Monday, October 27, 2014


A FEW THOUGHTS ON A COUPLE OF THINGS:  I read a cartoon this morning in which the husband tells his wife he needs to see an eye Dr.  When his wife ask why, he said, "Because I don't see things like I used to."  Well, the obvious conclusion to this cartoon is that his vision is getting blurred and he needs glasses. Or new glasses that are a little stronger.  But as I read that, a thought went through my mind; Well, as we age we often don't see things as we used to. So, I will elaborate on this a bit.
I am now in the earlier years of my 80th decade on this earth and in the early years of living 6 of those decades with my wife.  I wore glasses when we got married lo those many years ago and I wear glasses now.  But after cataract surgery on both eyes, even though I wear glasses, my vision is much better, eye sight wise, now than it was when we married. But, I see a lot of things differently now than I did then.  And that has nothing to do with eye sight.  Maybe a lot to do with hind sight. Things that I thought were important then are not so important now. And I often wish, as probably most parents do, that I could impart some of that knowledge and wisdom, such as it may be, to the younger generation. Would they listen. Maybe. Would they learn. Probably not. It seems that each generation has to go through their own learning phrase. And I am not even trying to imply that I am wise, because the longer I live the more I realize that I am not all that wise. And since this is a blog and not a confessional, I will not go into details on all that I feel that I have done wrong, or even right, over the last many years. I just used a lot of words to say that I see things differently now than I used to.  And there is not an eye Dr. that can help that.
The other item of thought was a news item I saw on TV and was just left shaking my head in amazement over the things people do.  The news item was this.  (I paraphrase in my own words) A teacher is buying or getting someone to buy stationary exercise bikes for young students to use as they read and study in class.  Why?  Well, it seems that it has been decided that these students have so much energy to burn, that sitting in class for a long stretch of time they get fidgety and lose concentration on what is being taught. So, they can go to a room and get on a stationary bike and pedal away while they read. or study.  Then, kinda as an after thought in the news article, it was mentioned that the students no longer have a recess period during the day.  And I though
Well Duh.  If these young students would be given a short recess mid morning, a lunch time mid day and another recess time mid afternoon, they would burn that energy and then they could concentrate on their studies and no funds would need to be expended on exercise equipment. In a room with artificial light.  Yep, I repeat. Well, Duh.  Guess I am old and out of sync with the times, but this just makes so much sense to me.

Monday, October 20, 2014


RIGHTS, YOURS VERSUS MINE.  My father used to comment on peoples rights to do something. One of his comments that sticks in my mind, even all these decades later was his comment on the right to swing your fist.  He said you have the right to swing your fist, but that right ends where my chin begins. So it is with many rights to which we are entitled. We do have the right to do any number of things, but when what you are doing begins to trample on my rights, then your rights will end.  On that note, let us look at a few things that are going on in the world today.
First, I want to emphasize my status in relation to God. I know He is the creator of the universe, which includes the world we live on. And as the creator, he designated men and women, or, if you like, male and female. And He instituted marriage between these two sexes. On that basis, I do not believe in same sex marriage. Period. However, that is God's law.  Man's law is interfering with that and as a result, the rights of many are being trampled. To show this I will mention a couple of examples. Or three.
1. A few years back, a woman who has a photography business in Albuquerque, New Mexico refused to photograph the wedding of a same sex couple. To do so was against her religious beliefs. The couple sued her, and won in court, costing her a lot of money in fines and compelling her to change the way she does business in order to stay in business.  This, in spite of the fact that the couple quickly found a different photographer who was willing to photograph their wedding.
2. I don't remember the details on this, but a baker or bakery was also fined for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple. Again based on their religious convictions. They were also sued and fined, even though the couple were able to find another bakery to make them a cake.
3. A couple in Idaho, who are pastors in a church, have refused to perform same sex weddings. As a result, they are in trouble with the law and threatened with jail time and a fine of thousands if they continue to refuse to perform these weddings.
These are just a few of the things that are going on in this regard.  
Now, I expressed my opinion at the beginning of this post. And I stick by that opinion. Having said that, man's law has said that people of the same sex can marry. While this is being contested in the courts, what ever happens, man's law will prevail as far as the court system is concerned. I do believe, however, that individuals, or couples, if you will, should not have the right to force their beliefs on some one else.  The photographer, the baker nor the minister's were not denying the people from getting married. They just didn't want to participate in it. Since there are other photographer's, baker's and ministers who are willing to perform these services, those who do not should not be taken to court and forced to comply with someone else's opinion or face legal action, fines and even jail time.  That's like swinging your fist past the point of my chin. And you don't have that right.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


