Thursday, September 30, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

HO HUM! Here we go again. What do Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Johnny Tapia all have in common. Doing the crime, not the time. Although Paris Hilton was recently not allowed to enter Japan to promote her clothing line, or whatever it is she is promoting. She said, " That's OK, I respect their laws". Uh! If she had respected the laws right here in the U S of A, she wouldn't have been denied entrance into Japan. But then, if she were incarcerated in Japan, would they let her out after serving a few hours of a much longer sentence. And Lohan. She was jailed without bond. But a different Judge set bond at $300,000.00 and she bonded out. I have no problem with her bonding out on the bond set. She can afford it. I have a problem with her being let out constantly after breaking probation and then finally being jailed without bond, just to have someone else give her a bond so she could get out of jail. And Johnny Tapia. Who? you ask. Well, he's a nobody as far as I am concerned. He lives in Albuquerque, N.M. and is a world champion boxer. Ever heard of him? Probably not. But he is constantly being put in prison for Heroin and Cocaine use. Like Hilton and Lohan, he constantly breaks parole and is put back in jail. Then let out if he will behave. But he never does. Or, "I need to get out so I can train for my next fight." And he is let out, only to be found guilty again of using afore mentioned drugs. And put back in jail, only to be let out again, to go search for a missing relative, or whatever current excuse he may come up with. Do I blame these Celebs. Of course. But I blame the Judges more. Seems they could have the backbone to just say, Stay In Jail. I am sure there are many local "celebs" who fit this same MO. How much does it cost the tax payers to fund these people's shenanigans, as opposed to just letting them stay in jail until they have served their time. And how many judges around the country let them out, time after time. Personally, I am not impressed with any of the three mentioned, or any of the others that seem to be swooned over in Hollywood or on the Today show. There are just too many common folk that would be much better company in my uneducated opinion. And I will blog more about that in a future post. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IS THE CRISIS REALLY OVER: I don't think so. I'm starting this blog talking about the recent oil spill in the Gulf. The well has been capped and plugged. No more oil is spilling into the waters of the Gulf. The crisis is over. Uh! no. Not really. Scientists are still finding oil deep within the ocean waters. Tar balls are still washing up on beaches. The shores are still polluted. Fisherman still can't go back to work fishing. I saw one news report from Alaska, where it was shown that just by digging down a foot or so on the beach's there was still oil pooled up there. After all these years. I think the Gulf will suffer for many years to come from this pollution. Not only the waters and the land, but tourists will be slow to return, fishing will be slow to resume, and people will be uncertain if the fish is safe to eat. Won't bother me, as I eat very little fish anyway. But I am just one person, so the economic impact from my non fish eating will be as nothing. Not even a drop to start concentric rings moving across the water. How will it affect BP. I can't even begin to guess, but the impact on those who actually make a living from the gulf and fishing will be devastating.

Now, a little side trip. Did you see the news article about the people of Bell, California becoming upset with the tics that was running that city. They had voted themselves incomes of hundreds of thousands of $'s. And they got caught. Literally. They are now in jail, unless they have bailed themselves out. The people of the city, and the their attorneys, have charged these officials with fraud, and corruption. And they have the proof. So they swept them out of office. Wouldn't it be funny ( read, good for the country ) if that was just the ringing of the starting bell, there in Bell, for the sweeping out of office of all corrupt politicians, going from there up and down the coast, then heading East sweeping out all of the corrupt tics before the broom of justice. Don't forget to make a big sweep right here in New Mexico as the broom goes by. If this was done, clear to the Atlantic ocean, when all these corrupt tics were swept into the ocean, the BP oil spill would be hardly a blip on the radar in comparison to the pollution that would then take place. While that would not be good for the Ocean waters, it would sure nuff be good for the land. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

ARE WE ALREADY THERE. I read a little story the other day and it went something like this. I say something like this, cause I'm gonna paraphrase some of it. "A man was fishing from the boat dock of a small sleepy coastal fishing village in Mexico. A Mexican man came to the dock in his boat with a nice catch of yellow fin tuna. The man admired this catch of fish and ask the Man how long it took him to catch these fish. Not very long, he replied. "Then why didn't you stay out longer and catch more fish?" The Mexican man replied, "Because I have enough to support my families needs. I live a very full life, Senior, he said. I sleep late, I fish a little, take a siesta with my wife, play with my children, go into town in the evening and play guitar with my friends. The man on the dock then said, "I am a Harvard MBA and I could help you. If you would fish longer,you could catch more fish and then you could buy a bigger boat and catch even more fish. What then, senior. They you could buy more boats, catch more fish, sell directly to the cannery, making more money, where by you could buy the cannery or start a cannery of your own. What then, Senior. Well, you would have to leave this village, move to Mexico City, then to Los Angeles or New Your in order to run your financial empire. And how long would all of this take, Senior. About 20 years, the MBA replied. Then what, senior? Well, then you announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and make millions. Millions, Senior. Then what? Then you can retire, move to a small coastal fishing village in Mexico, where you sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, take a siesta with your wife, go into the village in the evening and play your guitar with your friends.
Sometimes it seems we make our lives too complicated. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank

