Tuesday, May 12, 2015


OR MAYBE THERE IS: But not in my favor.  In the last few months my wife and I have been to numerous Doctors appointments.  Mostly for the purpose of check ups. Not because we were ill. Just because we were old. At least that is what one Dr. told my wife. Only to refute it when she repeated it to a nurse.  One of the tests I needed was so a specialist could view my insides through a personal travel channel.  First I was put into a deep sleep and then he went on his trip. When the scenery wasn't very interesting, he changed the route and it left me kinda down in the mouth. It seems like this is actually an invasion of privacy, in the most personal way. So, I think there are laws against this. The invasion of privacy thing.  Well, there is, but before the Dr. can go on his travels, I had to sign a paper giving permission to travel on this private road. Guess that is duplicity on my part. So, why this post. No reason, I just hadn't posted for a while and couldn't think of any thing else to say at this time. Hope you don't give up on me. I will come up with something better for a future post.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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