Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A PERSON JUST HAS TO WONDER. A black man commits a crime and is arrested and dies in police custody. Or a black man commits a crime and is shot while evading police, or well, you watch the news. And the news reports that the protesters are tired of black people being treated this way by law enforcement and just want justice. 
WHY DON'T THE NEWS FOCUS ON THE CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED. And these people in Baltimore are not protesters. They are looters using an excuse to loot, burn and pillage. Every one of them should be locked up and brought to trial to answer for the crimes they committed in the name of justice.
I don't care if it is in California or Washington, Florida or Maine or any point in between. When someone commits a crime and the police respond, and the criminal gets hurt while the officers are trying to do their duty, that does not give a large portion of the people of the same nationality the right to destroy property, attack police and cause hate and discontent among the citizens.
And I just can't understand why the news media refuses to focus on the initial crime that was committed and on the crime being done in the name of justice.  If, in my uneducated opinion, cameras and reporters would focus on the crime, and condemn those committing it, maybe some, and I repeat some, would not be so quick to riot. And just maybe the leaders, in this case, of the Black community, would acknowledge that the people being hurt or killed in police custody are criminals and not pillars of the community.
Maybe, at times, the police use excessive force. And maybe they could handle things differently. But then, if they did, they would have to get rid of hind sight.

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  1. We agree on 'bout everything...How come there's so few rational people out there?
    I aint a bible reader but it sure seems like the
    end"days is coming. This can't go on much longer.


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