Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A PERSON JUST HAS TO WONDER. A black man commits a crime and is arrested and dies in police custody. Or a black man commits a crime and is shot while evading police, or well, you watch the news. And the news reports that the protesters are tired of black people being treated this way by law enforcement and just want justice. 
WHY DON'T THE NEWS FOCUS ON THE CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED. And these people in Baltimore are not protesters. They are looters using an excuse to loot, burn and pillage. Every one of them should be locked up and brought to trial to answer for the crimes they committed in the name of justice.
I don't care if it is in California or Washington, Florida or Maine or any point in between. When someone commits a crime and the police respond, and the criminal gets hurt while the officers are trying to do their duty, that does not give a large portion of the people of the same nationality the right to destroy property, attack police and cause hate and discontent among the citizens.
And I just can't understand why the news media refuses to focus on the initial crime that was committed and on the crime being done in the name of justice.  If, in my uneducated opinion, cameras and reporters would focus on the crime, and condemn those committing it, maybe some, and I repeat some, would not be so quick to riot. And just maybe the leaders, in this case, of the Black community, would acknowledge that the people being hurt or killed in police custody are criminals and not pillars of the community.
Maybe, at times, the police use excessive force. And maybe they could handle things differently. But then, if they did, they would have to get rid of hind sight.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


A NEW DISEASE: Well, not really new, just a new name.  It is called, for the purposes of this post, Accelerated Gender Entitlement.  You only catch it if you happen to be suffering from Often Later Development.  It seems the Doctors of late, are using this on a number of people. It also seems that my wife and I both have this disease.  While the title of this disease has the names I have given it, it goes by the acronym of OLD AGE.  Yep, we suffer from it.  Seems a shame that we have this disease and we don't really feel that it should apply to youngsters like us.  But this is what brought it on.
My wife went to the Dr. for an unrelated problem, and he just said, you need an endoscopy. Why? Well, to check things out, because at your age you just need this test. So, off we went to a
Dr. who does these kinda tests in a neighboring city, (120 miles away) and she met with that dr. and he said, "At Your age, you need to move to a larger city where there are more Doctors and hospitals to take care of you."  Arrangements were made and we returned a few days later so he could do the actual test. Which he did.
Now, I went to my PCP for a follow up on the anemia problem he said I had, and the blood tests said that all was well.  Well, except that I seem to have anemia.  So, "Since at your age you have never had an Endoscopy, you need to have one." Why, I ask. Cause you have never had one and at your age you need to have one and see if there is something causing the problem in your stomach.  I didn't say so to him, ( he probably weighs 130 pounds soaking wet ) but the only problem with my stomach is it needs to shrink. I'm working on that. But, the appointment was made and in a few weeks off we will go to the neighboring city to let the Dr. there have a look at the inside of me.  And, like my wife, he will probably tell me I am suffering from Accelerated Gender Entitlement brought on by Often Later Development. 
Hey, we should be happy for that. Not every one gets to actually suffer from this disease.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


JUST A FEW THOUGHTS: on the upcoming presidential race.  Here is my opinion. You may voice yours in the comment section if you like. 
Hillary has announced that she is running for president of the United States. The surprise would be if she did not run. She wants to be the first woman president. So, I will comment on that along with a few other things.
1. Richard Nixon deleted a few minutes of a tape recorded message and wound up having to resign the presidency.  Hilary deleted hundreds of e mail messages and it seems to be OK.  Brian Williams lied and said he had been under fire in Afghanistan, or Iraq and he is suspended from his job for 6 months and may not come back at all.  Hilary also lied and said she had been under fire in Iraq and she is running for president. It has pretty much been established that she lied about Benghazi and then when caught she said  What difference does it make.  So, would you vote for her?  I will not and I hope no one else does either.  I also know that is more than I can expect.
So, who would you vote for. A few comments and opinions. Hilary says it is time for a woman president. I say it is time for a sensible president, either male or female. Republican or Democrat. Don't vote for Hilary just because she is a woman. I don't think we need another Clinton in the white house. We have had enough of them. For the same reason I will not vote for Jeb Bush. We don't need another Bush in the white house.  And while I may vote for Marco Rubio, it would be because I feel he is the best candidate, not because I feel it is time for a Hispanic in the white house.  I think Sarah Palin would make a good President. However, I would not vote for her because I think her presidency would be so controversial that even less would get done than is getting done now. 
So when all is said and done and it comes time to vote, vote for the one that will actually work for the people and get something done. Not because they are a woman, or a Hispanic, or what ever gimmick the candidate come up with. Remember, they will never be able to keep the promises they make, even if they want to, which most don't.  And never forget all that Hilary has done and lied about.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Sunday, April 5, 2015


AKA, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PIN CUSHION:   Did that post title grab your attention?
Those is a continuation of some of my more recent posts. Those few of you that actually peruse these ramblings know what I am talking about, and those of you that haven't read the past posts probably aren't reading this one either.  However, for those few of you that have read, you are aware that I have had a few medical situations in the last few months. And every time I had a new appointment, someone wanted to stick a needle in my are to watch it bleed. A test tube here and a test tube or three there and then just for good measure, a tube count of 10 a time or two. I recently had regular lab work done and 5 tubes were drawn, and the next week three more and then I went to my local PCP and he had the  nurse draw 2 and then he decided he needed 1 more so another draw was ordered. His determination. I am a little anemic. Shucks, I'm surprised I have any blood left at all. Then before I left for a semi annual checkup in the city to the north, it was determined that they needed more blood tests done, so three more tubes were drawn.  I think I will go to a plastic surgeon, or who ever may do that kind of thing and have them put a faucet in my arm, then when they need blood, I can just turn it on and let them catch what ever comes out. If any does.
The specialty Dr. said also, that I showed a slight tendency toward anemia. He, however, seemed to think it was a lack of iron in my blood, and suggested that I find a railroad rail and lick it from time to time to overcome this problem. He didn't seem to think that chewing on a rail was needed, just a lick from time to time should do it. Since I don't live really close to a railroad, maybe I can go to the local hardware store and find an iron bar to take home for this purpose.  I wonder if it will taste better with salt, butter and pepper, or just straight.  Guess I will have to experiment. Maybe I can invent a special iron bar to be sold in the candy aisle at Wal Mart just for those who have iron tired blood.  Wonder how much royalty a person could get from a product like that?