Friday, February 20, 2015


THAT IS AFFECTED, NOT INFECTED. In this time of flu and measles and other things floating around, I just wanted to get that straight. I often reflect on the affect others have on our lives. I rarely speak about it and never write about it, but it is there in the back of my mind, never the less. So, for this post, I decided I would write a few scattered and random thoughts about this subject. There will be few written, but if I wrote all that can be said, this post would not hold all those thoughts. Mine or yours, as I am sure that any of you that may actually read this post will have thoughts along this line of your own. Some will match mine, some will match thoughts I didn't write and some will be things I didn't think of. Having said all that, lets see what comes our of the pen, key board.
The first people who have any influence on us will be our parents. I would say that for the first two decades of life or so, they are probably the most influential people we will know. Any siblings we may have will also influence us. I can only assume that said influence will depend on just where you fall in the line of children. First, middle or last. Cousins will play their part, for good or ill, as will school class mates. When you reach my age, which is old, you will look back and remember some of these class mates and others you won't even remember having. Depending on the particular classmate, that influence will be fleeting or deep and everlasting. Then you will meet someone and fall in love. At least most of us will. And that person will probably have the most influence of any one on how our lives shape up for the coming decades. Children will give you a new perspective. And each child will be different. Too bad they don't come with instructions. A thing that parents have wondered about since the Garden.
And then there will be employees/employers/co workers. As I look back on the 50 plus years of my working life, I realize there are very few of those that I even remember. Some, I kinda remember working with, but don't remember their names. Most had no influence on me in any way. Some, will pass through your life and the contact will be but a fleeting moment, but you will remember them even years later down the road of life. Some of these in my case have been medical workers. People who didn't remember me minutes after I left their sphere but who I remember even years later and the kindness, for the most part, they expressed to me and the care they gave. And some do remember me and show it when I arrive in their bailiwick from time to time. And that makes a person feel good to know that while they had some influence in my life, I may have just had a little influence in theirs as well.
Well, I guess I have rambled enough and hopefully left any who reads this not very confused. I will close this missive by saying that the most influential person  in my life has been my wife and has been for the past 54 years. I look forward to time immemorial of that continuing.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, February 9, 2015


I HAVEN'T RANTED ABOUT THE TICS FOR A WHILE. So now I will post a little thing about those who are elected to govern us, their subjects. 
The legislature or the State of New Mexico is in session. A 60 day session, of which 15 or so days of those are already behind them. Today, in committee, a bill was tabled for further debate or to come to a vote later or just to die a natural death. Time will tell which of these happens. My issue, however, is why was this particular bill even written and brought up to take precious time. Well, our elected officials waste a lot of time, so why not on this, I guess.  Maybe, after this, I need to be a little more specific on what I am ranting about.  
There is a concern about students who have a truancy problem. So, according to the legislative committee or legislator, who brought this up, a solution was proposed. Take away their drivers licenses.  I believe in education. Just ask my children. But, these students have a legal license and there is no law or rule that says any one has to be enrolled in school in order to have a drivers license. And I feel that the truancy problem needs to be addressed. But, take away their licenses? I think not. But give them to people who are here in the State and Country illegally. Yep, hand them out like candy. Even though our current governor wants to repeal that law, so far the legislature says nope. Let them get licenses. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND. 
Just a couple of other items. A short mention.
Back East a city, Boston, I think, has decided to fine individuals that don't shovel their walkway. Yep, I may have a heart attack from the cold and exertion, but as long as the sidewalk is clear, I am OK.
And even though NBC won't talk about it on the air, Brian Williams is away from his evening news cast because he lied about being in a helicopter under fire during the recent war. This supposedly happened a few years ago and he has repeated that story several times. Now, the truth is out and he may be also.  Didn't Hillary Clinton get caught in a similar lie some months back? Wonder if this will be mentioned if she officially announces a run for the presidents office of the United States.  Again, time will tell.