Friday, September 17, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE? Time of the year, that is? Recently I received one of those forwarded messages that gives someones opinion, and ask you to put in your opinion and forward it on. I did so. One of the questions ask was, what is your favorite holiday. I don't really have a favorite, but finally put down July 4Th. I will do a post at a later time about my uneducated opinion on our holidays. At least the more popular ones. For now, well, I got to thinking about that forwarded message and thought, I guess I have a favorite time of the year more than a favorite holiday. And we are coming into it. The fall. Now, I like all seasons. This area where I live advertises that it has 4 gentle seasons. I guess it does. The summer has very few days that get over 100* and the winter has few, if any, days that get down to 0*. We do get some snow, and several freezing nights. The spring is probably the really bad one, as it has weeks and weeks of sustained high winds. But I like the winter, when the land is put to bed and life slows down somewhat. The spring time is a time to reflect on the things that didn't get done last year, and preparation for this year. The summer is usually busy, with long days and lots of time spent in the garden, and traveling a little bit. But the fall, with it's colors, the harvest in, the nights cool enough to sleep with just a sheet, but the windows still open, the morning cool and crisp, no noise except the birds singing ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ in the trees, and the yipping of a distant Coyote, serenading the moon, or whatever it is that Coyotes do. No noise from the neighbors, yet ( like I'm hearing now, blaring music) and just cool weather setting the crisp flavor in the apples that are not yet picked. A few veggies still left to harvest from the garden. Fruit and veggies have been frozen, bottled or pickled. And it is just a good time to set back and relax. I guess that I like fall the best, and that would include Thanksgiving, so maybe I made a mistake on the forward message about my favorite holiday. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE HEARD IT ALL, you realize you haven't. There are head gates, fence gates, Watergate. But have you heard about Cabbagegate? You haven't. Well, even if you have, I'm going to tell you about it. It seems that a man, Steve Miller, in Clarkston, Georgia, has been fined $5,200.00 for growing too many vegetables in his back yard. Yep, you read that correctly. Why did they fine him. Well, his garden is 1 and 1/4 acres. And the area is zoned against urban agriculture. But still, it is his back yard. And it is his garden. He has been raising a garden there for 15 years, giving away veggies to friends and selling some in farmers markets. But last September the Dekalb County Code Enforcement officer cited him for doing this. Cause it is against the law. A zoning law. So he got the zoning changed to allow him to garden. While getting that done, he quit working the land, and allowed it to lie fallow. Then he was fined for hiring workers to clean the weeds from it while it was lying fallow. A landscaper by trade, he said he does not garden as a living, and would have to sell his house if he tried to do so. Many are up in arms about this, and laws are being looked at and changed around the country. Such as backyard beekeeping allowed in New York and backyard chickens in Seattle and New Haven, Conn. Mr. Miller is happy that the people helped him get the zoning laws changed, but he is still having to pay the fines. He has appealed, and the County refused to comment as the case is still pending. Well, We would sure be in trouble if this law applied to us. All though we haven't sold any products, we sure have given a lot away. If we were to be fined, we may be calling on those who received the fruit and veggies, for assistance. :-) And that's The View From The Ditch Bank

