Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I HAVEN'T POSTED FOR A WHILE ON POLITICS:  So here goes a short couple of opinions.
The first one I will mention is the recent supreme court decision on same sex marriage.  Now, I do not support this decision. I believe marriage is to be between a man and a woman. Or a woman and a man, if you prefer.  Having said that, the purpose of this post is not to decry this ruling, but to decry the fallout of it.  While those who fir this scene wanted equality, they now want everyone to do as they want.  IE. If they want a wedding photographer and the one they ask refuses for whatever purpose, even though there are several photographers who are willing to provide this service, the one that refused will be, ( not can be, but will be ) taken to court and sued for the refusal. The same thing applies to bakers or any one else who refuses to provide a service.  Yet, these people want an end to discrimination, but will discriminate others to force them/us to go their way.  If a man wants to marry a man and a woman wants to marry a woman and the law of the land says they can, then by all means do so. But, do not force others to agree with everything you are doing.  You/they can go about the business of marriage and all that the law allows with resorting to this kind of behavior.  OK  nuff said.

2.  Just this year President Obama has established relations with Cuba.  There are many, in and out of politics, who are against this policy as well as others who are for it.  As I have said in the past and is listed in my profile, I am a member of the LDS Church and one of the scriptures we quote is that the gospel will be taken to all nations, kindred's and people.  well, Cuba fits that profile and I am of the belief that this move was instigated by a Father In Heaven who now wants the gospel to go to Cuba, and this move opens that door.


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