Monday, November 16, 2015


AND SO LITTLE TIME.  There have been several events that have taken place over the past few days that I could post about.  The democrat debate, the shooting event in Paris, the defeat of Rhonda Rousey. All of these could be a post on their own. Instead, I just mention them in passing as I get to the subject in my mind.  And that is
If I actually believed that such a thing could happen, the spinning part, I would bet on it.  Have you listened to the news people lately.  Even old me, who mostly got poor grader in English, know better than the phrase sentences like the news anchors and reporters are doing. Repeated words in the same sentence that only adds a redundancy to the statement. Ending their sentences with words like AT.  As in   Where are you at?  Is that acceptable English now?  Any language professionals out there who can answer this question?  And when did it become acceptable to use the words like, and you know, and I mean. Sometimes several times in one sentence. And in every sentence. And to start a sentence with I Mean. How can you say I mean, when you haven't even said any thing yet.  And the weather reporters overuse the phrase "out there."  Every thing is out there.  Or the reporters that say   we will have a live report.  Isn't that better than a dead report? Just have to wonder if maybe a refresher course in English may be in order. You know, like I mean. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, November 9, 2015

RANT # 3

THE ONLY THING THAT QUALIFIES THIS AS A RANT, is that it pertains to the tics and the news media.  Other than that, it is just a comment.  
OK, I'm going to put myself out there.  But before I do, I will say this. I believe that the American public should vote and that who they, or we, vote for is private.  Now, having said that, I am favoring Ben Carson.  Who I actually vote for remains to be seen, determining on how things go. I believe Trump is probably a good business man. How good depends on how honest he is in his dealings. Things that I know nothing about.  I do know that every time one of the people gets close to him in popularity, he attacks them, usually with belittling insults.  I don't like that.  Now, Ben Carson is being attacked. Why?  Well, I think mostly by Trump because he's pulling ahead of Trump in the polls.  Mostly by the media, because they don't like him, so they are going back, in some cases way back, and digging up things that have no bearing on any thing and causing him to justify or clarify himself from 40 years ago, instead of dealing with the current issues. Do I think Trump would be a good President.  Yes I do, If you could run government like a business. Unfortunately, the board of directors, in this case, all have other agendas and someone like Trump won't be able to deal with them. Will Ben Carson? Maybe. Time will tell.  Jeb Bush maybe could, but he won't be elected. Why? Because he's a Bush and the people are tired of the Bush's right now.  They are tired of the Clinton's' right now also, but the reason Hilarious is ahead in the polls is because she does not have a viable candidate opposing her. That may change. We can always hope.  And one last thing, before I close this missive.  After the last Republican debate, the candidates complained about the moderator and the questions that were ask.  I did not watch the debate, only the media reports, but from what I was able to glean from the biased media was that the candidates, all of them, were concerned that the questions were frivolous and didn't deal with the issues.  Mr. Obama then poked fun of them and said if they can't handle a TV moderator then  the Russians and the Chinese won't be concerned.  My opinion, they weren't there to "handle" a moderator. They were there to debate the issues and that was the problem.  Maybe the Russians and the Chinese are concerned about which of the Pubs get in the final running.

Monday, November 2, 2015

RANT # 2

DOES THIS QUALIFY AS A RANT?  With the tics heating up their campaigns, with those currently in power in the East, AKA as Washington D.C. and all the things going on, I can see my rants adding up to higher than I can count.  As in 20.   First, I want to say that I abhor war, and I eschew peace.  I don't see either one happening in the near future.  (Did abhor and eschew frighten you from this author?) I do know a few words like that. Not many, but a few.  But I digress.  Mr. Obama has said that he has a phone and a pen and he will declare law in matters that congress don't agree with him.  And congress is passing laws that make many of us in fear of our actions.  Case in point.  Recently two former Samali refugees were hired by a beer distributor to deliver beer.  But then after getting hired, they sued the company because beer is against their religious beliefs.  They were not required to drink it, just deliver it. But, the government sued in their behalf and they won $240,000.  All because they applied for a job and were hired and then didn't want to do that job. If that was against their belief, they shouldn't have applied for the job. On the other hand, the owner of Melissa's Sweet cakes was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. So the answer is why do some get money because they apply for a job that is against their belief and someone else is fined for not wanting to something that is against their religious belief.   There are many cases like this, and it makes one have to wonder why. Maybe we need to all take a really good look at those running for office and vote accordingly. City, County, State and national.  I really wonder why Hillary is allowed to run for President while she is being investigated for criminal wrong doing.  Man, I sure wish we had Mitt and Joe opposing each other and Mitt would win.  That would be the ideal match up.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.