Monday, September 13, 2010

View From The Ditch B ank

LOCAL TICS, AND A FEW OTHER THINGS: Just a short note about the Koran/Mosque item. I have stated in a past post that I don't think it would be a good idea for the Mosque to be built near ground zero. Whatever happens in that situation is yet to be determined. I am glad, however, that the Preacher in the South decided not to burn the Muslim Holy Book. If the media had not jumped all over that issue, I think it would have died a natural death anyway. Now, Donald Trump has offered to buy the building where the Mosque will be built. At a prophet, uh profit, to the Muslim's who own it. Sounds like a win win situation for every one. Well, except maybe Mr. Trump.
Now for the local political scene. Slick Bill just returned from a trip to Cuba, and is now in Spain. Why Spain??? Well, he says it is to help people in New Mexico find jobs. And help the State economically. Oh! Well then, if that is what he is doing, then good for him. Unfortunately it is not why he is there. So why is he there. Cause he can and cause he is Bill Richardson, and cause he likes the national and international limelight. That's why. It would help the New Mexico economics if he would stay home and govern.
Now, to the ladies who would replace him. They have finally agreed on something. They both want something better for New Mexico. They disagree on how to bring this about. They both agree on the fact that they want to fund education, they disagree on just how to do this. What they don't say is that whatever they want to do, they have to convince the legislature to pass the necessary bills to bring that about. I assume they know that, they just don't say that. According to the polls, ( who can really believe a poll of 1000 people or less, when there are 1000's of voters ) Republican Susana Martinez is several points ahead of Diane Denish. Now, the past legislature abolished the death penalty in New Mexico. Mrs. Denish wants to keep it that way. Mrs. Martinez wants to return it back to the State Judicial system. According to the polls ( see above statement) the majority of the people in the State want the death penalty back. Including me. The Richardson administration, which includes Mrs. Denish, has given around 50,000 illegal immigrants drivers licences. While Mrs. Denish wants to rework the law, she thinks giving these licenses is OK. Mrs. Martinez wants to abolish the law, and repeal the licenses that have already been issued. One of her ads states that once these illegal people get a license, they then are able to drive any where in the states, with documentation. Maybe she has something there that we need to think about. In a serious manner. One last thing. The legislature, under Slick Bill's governance, passed a law to make medical marijuana legal. It is still against Federal law. Mrs. Denish supports that law. Mrs. Martinez does not. I am against the law. A point of view, from a Doctor friend of mine, who happens to belong to the same faith I do, has stated that Marijuana is similar to booze, and we have legal booze, so we can legalize marijuana, and collect the taxes from it, just like the state does from alcohol. A point to think about. But perhaps the Federal Government needs to do the same. time will tell. Wait and see. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL---Not quite two years ago, Barack Obama was elected President of this great nation. Along with him there were several democrats elected to congressional positions. Now, two years later, the complete house of Representatives and a number of Senators are running for office, again. And the President is leaving the office that was given to him when he was elected to office, and going on the campaign trail, stumping for Democrats in states where they may be in a position of losing. To a Republican. And if enough of them lose, then the Republicans will regain CONTROL of the house and or Senate. If the Democrats can win, then they retain CONTROL. In all the speeches I hear, it is all about control. Very little is said about what they can do for the American people. Except in passing, when talking about health care, or jobs, or the economy. But mostly, though, it is about retaining or regaining control. And I don't care if it is the Democrats, or the Republicans, or the Tory's or the Whigs, the Tea Party or the Coffee Clatch, it is all about control. Oh, their speeches may differ in content, and passion, and accusations, and their lies may be different, but still it is all about control. Mr. Obama was elected on the campaign of change. Well, look at the changes he, and they, have made, listen to the changes he and they say is yet to come, decide if it will happen and then make an intelligent decision and vote accordingly in 8 weeks, And That Is The View From The Ditch Bank.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

View From The Ditch bank

ARE THEY SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE--I'm talking about commercials on TV. You know the ones. Oh! you don't. Well, I'll mention a couple or so. First, there is Discount Tire. You surely know this one. If ever you don't like our tires, just bring them back. And a woman, ( I assume it is a woman ) throws a tire through their window. And they say " Thank You." Now, I assume that Discount Tire is advertising their tires and wanting you to buy them, and if you are dissatisfied, they will take them back. I assume that they are saying that you will not be dissatisfied. But the ad indicates that someone was dissatisfied, and, to me, maybe I don't want a Discount tire. I may not like them. Does any one else have that kind of a reaction to this commercial? No! Just me then. And have you seen the ad by Sonic, advertising their FOOT LONG CONEY HOT DOGS? The kids in the ad show that they are listening, but McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King say nothing. So, Sonic has them, others don't. Uh! Well, maybe the others don't cause they aren't healthy. If it is so heavy they have to deliver it to me with a crane, I don't want one any way. I'll just go get my heart attack at Wendy's, thank you very much. Just another weird way to look at a commercial. Oh! and one last thing. I won't mention a particular medicine, cause they are legion, but take your pick: This medicine will help you with_________ you fill in the blank for the medicine of your choice. Not advised if you are pregnant, have a kidney condition, a liver condition, ( I wonder why they don't say it's expensive, so don't take it if you have a financial condition) and on and on. My cause sleepless nights, ( wondering how you are going to pay for it?) may cause you to get drowsy, ( OK, so am I gonna be sleepy or wide awake?) cause head aches or back aches. I get a headache with too little sleep, and I can get a backache with hard physical labor. I don't need a medicine, that they can't tell me what it's gonna do any way, to help with that. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how this medicine will affect you. Some times I think it would just be better to be sick. Instead of taking the medicine and be sicker. Oh well, That's The View From The Ditch Bank