'm OK with that.

Fact: I don't take selfies and don't understand the need to do so and then post them on social media, but I'm OK with that.

Fact: I don't care that Beyoncé and Amal are having twins. I don't understand the need to gush over that like some of the National media people are doing. If that is what they want to do, I am OK with that, but really, people have been having babies, even twins, for thousands of years.

Fact: George Bush started building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and that continued somewhat under the Obama administration. Trump has vowed to build a wall. He will only continue the wall that has already been started.

Fact: Regardless of whether a wall is built or not, it will not work.  Why; you may ask. Because those who are trying to come here legally don't need it and those who are coming here illegally will only go over it, around it, under it or through it. It may slow them down a little, but it won't stop them.  So, we can save the money and use it for something else.

Fact: I am getting older and having trouble accepting that I can't do the things I used to do. I do them, but it takes longer and more help. I am learning to accept that, but I am not OK with that.  Accepting  yes, but not OK.  Just the way it is.


Thursday, February 9, 2017


I AM REALLY GONNA GET AWAY FROM POSTING ON POLITICS: But before I do, I have a couple of things to say at the start of this post.
1. Fact--I have mentioned before that Donald Trump was not my choice for a President. I did vote for him, but would not consider myself a staunch supporter. he has his problems, and many of them are self inflicted.  I do not concern myself overly much about his business dealings, vs. his government dealings. I am concerned with the way he is brashly going about the business of conducting the office of President and I think he needs to quit being a tweety bird. 
2. Fact--When Bill Richardson was governor of New Mexico, he got a law passed that issued valid drivers licenses to any and all.  Even those who had entered the country by illegal means. Because of that, the Federal government has been after the State to rectify this mistake.  Susanna Martinez has for the 6 years she has been governor tried to get the State legislature to overturn this law, but they have been reluctant to do so.  The Obama administration kept telling the state they had to do something, and finally last year they said that New Mexico drivers licenses would no longer be considered as a valid ID for a lot of reasons.  Because of this, they State government finally created a two tier license system. The top tier, which requires a citizen jumping through a lot of hoops to prove citizen ship, can have a drivers license that is valid and can be used as a valid ID for government purposes.  If you don't want that, you can get a lower tier and can drive with it, but you can't use it as a valid ID.  Now, a former Santa Fe mayor is accusing Governor Martinez of being a racist because she advocated for  this.  Really.
3. Fact---My wife and I walk two to three miles a day, most days. My wife can walk faster than I can. She never says any thing, just adjusts her pace to match mine and we go along together.
4. Fact---Every day there seems to be a new APP for something. I don't need or even want those APP'S. I. Just. Don't.....     I will muddle along with what i have and hope I can live in the "modern" world in an older world type of style. I don't need all the  electronic items coming out.
5. Fact---When I go through the candy aisle in Wal Mart, I sometimes feel that I want some thing to eat from that aisle. And I guy it and then I find out it is not as tasty as I thought it would be.  I am getting to the point that candy just don't taste as good as it used to. So I just don't go through that aisle much any more.  I don't need the candy any way. I used to love a Snickers bar. Now, I can't hardly eat a whole one with out feeling sick.  Old Age I guess.