BANNED IN BOSTON.  Did you ever hear that expression.  I haven't heard it a lot in the last several years.  OK, the last several decades. But it used to be a common saying. There was a time, it seems to my memory, that many things that were accepted other places were often banned in Boston. Now, I am not going into details on this, I just used this as an introduction to the subject of the post.  Banned.  So, what then is the purpose of the post.  Banned.  ME? Well, maybe, but that is not the purpose of this post either.  OK OK, I'll get to the point.
The metropolitan city ( said tongue in cheek ) near where I live has recently passed a resolution banning Wal-Mart fence flags. Well, they called them plastic bags and they didn't really target Wal-Mart, but since they are the largest place of business using these bags in this Metropolitan area, this is what many have referred to. And while the ban is a good thing, many are not for this ban.  But that's another story.  So, starting January 1, 2015, Wal-Mart weed and fence flags are banned.  Well, not exactly, as I understand it.  You can still get your groceries or what ever you spent your money on put in a plastic bag, you just will have to pay for it. Some of the stores are even now beginning to use paper bags, again. And some, including Wal-Mart, have their own reusable bags available for sale if you want to use them. So, it will be interesting to see what exactly transpires come January.  So, can we expand on this?  Well, yes we can.
How about banning paper plates.  We have a neighbor that apparently does no dishes, cause they have paper plates by the dozen in the garbage and often blowing around the neighbor hood on the wind. And beer cases.  How often do we see these around, along with the empty cans that were thrown away by the road after the contents were poured down the drain. And cigarette butts. Usually people who smoke just drop the butt on the ground and step on it. Sometimes. But some will actually use an ash tray in their car, to only empty it in a parking lot some where.
So, while it is a good thing that the ban is in place on the Wal-Mart fence flags, I feel that there are a lot of just common sense things that people can do to keep the environment clean. I have mentioned a few.  I'm sure you can mention many more, if you feel so inclined.

Monday, October 6, 2014


AFTER MY LENGTHY AND SOMEWHAT MAUDLIN post of last week, I am back to normal I am happy to report and will be blogging today about something that is going on around me that is mostly controversial.  As always this is my opinion and you are free to express yours.  And what, you may ask, is this subject of controversy.  Well, namely, gun control. And the opinion of a British subject who is also entitled to his opinion.  Lets see how this goes, as I will write as I think. I hope. You have been warned.

So I have to beg the question.  Why is there so much going on with gun control? And invariably the answer is, Columbine, or Sandy Hook, or somewhere in a Shopping Mall. Or something similar to that.  And I have to answer in this manner.  Any one with any feelings at all have to feel very bad for the children and families of those who lost their lives in the many school shootings, mall shootings, or movie theater shootings.  They were senseless and totally unnecessary.  And I totally agree with the sentiment.  What I don't agree with is the uproar that always comes along after such an incident.  And I will tell you why.

A number of years ago a man named Timothy McVeigh killed a lot of people in Oklahoma with a rental truck and a few barrels of fertilizer.  On 9/11 a group of radical terrorists caused the death of thousands by hijacking and then crashing airliners into buildings. A few short years ago two brothers killed and maimed many people in Boston using pressure cookers rigged up with explosives. And currently a terrorist group is beheading people with swords. At least I assume they are using swords.  They sure are not doing it using guns.  Now, having said all that, I have not heard one outcry against rental trucks or barrels of fertilizer. While security measures have been enacted, there is no outcry against assault airplanes. And pressure cookers are still being used all across the nation, and I can assume other nations. And no outcry against banning them or putting an age limit on who can can buy one.  And in the case of ISIS, no one has raised an outcry against swords.  Nope, not one.  What has been done, in every case, is to focus on the individual or the group and bring them to justice for the crime they committed.
So what makes guns different?  People are still killed, many people, with objects that are not guns. And there is no hue and cry against these weapons of mass destruction.  Yet, people will try to get guns outlawed.   And then we have someone like Piers Morgan, a citizen of England, who comes across the pond and tries to get the American people to ban guns.  Hey, Mr. Morgan, We the People won the right not to listen to England over 200 years ago.  Don't come over here and take in our goodness, the fat of the land, as it were, and then try to tell us what to do.  You want gun control, go back to England.  OH! you already have gun control there.  How's that working out for you.  Must be OK, cause now you want to do the same thing here.  Cause we are not controlled by Royalty.  But elected officials who can and will be voted out of office if they try to take too many freedoms away from the people.  
So, Mr. Morgan, we may, and do, have our problems. But we don't need you to visit yours on us, even if you do have the ear of the bloody national media.  Just go on home and let us solve our own problems, our own way.  Other wise we may have to put a tea stamp on you and toss you in the brink.