Saturday, July 20, 2013


I REALIZE I AM PROBABLY A MAJORITY OF ONE. Well, maybe my wife will make it a majority of two.  At least in most cases.  Still, I just don't understand some things and this list will not be all inclusive, so I may visit this subject again in the future.  Or have I already did this at least once.  (shoulder shrug here, cause Frankly, My Dear.)

1. Why is the media, and supposedly the "world" so obsessed with the death of that "TV Star" from Glee.  He killed himself with drugs.  Call it that and get on with other things of more importance.  But to talk about it day after day after day is not necessary.

2. Read statement Number 1 and substitute the name of Michael Jackson.  Same thing. Just another drug induced death.  By Michael, even if a Dr. did the final injection.

3. Why spend so much time out side of a hospital waiting for a baby to be born.  When nature says it's time, he or she will come into the world of priviledge, and all the watching will not change that.  And I like Natalie Morales, but for her and NBC to spend time and money while she waits in London for this baby is just nonsense.  Spend that money on world hunger or something worthwhile.  the world will know when the baby arrives and sitting outside the hospital for days on end won't make it happen any sooner.  Even the Queen can't change that.

4. Pizza.  I guess I could stop right there, but this is my blog, so I won't.  However, I do understand that most people do like and eat Pizza.  I don't.  Have I ever ate Pizza.  Yes.  Will I ever do so again. Maybe. But if you invite me to dinner and you are having Pizza, please tell me in advance so I can get something to eat before I show up. I haved ate Pizza Hut Pizza, Papa Johns Pizza home made Pizza's, store bought frozen Pizza.  This over several decades.  I have yet to find one I like.  And why would any one eat a slice of Pizza, when they could have a TACO, or a steak from Texas Roadhouse, or a Filet Mignon from the Texas Land and Cattle Company.  Or a PB&J sandwich.  Just sayin.

5. Hollywood.  I haven't been to a movie in years.  Not cause I don't like movies. I do.  Or I did. I just haven't seen any thing advertised that I would like to go see.  With the potty humor and the serious movies full of filthy language, I am just not interested.  Most TV shows are getting to be the same way.  And while there are, or were, actors/actresses I liked, I never fell in love with any of them and didn't understand when I was younger, a lot younger, the obsession of my peers over the stars.  As I am now decades older, I understand that obsession with stars, singers, actors, sports players, even less.  The fact that we don't even have a movie theater in our area has nothing to do with me not going to a movie either. Maybe Eleanor Burns or Ree Drummond would be appropriate people to admire.  At least they are real people.  In my opinion.

6.  Cars.  What's this obsession some people have with cars. Muscle cars, old antique cars, car shows, big pickups and trucks.  The 18 wheeler type.  Oh! wait. I totally understand that one.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


REALLY:  My wife and I walk for 2 miles most mornings.  This is not a walk around the park, or even around the neighborhood. It is a walk around the hills, up and down and through sand washes that border the little town we live in.  Others walk there also.  Some in the morning when we are walking, others later in the day.  Most with their dogs.  Now, before any dog lovers get upset, I am not castigating dog people.  We both grew up with family dogs and as a family of our own, as we were raising our children, we also had dogs.  A problem we have is that so many people who walk their dogs let them do their business in the middle of the trails that we, and others, walk on, and do not clean up after them.  Or at least scoop it off the trail.  So we watch where we step.  A young couple that lived next to us for a year or so, had a dog.  Sometimes two.  I ask them to please clean up after the dogs, especially in the summer, as the heat created a bad smell.  The just moved out and I went to the yard for a reason unrelated to their dogs, only to discover the yard littered with dog litter. 
We also have been told by many who have moved here that they came to the "country" from the city so they could let their dogs run, without a leash.  Even though the town, and the county have a leash law.  I have a lot of other things on my mind to say about this, but will get on with the subject that prompted this post in the first place.
On the news this morning, it was announced that this fall the Dog Channel will be launched on DirectTV.  This will be on 24/7 and is designed to baby sit, or dog sit, your dogs.  The idea is that you can turn on this channel in the morning when you leave for work and your dogs will be entertained all day.  With their own channel.  All I can say is   "What Next?"  will cat lovers cry foul and demand a cat channel. Or will others cry fowl and want a fowl channel.  On second thought, I don't want to know what's next.  Just take care of your dogs, or cats or fowl and let the rest os us do the same.   And  THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Thursday, July 4, 2013

When did it change

TODAY IS THE 4TH OF JULY.  What are you doing.  Celebrating with family.  Watching parades and fireworks, going to the beach or the mountains, playing horse shoes or golf.  Or did you go shopping.  SHOPPING??? On the 4th of July.
This morning after going for our walk, my wife and I watched the NBC news for a while, before turning away from it in disgust, as we do each morning.  While we were watching, they had a segment on where to go today for good shopping bargains, and listed several stores that would be open today for your shopping pleasure.   Oh! and just in case you are curious why we turn away from the Today show in disgust, we do so because they are so enamoured of all things Hollywood and they seem to think that the people who inhabit that city and genre and sports stars walk on water and they gush over them so much that I just can't stand it.  There is so much of of America that has nothing to do with Hollywood and sports stars gone bad that the national media never even mentions.
But I digress.  When did we as a poeple decide it was OK to keep shops open on the 4th of July.Or Easter, or Thanksgiving or Christmas.  These are holidays that every person should have the opportunity it observe in their own way, and not the way of a greedy employer.
Now, I understand that because all people will not observe the laws and rules, Law Enforcement peosonnel will be required to work on the holidays.  Like wise, fire fighters and medical people in hospitals.  I also know that there are plants that need to run 24/7, like power plants and some factories that would be very expensive to shut down and start back up for a 24 hours period.  I am not talking about that type of employee required work.  I am talking about grocery stores, walmarts and other big box stores, and any department store that chooses to remain open during the holiday season. 
I also believe said businesses need to shut down on Sunday.  I realize they have the option of remaining open, but people also have the option to refrain from patronizing these businesses on
Sunday or holidays.  So, if they are open, we will come.  And we do, in droves.  I am speaking we collectively as a people, not as individuals, as there are those of us who do not attend these businesses on Sunday or holidays.  If we all, as a people, would stay away, they would close and their employees could enjoy the day in their own preferred way.  Bur as long as we the people support them, they will remain open.  And that is a bad thing.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK