Tuesday, March 25, 2014


WELL, AT LEAST A COMMENTARY.  On law enforcement versus the people. Confused yet?  Well, probably not, I just got started.  I am sure that this is not exclusive to the State of New Mexico. However, I will keep my remarks to this State, with a focus on the city of Albuquerque. So here is the situation.
Lat fall sometime, a lady from a Southern State was driving down a highway in the State of New Mexico at a high rate of speed.  A State patrolman pulled her over and issued her a ticket for speeding.  She refused the ticket and put her car in gear and took off.  She was eventually pulled over a second time.  By this time there were other officers assisting the original officer. While they were trying to get this lady out of her car, ( she had her five children in the car with her ) her teenage son got out of the car and took a  swing or two at one of the officers. Then got back in the car. Actually a van. His mother, who had finally got out of the car, got back in. And started to take off, again.  The officers broke her van windows with their batons and one of the shot at her tires. As she sped down the highway, they chased her.  She finally stopped at a motel in Taos and her and her son were arrested on various charges. In her van they found marijuana and smoking pipes. She filed a complaint and the officer that shot at her tires was eventually fired.  This was all recorded on a dash cam.  It took over 45 minutes to play out. The news, with the exception of KOB, the NBC affiliate in Albuquerque, chose to show the 30 seconds where the officers broke her windows and shot at her tires. There was a public outcry from the public, and the police came off looking bad. Sure, they probably could have done some things different, but they should not have got in the trouble they did from the news and the public.  More attention should have been paid to the lady and her actions.
Now, there have been several officer involved shootings in Albuquerque since 2010. Enough that the police chief finally retired. People were upset that the police shot people.  I will mention one incident, which is similar to most of them.  A family called 911 because a family member was drunk, or high, and was being abusive to family members, and was threatening them with deadly force.  So, the police arrived and subsequently the abusing member was shot. Then the family turned on the police.  He was a good kid, they said. he didn't deserve to be killed, they said. The police should have subdued him and put him in jail, they said.  Well, if that was possible, why didn't the family just do that. When someone is showing a weapon and causing a threat, and after being told, repeatedly, by law enforcement officers, to drop their weapon, and refuses to do so, they will probably be shot. But still, every time, there is an outcry against the police.  After the chief retired, an acting chief was appointed.  Still, there was officer involved shootings. A new chief was recently hired. And this past weekend a homeless man was illegally camping in the foothills East of Albuquerque. A confrontation ensued. The man, who has a long rap sheet with the law, refused to cooperate with the police. He brandished two knives. After some time, he was shot. He died some time later in the hospital.  Now, there is a protest march against the police. And a city counselor wants to limit the power of the police. 
Well, I guess that's the way it goes, but if the police have to just back off every time a law breaker brandishes a weapon, then soon the city will be over run by criminals.  Hey, come to Albuquerque, the police have to back off if you show a weapon.  They are not allowed to use force.  Some times I think the public mind is going crazy.

Monday, March 17, 2014


MY WIFE IS AN ALIEN:   No, not really.  But here is what happened. She went to town the other day to take a class.  She also picked up a few things at the store, while in town.  I stayed home and did some work in the yard. Now, I know she bought some things while she was in town, because she had plastic bags in her hands when she came home.  You know the type of bags I'm talking about.  Those plastic things that fly's all over the country side, with Wal-Mart, or some other company name on it.  Yeah, those type of bags.  She had some of them in her hands when she came home.  Oh, sorry, I said that already.  Well, when she got home, I came in to see if she needed any help with any thing.  She said she did not, she had things under control. So I went back outside to finish up what I was working on.  But shortly after walking out the door, I heard the phone ring, so I went back in to answer it, just in case my wife was busy, putting things away.  She wasn't. Busy that is.  She had already answered the phone when I walked in, so I started back out, when I heard her side of the conversation. She told who ever she was talkingt to that yes, she had bought some items while in town.  I distinctly heard her say, and I quote "I bought two Honey Buns, Three Jelly Rolls and a Layer Cake and some Charm Packs."  Unquote.  Honey Buns, Jelly Rolls, A Layer Cake?  Yum.  I had been working and thought a snack would just hit the spot.  Like a warm Honey Bun with some cold milk.  Yep, that sounded about right.  The Jelly Rolls and the Layer Cake could wait. Although I couldn't figure out why she would buy a layer cake, when she makes delicious cakes herself. And the charm packs.  Well, she doesn't have a charm bracelet, so I had no idea what she was going to do with a package of charms, but didn't give it a lot of thought.  I was concentrating on finding the honey buns.  Yes siree Bob.  Finding the honey buns was what I was doing, cause I couldn't find them. Any where.  No Jelly Rolls or layer cake either.  Not in the kitchen, not in the cup boards, not in the pantry.  Not any where.  I guess my wife heard me rustling around and since she had ended her phone call, she came in and ask me what I was doing. Looking for the honey ,buns, I said.  I thought one would taste good right about now. I saw a little grin start but she controlled it and said What Honey Buns?  The ones I heard you tell someone on the phone that you bought in town. Along with the jelly rolls and the layer cake. By then she had lost all control of the grin, and laughing, told me to follow her. I did, and in her sewing room she picked up a little roll of material and said, This is a Honey Bun.  A larger roll of material, obviously cut into strips.  This is a Jelly Roll.  Some squares of material. Stacked up,  This is a layer cake.  A smaller package of squares turned out to be a charm pack.  Man, I bet all those ladies in the quilting circle stay hungry all the time, working with material named after all that food.  Or maybe they named the material after the food, cause they are too busy quilting to eat, so this makes them feel better.  Who Knows?   WELL, THAT'S THE VIEW, OR LACK THEREOF, FROM THE DITCH BANK.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The English language, it has been said
Will get in your mind and mess up your head
So as these words now you may read
A clarinet to make music will use a reed.
There is several ways to use the word fair
But to buy a bus ticket you must pay a fare.
Do you begin to see how this will go
I give you fair warning so you will know
If you don't want to read more then just say no.
As I continue this silly little poem to write
I'll do the best I can to get it right
You know a ceremony is called a rite.
But if you see an ad for a food that is lite
That's just a simple way to spell the word light.
An animal that sleeps all winter is a bear
But if you take off your shoe then your foot is bare
The bottom of your foot is called a sole
But your spiritual part is called your soul.
And personal property is referred to as their
But if you go someplace then you are there
And when you get there you can say I am here
But using your ears will allow you to hear.
If someone comes to visit it may be your Aunt
Don't make a mistake and call her an ant.
But if the visitor happens to be your son
In the evening you both can view the setting sun.
If something's not fake then it is real
But to go fishing you will use a reel.
You can go to the track and watch the race cars go by
But when company leaves you will tell them bye
Or you can go to the store and find something to buy.
If what you are buying happens to be on sale
If it's for your boat it could be a sail.
And what you are buying may cost you a cent
If someone sends you somewhere then you are sent
While a pretty rose flower will give off a nice scent.
And a rose is a plant that is called a flower
But if you are baking a cake you will use flour.
If you're not bald on your head then you'll have hair
But if you're chasing a rabbit it may be a hare.
If you add one plus one you should have got two
If you go somewhere it probably is to
If your friend can go with you then it is too.
And the number between three and five is four
But in family history your ancestral fathers are fore.
If you have an injury it will most likely be sore
And when an Eagle fly's it's been know to soar.
A small opening in the skin is called a pore
And over a book a student will pore
And from a pitcher, water you can pour
If you don't own a pitcher then you may be poor.
So to buy a pitcher you may see an ad
To see if you have money the coins you will add.
And you know a King has been known to reign
And to control a horse you use a bit and a rein
But neither of those can make it rain.
If you go to the beach you'll be by the sea
Then you can look around for what you can see.
When in a flower garden you may see a bee
If you make it angry then stung you may be.
And if you play golf you'll be using a tee
Then after the game some people drink tea.
If you're by yourself then you are a lone
And you can go to the bank and apply for a loan.
If the dog is not yours if likely will flee
Or maybe it's trying to escape from a flea.
In English the contraction of "you are" is you're
But speaking of a person's possessions it is your
And times past are referred to as days of yore.
And in a contest if you are the one
To come in first place then you have won.
To fasten things down you'll often use tacks
Then in April the IRS wants you to pay tax.
And to pay that tax you'll need some dough
That's slang for money, not a female doe
And you guessed it right a doe is a deer
Not to be confused with those we hold dear.
To tie with a rope you can make a big knot
But if you don't know how you'll probably say not.
And if something's not yours that you're trying to sell
You'll most likely than not end up in a cell.
And if you are a juvenile you'll say with a groan
I'll have to stay in here until I am grown.
Then if they feed you breakfast at eight
And you get sick from something you ate
You'll have reason to holler and cry foul
If you learn what they fed you was spoiled fowl.
But with some attention and care you will heal
Just don't stomp your foot and bruise your heel.
Cause with a bruised heel you can't climb a peak
Should you want to just go there and take a peek.
If it's cold at the top your face will turn blue
Then you can tell all your friends how hard the wind blew.
Then coming back down you might stub your toe
And if your vehicle gets stuck then you will need a tow.
You never know just whom you may meet
When you sit down to a sandwich of bread and meat
And the sandwich wrapper you'll throw in the waste
And hope the food doesn't just go to your waist.
If you need information you ask someone who knows
And a bad odor you smell will come through your nose.
If you fall down a hill it will hurt when you roll
Unless you're a stunt actor playing a role.
While we all know a man is also a male
Both men and women can deliver the mail
And mail is delivered to the post office in sacks
And a musician makes music with a horn called a sax.
While watching the sax player you probably will stare
Be careful while walking and don't fall down the stair
Cause if the stair is by water into it you could sink
Then your phone will get wet and then it won't sync.
Then to get a new phone you'll look over some
And to make a new purchase will cost you a sum.
Now I know I'm not telling you anything new
So the following line I'm sure you all knew
An African Antelope is sometimes called a Gnu.
While a Gnu has hair, some animals have fur
And there is a tree in the forest that is called a fir.
With a load of fir on a truck you can make a haul
But in a church building you walk down a hall.
And while you're in church you'll be singing a hymn
As a wife finds her husband and sits down by him.
And in the church yard there's a flag on a pole
To get an opinion from people you will do a poll.
Now a lot of this new age by me has passed
As I'm growing older and remembering the past
I won't be looking for a bug called a tic
As I'm marking time by a clock that goes tick.
So try not to let your face get to red
As you look back over the words you have read
Yes, the English language we speak it is said
Will get in your mind and mess up your head.
Gary Hulsey    March   2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'M SURE YOU HAVE ALL HEARD:   Dumb as a box of rocks.  Guess that's me.  Well, maybe I'm not really dumb, just dense.  And some rocks are dense and some are not.  Scratching your head yet and wondering what I may be jabbering about.  Well, just quit scratching and I will enlighten you.   As I have mentioned in past posts, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  And happy to say so.  having said that here goes.

A few days ago, there was a post on facebook about an article that was in the March issue of the Ensign, a monthly magazine published by the Church.  That article is titled   "The Lord's Standard of Morality"  Written by Elder Tad R. Callister. Now, I have read books written by Elder Callister, and I like them. He is very articulate and I have very little trouble understanding what he has to say.  So, I was curious what he had written that had some people so upset.  Well, I have the magazine and I have read the article.  And it states exactly what the title claims.  The Lord's Standard of Morality.  Period. Maybe two periods..  But, several of those crying foul, (or is it fowl,  OK a little humor never hurts) claim that the article states that the way women dress cause men to rape them. Now, Elder Callister never said that.  He did say that the church teaches modesty in dress, for both males as well as females. He did acknowledge that men and women think different ( my wording) and that men can be stimulated by the immodest dress of women.  But, and here it is.  He said, men and women are also in control of their thoughts and actions and regardless of how women dress, men are responsible for their actions, and the dress of a woman does not give them the right for improper actions. His article mainly focused on the "Lords Standard of Morality" and quoted the scriptures multiple times. Any one who claims to be a student of the Bible, as well as LDS scriptures and Church leaders statements on this matter should not take offense in any way with this article.  But, apparently, some did.  And I have to wonder why.

On a related matter.  And another church.  Tonight on the news, there was a report of the Pope stating something like this. A paraphrase on my part.  He was speaking about the abuse of children by Catholic Priests. His comments, as reported on a national news network, was that there were other organizations that have abuse problems, and the Catholic Church was the only one that worked in a transparent manner and had charges against it and people speaking out against it.  Now, I understood that he was commenting that the Catholic Church acknowledged that they had a problem and were addressing it, his complaint was that other organizations, unnamed by him, were not being so targeted. However, there seems to be a backlash against him by members of the Catholic Church, beliving that he said he was not going to address this problem, and was going to ignore it.  And in the eyes of some, maybe many of the Catholic faith, they were losing faith in the Pope because of what they believe he said.

To reiterate what I said at the start of this post.  Guess I am as dumb as one. A Post, that is. I just don't see where any one on either of these articles could mis construe what was said.  Is it that they are trying to find something to be contrary about, or is it just that I am that dense.  And That's THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK