Monday, August 22, 2016


I ASSUME BY NOW, most everyone has made up their mind on who to vote for this November. Therefore any thing I say will have little to no effect on any one, so what ever I say is just an opinion.  Well, I guess all of my blog posts are my opinion and rarely agreed with by any one. So be it.  I'll take a break from bashing the tics and go on another tangent.  Here goes.

Recently there appeared on facebook an article from somewhere about what it takes to turn a boy into a man. I am paraphrasing here, and will continue to do so when I say what was in the article, mainly because I only remember the tone of the article.  The author of the article said that in order for a boy to become a man he had to know how to fish and hunt and fix a car, maybe even rebuild a car, how to work and drive a truck and equipment and well, you get the picture.  Do I agree with this article?  Only in some respects.  A boy does need to know how to work. he needs to be taught a work ethic. He needs to be taught that he needs to have an occupation to support himself and his family. If he is interested in fishing, then he needs to learn how to fish. If he is interested in hunting, then he needs to learn how to shoot a firearm safely as well as perhaps a bow and arrow. Depends on the type of hunting he wants to do. If he wants to fix or build cars, learn how to weld or any of the other "trades" then he should do so.   BUT      he does not need to know how to fish or hunt or build a car or drive a truck or operate equipment.  A basic working knowledge of an automobile for maintenance purposes would be helpful, but is not required knowledge to become a man.  The main thing here is that he know how to work at something.

I watch house fixer upper programs on TV.  All too often the "Man" of the house needs a MAN CAVE.  What the heck is a man cave, and what is it's purpose.  Do these Men really need a cave to feel like a man?  The concept baffles me.  What is wrong with a FAMILY CAVE, if you really need a cave. Be a real man and spend time with your family, in a family space. Yes, there is a time and a place for friends, Buddies, if you like, but you house should be a space for your family. Friends can be and should be welcomed there, but not into a "cave" that is the exclusive use of the Man of the family.  be a real man and spend time where it belongs and teach you son to be a moral and responsible man.  And if he wants to hunt and fish and whatever, then OK, but that is not the important thing to his being a man.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


BUT SINCE IT PROBABLY WON'T BE, I'LL TRY TO HOLD IT DOWN.  I want to comment on a few more things political, from the point of view of an uneducated person. So here are a few more observations.

1. Hillary said she was in favor of religious freedom.  Well, that is not really a lie, exactly, but her version of religious freedom means something different than mine. Hew view is that if a religion has a certain belief and someone else believes differently, the the first one has to accommodate the individual or group that believes differently. I say no, I should have the freedom to believe what I want and the other individual or group can believe what they want, and neither one should have to cater to the other one.

2. I have said that I don't particularly like Trump.  I will vote for him, however. And here is why. I see in the news reports that several influential Republicans are against him and trying to get someone else to take his place.  All this will do is help Hillary to win.  Here's my opinion of what is going on.  Trump is not part of the good old boy group. He is a lone wolf. he is a business man who has made his millions + and he is not owned by any of the people that are in office. And they are afraid that he will get elected and upset their little money making apple cart. You know the one. The one that is operated on the backs of taxpayers.  So, they will do whatever they can to defeat Trump.  I think the people of the country are smarter than that.  Well, us older ones are any way.

3. I have stated in the past and in my profile that I am a member of the LDS (AKA Mormon) Church.  The pollsters have commented that Trump has upset the Mormons of Utah and so they will vote for Hillary, even though Utah is primarily a republican State.  Little do they know that there are a lot of Mormons outside of Utah and not all of them are as upset at Trump as they are with Hillary. 

4. Trump wants to eliminate the death tax. Hillary says it won't help any one but Trump. Well, it will help the Clinton's also.  And while it won't effect me, it will effect may rural people. Farmers and ranchers that are lucky enough to still be in business will be effected. While they don't have a lot of cash, they do have a lot of funds invested in land and equipment, and the death tax can, and does, devastate many families, and farms and ranches, as well as other family owned businesses are and will be devastated with the death tax.  land and funds that have been taxed at least once already and now the government wants to tax it again just because you die.  Yes, I am with Trump on that one.

5. Environmental regulations. Trump wants to change them. Hillary wants to strengthen them. They have already shut down many operations. The environmental groups just don't realize that livestock actually is good for the land. Over grazing, no, but good conservation efforts are good.  And they have had the Forest service shut down logging, so now instead of having good forests, we have millions of acres of timber going up in smoke every year. And it is not the fault of global warming.  That one lies squarely on the backs of environmental groups.

6.  Last, for now.  There is WOTUS.  Never heard of it?  Look it up. This is the government trying to take over every drop of water that we use. Every lake, every river and stream, every irrigation ditch and every puddle of water that we may even think of using. And this will also harm the folks living in rural areas.

Again, I don't think we will be in good shape no matter who gets elected, but with Hillary it will definitely be worse that Trump.  Maybe they both have lied to the public, but Hillary is worse. AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, August 8, 2016


ACTUALLY HAVE MORE THAN ONE; but this one is about the FLAG.  If you really want to know about Flag etiquette, you can google it, or Bing it or whatever you use.  However, I am going to mention a couple of things that bugs me.    
1.  For the last several years, the flag has been more and more disrespected by the masses.  Men don't remove their hats or caps when the flag passes by in a parade. This should be done and your right hand placed over your heart.  Just do it and show it the respect it deserves.
2. The flag should never touch the ground. Yet, many protesters walk on it, burn it or other wise desecrate it and they are allowed to do so in the name of freedom of expression or some such thing.  No, the flag code says this is not to be done. Period.......
3. flying the flag.  There are several rules on how and when to fly the flag.  When on a float in a parade it should always be on a staff. Always.  If on a vehicle, pickup, car, boat, whatever, it should be firmly attached to the chassis or on the right front fender. It should never be placed over the vehicle.  I don't care if you are a patriotic cowboy or someone else, this is the way a flag should be flown and any one who does other wise, should be told what to do and if they persist, then they need to be arrested.
4. There are a lot of other codes that pertain to flying the flag, at night, in inclement weather, etc. If you want to fly or display the flag, read the code and then do so in an appropriate manner.  And show respect when it passes by in a parade or other official function.