Monday, May 16, 2016


NO, I'M NOT SEEING RED.  ALTHOUGH I COULD, IF I LET MYSELF.  I started out this year to post my opinions of the various Presidential candidates, most of whom I don't really like or care for.  But as the season has progressed and the candidates began dropping like flies, I decided to just let them fare for themselves. Which they would do any way, without me. And since there are so few people who actually take the time to read this post any way, I just felt that for my own good, I would not comment any more on the presidential race.  Well, mostly not any way.  Who knows what the future may hold.
So, for my peace of mind and my stress level, I will just stay with more pleasant subjects.  I and my wife decided that we would be more kind in the future. I am sure she will follow through. I will try. 
One thing that helped with this decision was my trip to the vampire (AKA Lab) office this morning. There was a lady there that complained about everything. She didn't like that the technician that is usually there to draw her blood was not there. She didn't like a former technician who was "horrible"  ( I liked her, BTW,the former tech)  She complained about most every thing and did it vocally.  I have never did that in the lab, and I am a hard draw, but I just sit a take whatever, and well, enough said about that.   So, future posts, such as they may be, I will try to be nicer to the tics and others that I interact with. Maybe if I do that, others will also and who knows, just one nice and kind act on my part may change someone's attitude for the better and it may even domino.

Friday, May 6, 2016


EARLY ON, IN THIS ELECTION YEAR, I started voicing my opinion of the various candidates running for President of the U.S.  I have voiced my opinion of Bernie and Hillary, neither good.  I have voiced opinions of some of the Republican candidates, but they started dropping out so fast i gave up on that.  Now, we are left with Trump and probably Hillary.  Neither if which I like.  As the saying goes, when you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil.  So, which evil would be the best for the country. As my wife and I were talking the other day, there will other candidates on the ballot for president. The problem is, no one much has heard of them and the race will be between Trump and probably Hillary.  So, I will probably voter for Trump.  I think he is not a good person. He is a profane bully.  But, he is a business man and will try to pass laws that will favor businesses in America and keep a lot of them from going out of the country. He will protect the 2nd amendment, which Hillary has said she will not.  He will be for a stronger military. He will not have a good relationship with the media, I think, and he will step on a lot of toes. And mostly he won't care.  He will probably have the opportunity to chose some new Supreme Court justices and they will be better suited to what the country needs.  So, yes, even though I don't like Trump, I think he will be better than Hillary.
On another note, there have been three amber alerts this week. OK, there probably has been more than three, but three that I am aware of.  The first one was earlier this week when a 11 year old Navajo girl was abducted as she walked home from the bus stop after school.  Her body was found south of The Shiprock, physically abused and then murdered.  Her younger brother, abducted at the same time, was let go and he identified the killer, who is now in custody.   The second one was a 4 year old boy who was abducted from school by his non custodial mother.  He was found later in the day at a motel in Albuquerque and is now back with his father and his mother is now in custody.  The third one is a brother and sister abducted in Utah by their non custodial parents. They were located in a motel in Gallup New Mexico and are OK.  
The purpose of this post is this, will the new president and any new congress members seek to change laws that will be favorable to families and what is needed to strengthen the family, or will they continue to erode the laws that allows this kind of behavior to continue.  Yes, there have always been predators. yes, there will always be, until the millennium,  but it seems to me that the powers that be are only fostering these things by the laws they pass, and the  way they cater to a minority, who seem to squeak until they are heard, far above the voice of reason.    So, pay attention who you vote for, not just for president, but for all national as well as local candidates.