Wednesday, May 28, 2014



1. Michele Obama's school lunch program. This may surprise some of you, but I agree with her that we need better lunches in the schools. More healthy and nutritious. However, lately, there are schools that are opting out of the program and Mrs. Obama is putting the blame on House Republicans. All the news reports I have seen indicate that the students just don't like the lunches and wind up throwing them in the garbage, or just eating somewhere off campus. So what do the House Republicans have to do with this?  I don't know, unless they are trying to revamp the program to fit what may be working.  So, why is her program not working? Without actually going to a school and eating one of the lunches, I really don't know.  Have the school age students been raised on a diet of Pizza and other junk food, so they just don't like healthy?  Or is there something inherently wrong with what is being prepared in school cafeterias?  Again, I don't know, but instead if making this a political item, perhaps Mrs. Obama needs to check on just what the problem is.

2. HGTV SMART HOME. Every year, HGTV builds a home somewhere and someone wins it.  This year they are building a home in Nashville, Tennessee.  A smart home. It has so many electronic gizmos in it that I can only try to imagine the maintainence budget.  It has so much stuff  and it is mostly controlled with a computer program.  Just the touch of a button and you control the music, the TV, the window blinds and many other features that I won't even attemp to mention all of them.  The host stated that whoever wins the house will be "living large" and once you see all this you will "wonder how you ever got along without it". UH! no I won't. I can't even imagine living in that kind of a home.  I feel I would be a slave to the home. And I just DON'T need a TV in the shower.  I just DON'T.  Or much of any where else in the house, for that matter.

3. I ASSUME YOU SAW THE WEDDING OF KIM AND WHOEVER HE IS. No. Then you haven't been watching any TV. I watch very little and even I saw that on the news.  The Wedding everyone is talking about.  Well, no, I am not talking about it, well, except in this blog, and I do have some friends that I have talked to and none of them have even mentioned it. So, no, every one is not talking about it. Most don't even really care.  Really.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


WHAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF PROGRESS? IS IT REGRESS?  I'll have to admit I don't really know, but if it is, then that makes it regression.  And if regression is the correct term, then this is what the town where I live is. Regressive.  And I will enumerate why.  My wife and I, my wife more so than me, have been coming to this town since the 1950's. After we had been married for a few years, we moved to this town for work.  Why exactly, is another story to be told in another time. Maybe. But I digress.  Man, progress, regress, digress.  Makes a person wonder if gress gets a little tired of being put to use. Oh well, on to the purpose of this post.
When we were in our teens and coming to town with parents, there were a lot of services available.  J.C. Pennys, Sears, Montgomery Ward all had stores here. There were 4 jewelry stores, several department stores and numerous restaurants. The go in and sit down and eat a meal kind of restaurants.  There were also some other kind of businesses that will be unmentioned.  And a lot of saloons and bars.  There was regional bus service, train service and Frontier Airlines flew 4 flights a day here. During that time a teachers college transitioned to a University. Several grocery stores and a grocery warehouse. And several stores gave out savings stamps. S & H Green stamps was the popular one, but not the only one. Now lets see what is going on. And maybe a few ideas as to why.
During the 1950's the town wanted a good road out of town and a road was surveyed. A road that went close to the airport and on southeast toward other towns and on to El Paso Texas.  Three or four little towns in the area complained about this road, as it would bypass them, and they made an agreement with the town of Silver to build this better highway through their towns, and if they would, they would help the town of Silver get the better road to the airport. Thus a 4 lane divided highway was built through the complaining towns and the better road to the airport was forgotten. When my wife and I moved to Silver in the mid 1960's the survey stakes were still visible north of the airport. I mention this for a reason to be understood later. I hope.
Now, we have a Super Wal-Mart and two other grocery stores.  Most of the bars and saloons have closed down, including the iconic Buffalo.  The bus service has been gone for decades. Also the train, except for an occasional freight train to service the mining companies in the areas. Frontier Airlines is gone, to be replaced by a small regional airline that flies into the county airport once or twice a day, some days, and even then they have been known to cancel the flight for reasons known only to them.  The town officials, ( almost said fathers, but that would be incorrect ) have touted the need of bringing business into the area. Businesses have tried, only to be run off by other business owners. Example, a man brought a Bike Helmet business to the town, but other business owners in the area complained about the "odor" and harrassed the man so much that he closed his business and moved it somewhere else. The county created a business park near the airport and an individual brought a business there, making rims.  He too, was harrased by the local politicians until he finally moved out of the county. The Forest service has an installation at the airport where they store fire fighting tools and have a facility to load and service aircraft dropping slurry on forest fires and the facility has been heavily used for many years.  Even decades.
Now for a few comments. New Mexico has a high rate of drunk drivers and drunken other events. Even though a lot of the bars and saloons have closed down, all the grocery stores and pharmacies sell package liquor. Every event that comes to town asks for and recieves a permit to serve booze, even as the powers that issue said permits complain about the high incidence of drunken events.  The department stores have closed down.  In their place are coffee shops, and fast food places. Very few sit down and eat restaurants.  And all of them serve booze. Now, a new CVS pharmacy is going in on the main highway through town, and they have purchased the liquor license from the afore mentioned Buffalo.  The 1950's surveyed highway would take about 10 minutes to get to the airport and on toward towns where there is somewhere to shop. A few months ago a grandson who is in the Navy had permissionn to fly a training mission to the County Airport, then got cancelled because there is no longer fueling service at the airport.  At this writing there is a large forest fire burning north of town, and it has planes dropping slurry on it.  From the airport? Nope, they come from a town in Arizona, because they are not able to fuel at the local airport.
So, businesses closing down. Public transportation mostly gone, alcohol and drugs on the rise, and every time we turn around there is something else going on that makes a person wonder just what those who are in public office are doing.  I think these individuals, ( can we call them city and county fathers and mothers ) or the powers that be, need to take a long look at what is really going on and try to turn the tide of regression back to a position of progression. Maybe then we can start on the State and then the region and then the nation.  And that is where it starts.  With local people, at the bottom, working up, not the top working down.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, May 5, 2014


DO THEY STILL DO THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL?   My youngest is 33 years old and lives in another country. My oldest is scaring the heck out of 53 years old, and there are a few in between these two. And my wife and I are in our 80th decade of life and I, for one, have no clue what they do in high school any more.  But this is something that happened when we were in high school.  We had a high school year book.  Since the population of the school was very small, most oif the students were on the year book staff, in some capacity. Along with the class pictures and photos of the sports events and other events, at the end of the book, or maybe at the end of the senior class photo section, there was a class will and a class history.  The class history was not one of what had happened, but the predictions of what was going to happen in the following 20 years or so. This was usually told from the perspective of the "historian" updating the class at the 20 year class reunion.  Of course all were rich or famous, or rich and famous. And the town had usually grown a lot and was a major hub of industry, with many of the class members having taken part in this growth.  Of course, it was all fantasy and had nothing to do with the reality of the class members.  For the most part, any way.
The class will was usually along the same lines, with someone who was tall willing their height to someone who was short, or someone who was athletic williing that ability to someone who wasn't, etc. I dug out the old year books some time back and chuckled at what was written there in the volumes for my wife and myself. And I wondered, as I stated at the beginning of this post, Do they do this in high school any more.  Or was this a fantasy thing that took place in a more happy and peaceful time.  If they don't do this, And I have no clue if they do ro not, then  think it would be a good thing to do.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK