Tuesday, June 16, 2015


WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HISTORY?  Scratching your head yet as to why I am asking that question?  Well, lets look at what is going on. 
Ever since the advent of smart alec phones and other electronic media items, like I pods and I pads , and nooks and cranny's, the current crop of people spend the bulk of their time looking down.  At their hands. Well, not really at their hands, but at what is in their hands. Like the above named devises.  Or maybe they are just vices.  And they do this in most waking moments, while working, driving, walking, eating or whatever.  
And with all of this, the schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. Teaching students how to print. And with the shortcuts they use in the pods and pads and nooks and cranny's, they will soon forget how to print.  And all the old history documents? Well, they are written in cursive and will soon become as a foreign language to most and thus discarded and lost. And well, you know the saying, ( paraphrased) those who fail to read the past history and the mistakes, are bound to repeat them.  I fear for the history that will be written in the new smart alec phone language. who will really remember, in a few years, just what lol really means?  Bring back cursive teaching.

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  1. Sammy learned cursive this year, so not every school is getting rid of it.


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