Monday, February 6, 2017


DID YOU WATCH THE SUPER BOWL?   My wife and I did. Well, kinda. We watched a souper bowl, AKA a bowl of vegetable soup.  That is what we had for lunch on Sunday afternoon, along with some hot buttered fresh made corn bread. As far as the super bowl, we learned who won this morning when we turned on the news.  And we didn't care in any case.  On that note, I have a couple or three or so observations I want to make.
1. Why is it Ok for the Obama's to remain in Washington while their youngest daughter finishes school, but it is not OK for Melania Trump to remain in NYC while her son finishes out the school year? 
2. Why do people, AKA news anchors and Hollywood "Elites" feel it is OK to gush about a movie like 50 shades of gray and 50 shades darker, movies that degrade women in the worst way, but feel that they can trash a president for some things that he said?
3. There was a news item yesterday afternoon that said that since the TV channel that was showing the super bowl wasn't sure what Lady Gag Gag was going to do, there would be a 5 second delay of broadcasting her performance in order to prevent showing a possible "wardrobe" malfunction. Or some other thing that they felt they may need to bleep.  Turns out the performance was kinda "tame" according to the news casts. Almost like they were disappointed. It is getting pretty bad, and a sad commentary on the entertainment industry, when a national event like the super bowl has to have a delay on the half time entertainment just in case the entertainer does something inappropriate. 
4. There was a group of people participating in a protest march before or during the super bowl. A reporter interviewed one of the participants, a young girl/woman, early 20's perhaps, college age, and ask her what the march was about.  She said it was a good time to march and protest against the new administration so they would know how America really feels.  UH no, America showed ow they really feel last November. if you disagree with that, then work to make a change in 4 years, but do not suppose that you are the voice of America. You are not. You are the voice of your own opinion and perhaps the opinion of the group that you are marching with. That you have an opinion I understand, and respect. But don't think that you are the voice of what others feel. 
5. Why was there such an outcry on social media about the taxpayers being on the Hook for security for a Trump family member to the tune of $100,000 when nothing was said about the many hundreds of thousands of dollars that was spent on security every time Mrs. Obama took her family and went on a vacation?
Was it OK for her to do and not OK for a Trump member to travel?

6. I saw a thing on social media that said if President Trump was to eliminate cancer, those who oppose him would accuse him if cheating the grim reaper of business.  While this is perhaps a little extreme, it does seem that no matter what he does or says, he is opposed by those who are upset that he got elected.
7. Finally, why did the people cheer when President Clinton said we need to close the border and when President Obama said the same thing and thought it was a good idea, and then get so upset when President Trump actually did close the border.  Did he do it correctly? probably not. Could he have done it differently? Definitely so. But, does something more need done than has been done in the past.  Very definitely.  Will we pay for the court decision to over turn his action. Yes we will. we can only hope the price isn't too high.

Friday, February 3, 2017


That is the idea that "Everyone" feels, or wants, what ever someone else does.  So, a few thoughts on REALLY.
1. Carolyn Kennedy was on the Today Show this morning and was being "interviewed" by Matt Lauer.  She has just returned from serving as ambassador to Japan for the last three years. So Matt ask her if she was considering running for political office. Why, Because "Everyone" wanted to know.  UH no, Matt, not every one. There are a few, maybe a few hundred thousand, of us who could care less. Or was even aware she was still in Japan. 
2. So when she said she wasn't sure what she wanted to do going forward, she said maybe be on TV.  And Matt said, yes, on Morning TV cause Every one wants to be on TV.  UH no Matt, not every one wants to be on TV, morning or otherwise.  In fact there are many of us that don't even like to watch that much TV, much less be on TV.
3. There is a big hype going on about the Superbowl this weekend.  Every One is waiting and wanting to know what Lady Gag Gag is going to do for the half time show.  UH No, not every one is waiting to even watch the game, much less the disgusting display that will be lad gag gag.
4. There has been a facebook post going around that several "Stars" have suggested that all people in Hollywood associated with making movies or TV shows go on strike until President Trump resigns.  A little digging and this was actually started before he was elected and carried on to the inauguration, and now that he is President.  Well, there was a mile long series of comments to this on facebook and the bulk of them said, go ahead and strike.  Who cares.  Again, not "Everyone" looks up to them as the "Elite" that they think they are.  So strike, Maybe if you do and you actually use up all your millions, you may have to get a real job, not job where you act like you have a job.
5. Rosa Brooks has proposed 4 items, or ways, to get rid of President Trump. This ranges from  campaigning against him so he is not re elected in 4 years to a Military coup to take place as soon as possible.  Really, Does she really think that a military in this country would work? Did she not listen to the people?  Apparently not.
6. President Trump has done some things that has shocked the people of the world.  It should not have. He said he would do these things and he was elected on that basis.  I do not like some of the brash ways he is doing things. I also know that the media tends to report things in the worst light, as they all supported Hillary and are against Trump and so will look for any thing negative to report.  And so they will find it and report it.  I don't know the exact nature of the conversation between Trump and the Australian Prime Minister, and it may not have been a good thing on his part, but Really, John McCain calling to apologize for that. Really, John. You do not need to apologize for the United States.  You just don't.  Not every one really cares what your opinion is, even after all you went through in your military career, that was decades back and you now need to look forward. 
7.  Is Donald Trump going to be the best President we ever had? Not be a long shot.  But he is doing some things that needed to be done and I think that we the people need to support him as best we can.  Protesting and looting and burning is not going to solve any thing.

Monday, January 30, 2017


I AM NOT A POLITICAL ACTIVIST. AND I AM NOT REALLY A BLOGGER. OK, so maybe I do write some blogs, but I don't consider myself a political blogger.  Even though I write a blog post occasionally, I don't really consider myself a blogger. And every time I blog about a political situation, I say I won't do that again for a while, then something happens that changes my mind. So here we go again. 
First, I want to restate something that I have stated already.  There seems to be 5 kinds of people in the political spectrum at this time.  I will name them and lump some of them in to groups where they don't really want to be, but I am putting them there any way.  Just bear with me.
1. There is the group that strongly supported Hillary.  2. There is the group that strongly supported Trump.  3. There is the group that didn't like Hillary but voted for her because they didn't like Trump more.  4. There is the group that didn't like Trump, but voted for him because they didn't like Hillary more.  and 5. Everyone else.  I know there were other candidates but I am not talking about those.  so, now Trump is President. And he has caused a stir of controversy. And that is what this blog is about.
Trump won the election on a campaign of controversy. He promised a lot of things that a lot of the American public liked the sound of.  Now as President, he is backing down on some of them and carrying through with others.  I fit in group 4 listed above.  On that basis, I think Trump does need to do a lot of things that he promised he would do.  But, I feel that he needs to take a really good look at just what he is doing and how he is going to do it.  Do I feel that he, and congress needs to revamp the Obama Care health program. Yes I do.  Do I feel that it needs to be completely repealed and leave people without any insurance. No I do not.  Has Trump said that he would completely repeal it? No he has not. He has said that he wants to keep the good parts and get rid of the bad parts.  I don't see any problem with that.
He said that he wants to close the borders and build a wall. He said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Mexico has said no we won't.  Time will tell on both points.  In the meantime, Trump did sign an executive order placing a ban on certain people coming into the country.  This is not a permanent ban. It is a, Lets vet some of them right now and put a 90 ban on others while the immigration policy is looked at and things figured out.  He hasn't really done any thing that Presidents haven't done since Bill Clinton, including Obama.  It's just that his methods are a bit more drastic.  he is being applauded on some sides and trashed on others. So, I have an opinion and will voice it in the next paragraph.
Immigration policy has been in place for several presidencies.  Obama limited the number of people who could come into the country in any given year. He increased the number to 70,000 and then last year he raised it to 110,000.  Trump, in his executive order, has reduced the number back to the 50,000 that was in place before Obama raised it to 70,000 in 2011. I feel at a little cross purposes on this. Living in the southwest where we see the results of a porous border, I agree with a more drastic measure on border closings.  I do not believe a wall will solve the problem. I feel that people need to be vetted before they are allowed to come into the United States. I feel that those who are working on the proper method of getting here, should be allowed to continue that process. I believe that the United States really needs to look at this process and provide assistance to those who need it. I don't think that the protests that destroy property will solve any thing. 
One last thing.  I read a lot of the posts on social media. And watch the news.  I do not like the things that I see there.  I have a lot of family, past and present who are Democrats, and they were not and are not the names that they are being called by those who are so strongly in favor of any thing Trump does.  All that name calling is senseless and baseless and is only creating more of a division in the country. a country that was already divided and there are many people on both sides that just keep picking at the scab. And as long as they do so, the division will never heal. 
