Monday, September 7, 2015


ANY ONE, OR MAYBE THE ONLY ONE, WHO READS MY BLOG, is aware that I have made no bones about my dislike for President Obama. What I may not have mentioned is that I didn't like Vice President Al Gore either. And I like him even less as time goes by.  He has carried on and on about global warming and ice caps melting and Polar Bears dying and well, you get the picture.  According to him, the Polar Bears in Alaska should all be gone by now.  Well, let's get back to the point of this blog.
President Obama recently made a three day trip to Alaska.  Each stop was staged by staff members working ahead of the president's travel.  Each photo op was planned. Except maybe the whale, but who knows how long they waited for one to surface. And much was made about his renaming of Mt. McKinley.  Well, it used to be called Denali decades back, so he didn't really rename it, he just changed it back to what it was.  Have we seen the end of that. Probably not.
But, back to the ice and the bears.  Even though Al Gore and his like and those belonging to environmental groups like the Center for Biological Diversity keep spouting the end of the polar ice and the polar bear, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary. 
During a speech while in Alaska, the President said that by the end of this century, the global warming would have warmed up 6 to 12 degrees. And the ice would continue to melt. Then he also said that he was asking Congress for money to buy more ice breakers for Alaska. If the ice is melting, why do they need more ice breaking ships? 
And even though the environmentalists keep carrying on about the demise of Polar Bears, the Pres. did not even mention them and none were seen. Except for the possible fake one that the CBD brings along to remind the President about their agenda.  There was no evidence that the Pres. even got to see the fake one, and he did not travel to the areas where the Polar Bears live. probably because they don't want to mention that scientists have proven that the numbers of bears are increasing.  
Now, the CBD brings their fake bear along on these junkets to remind the Pres of their agenda, which is  1. Rescind proposals to drill for oil in the arctic.   2. Halt all new fossil fuel exploration on public lands. 3. Cut greenhouse pollution from airplanes.  4. Reject the Keystone Pipeline once and for all.  This is just a partial agenda of this group and their fake bear.  
And the news goes along with all of this, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary.
One has to wonder just what the world would be like if Gore and POTUS and the environmental groups would actually use real and true facts and not make up things to support their beliefs.  I think things would be a lot better, if they would just try to get along with what is really going on and both sides of the issue would study and then act on the best environmental route to take, not spout mistruths  to lead the public astray.

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