OK, one more last thing.  Even though you just read the above paragraph, I just have to say that I am disgusted at the display of Senator Schummer and Representative Pelosi.  To cry crocodile tears and accuse the statue of Liberty of doing so was only creating more of the drama that I feel is causing the rift to remain unhealed.  Yes, they can oppose the order. yes they can voice their opinion. Yes, the can vote on the Senate or House floor to rule against the order. Yes they can voice their opinion and vote accordingly. But the display that they put on only makes people like me turn against them in disgust.  And that applies to members of the congress or the news media's all across the country.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I'M GOING TO WRITE THIS POST ABOUT MY OPINION ON THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP, then I think I will take a break from political posts.  At least that is what I think.  I have been watching the unfolding events, listened to the rhetoric, tried to cut through the verbal nonsense and hopefully came up with something somewhere on the side of reason.  Well, my reason, any way.  So here goes.
1. Whatever your personal opinion of the election was or is, Donald Trump won.  What he won was the electoral college vote.  What does that mean?  Well, our founding fathers set it up so that a highly populated state wouldn't be able to elect an official over the desires of several less populated states.  If the majority vote had been the rule, Hillary would have won and would have been the President of California and new York, so to speak, because the majority of the votes that gave her the majority came from there and a few other places.  People in the majority of States, however voted for Donald, thus the advantage of the electoral college.  At least that is my understanding. 
2. Because Donald won, many of the Hillary supporters were upset, to say the least.  Many others chose to riot and loot and burn.  I am not really sure that those were actually voters, but just chose to riot and protest because they felt they had a cause and could get away with it.
3. I have seen so many posts on social media on both sides of this coin.  I have seen posts by people, some of whom I am aquainted with, somewhat, call the people who voted for Hillary some vile names. Names that I know are not true. And even though I voted for Trump, for reasons that have been mentioned in previous posts, I can't help but feel upset when I read posts by friends or even family when they spout the same vile hatred type of messages that accuse the "other" side of doing.  We should all be on one side.  The side of the American people.
4. I don't understand the purpose of the Women's march on Washington and in other places across the country, including the small city where I currently reside.  The signs and the slogans just didn't fit what I thought a protest should be.  It seems to me that these women felt that they had rights that were going to be taken away from them by President Trump.  I just failed to understand the rhetoric spiel they were spouting.
5. Without a doubt, President Trump and the Republican congress will make some changes.  Some of them will be good and some will not. They will make mistakes, just like all past President's and Congresses have done. Will they actually do the damage that some of these groups think they will. I think not.  But then that is a matter of perspective.
6.  We can hope that all will go well and know that it will not.  I just hope that the country can come together and work for the best of the people. I think, however, that there are groups of people who will oppose President Trump at ever turn, regardless what he proposes and how good it may be for the country.  Just cause they don't like him. I can hope things will settle down, but they probably won't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


There are many things to think about.  Many decades ago, a man I admired very much came to a Church meeting and gave a talk.  During the talk he told us young boys that the use of foul language was not a good thing and that we should avoid the use of this kind of language. And I had put that man on a pedestal. He didn't ask to be put there. He had no intention of being put there. I put him there in my mind.    
Fast forward a few short years and I had occasion to go to work for this man.  One day I came around a corner and he was in a discussion with his superintendent for the job we were working on, and the language he was using was the same kind of language he had encouraged me and my friends that we should not use.  His pedestal crumbled that day.  A pedestal that he did not even know he was on.  
While I have elevated others to a higher esteem in my eyes over the years, I have been very careful not to elevate them to a pedestal.  It is very discouraging to discover that those we thought were above some things were actually human and just flesh and blood after all.
I write this after reading on face book today the comments of a friend of ours that had put Martin Luther King, Jr. up on a pedestal of sorts.  The to learn that MLK was actually human and subject to the weaknesses of the flesh after all. That he was a womanizer and that he was actually with a women other than his wife the night he was shot and killed.  This is history and something I have been aware of for decades.  My face book friend, however, was floored upon learning this information. So, on that note I want to mention a couple of things.
1. John F. Kennedy was a womanizer also. This was not as well reported as things are now, but that is a fact. That does not negate the many things he did for this country and his service to the country.  MLK was who he was.  this also does not negate what he did for the betterment of people of color and the helping to get them into a more racial equality.  
2. When we look at those who guide us and lead us, we need to look at where they are going and how they intend to get us there. We need to look at their strengths and realize that no matter how strong they seem to be, they can be a pillar of strength without being on a pedestal. 
And while a pillar can rest upon a pedestal, we need to be careful not to put a pillar in a pedestal that they do not want nor expect.  A pillar may stand the test of time, while a pedestal will probably crumble.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I SAID TO MYSELF, I SAID, SELF, IN 2017 BLOG ABOUT SOMETHING PLEASANT:  Stay away from the political scene.  So for much of 2017, I hope to blog about things more pleasant than what is going on in the news or in Washington.  Then I realized, it probably won't happen.  So, I will start this year with this post. A few observations on the goings on with the election outcome.
1. I have never, in all my life, glamorized those who could act. As in Hollywood. I enjoyed going to movies in my younger days, when movies were a time to relax and enjoy for a while.  I will admit that there were some actors that I liked better than others, but I did not idolize or glamorize or swoon over them.  With that perspective, it has been a long time since I have looked at any actor and thought,  I would like to go see a movie that they are in. I am, for the most part, kinda to mostly disgusted with the antics of those in show business, and have been for some time.
2. I did not watch the Golden Globe awards. I had no desire to do so. I also knew that the Today Show would have more than I wanted to see on the following morning.  However, before I even turned on the TV the next morning, I was perusing Facebook and low and behold, there were some posts on the outrageous comments made by Meryl Streep. The Today Show did play those comments, and have continued to do so.  OK   enough already.  Ms. Streep has been praised or condemned for her comments excessively. So here is my comment on that.
3.  I will not refuse to see a movie that she is in just because of her comments or political views. If she is in a movie that I want to see, I will see it for the movie.  I also agree with what she said in her statement.  To recap, she said      Violence begets violence and disrespect begets disrespect. I totally agree with that. I just have to wonder if she realizes that those are the very things that are portrayed in the movies and TV shows and Broadway plays that she and those she associates with are in.  They portray it and it begets it.  
4. Those who are hollering about Trump and his ties to Russia aren't really listening.  When Mr. Obama sent all those Russians home and Putin did nothing, Trump said  Mr. Putin is a smart man. I agree.  Retaliation on his part would have only started a war. A cold war, perhaps, but a war never the less.  Smart move on his part.  
5. Many are saying that the Russians hacked into the American Political system and swayed the election.  My viewpoint;  Not really.  Did they do the hacking that they are accused of? More than likely.  Did Mr. Putin order or direct that? Also, more than likely. But they hacked into the DNC e mails and then released information from those e mails. The Democratic party supposedly knew about that before the election. Even the media admits that.  They chose to do nothing because they thought that Hillary would win in any case.  The Russians did not hack into the voting machine systems and change the votes.  They may have swayed a few votes toward Trump, but not enough to matter. The fact of the matter is, the people wanted change in Washington and they voted for that change.  The people, folks, not the "elite", Not "Hollywood", but the common every day working man and woman. And Hillary failed to recognize that.  Even President Obama admitted that a few days ago in a news statement. 
6.   In a recent local news report, the Senators from the great state of New Mexico have been quoted on the Senate floor trying to get the Obama care law to stay in place. They quote from citizens of the State that say, please save my insurance.  Trump is going to get rid of it.  Did you not hear what he said?  He said, we need to keep the parts that are working and change those parts that are not.  And yes, he did say to repeal it, but not to the point that people are left with nothing.  But to get rid of those parts that don't work and improve on the law.
Well, guess that is enough for now.  Keep the faith, give things a chance and see what transpires over the next few years.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK