Monday, August 26, 2013


THINGS THAT MAKES A PERSON JUST SHAKE THEIR HEAD:  Well, me any way.  this is the third post of things I just don't seem to understand, or that just make me shake my head in wonder, or disgust, or just plain I Don't Understand.  Some of these things have been in the news and some on facebook.

1. This issue has been posted and re posted on facebook and most people feel like I do. That issue is the New York Librarian who punished, or banned, a boy for winning the summer reading contest because he had won for the last 5 years.  Well, Duh!.  He likes to read. So the next winner will be picked by a drawing of all who enter the contest. Wonder how that would work at the Olympics, or the Super Bowl or the World Series. Boy, can't you just see the reaction to that. And I think the Librarian is just wrong.

2. Here in the good old State of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, a photographer was taken to court and fined $7000.00.  For invasion of privacy?  Nope, for refusing, on religious grounds, to photograph the wedding of a same sex couple.  The couple found another photographer without any trouble, but filed the law suit any way.  OK, their priviledge.  But for a judge in a court of law to actually agree with the couple and fine the lady for refusing to photograph them is just wrong.  And an abuse of power, in my opinion.

3. The news recently reported that peoples incomes have gone down since 4 years ago.  And I needed the news to tell me that?  Duh.

4. A military trial recently put a man, Badley Manning in prison for a long time.  But Mr. Manning said he is not a man, but a woman and would now be called Chelsea Manning.  The military put him in a male prison and will not go along with him on what he wants.  Why do the news people insist on calling him Chelsea.  Come on, don't do that.  Call him Bradley.  Or stupid.

5. A car manufacturer is advertising a car that is so smart that it can see accidents before they happen.  Well, not really, but it can see and evaluate an accident before the driver does.  And take appropriate action.  Well, good.  But it seems to me that when the car wants to do one thing and the driver wants to do something else, that will cause an accident as the car and driver have conflicting actions.  Who will win.  Probably neither.  Or the body shop.

6. This one is an ongoing theme with me. And that is peoples worship of "celebraties". The most recent episode was people who waited in line on the Plaza for a week in order to see the band One Direction.  OK   they make music, but to wait in line for a week just to see them.  No one is that good.  No One.

7. Man Cave.  What the heck is a man cave.  And why the need for one?  Guess I just don't understand the need to "get away" from the family scene.

8. Michelle Obama.  Any one who knows me knows I am not a fan of the Obama's.  But a recent article left me shaking my head.  It said, as near as I remember, that Mrs. Obama's program to fight childhood obesity and have schools provide more healthy meals had failed.  I don't know if that is fact or not, but that is what the article said.  It went on to say that Michelle was now promoting drug use among children.  She is promoting a song named   Hip Hop Lean.  Now, the article said, Maybe Mrs. Obama just wans't up on the language of the street.  Hip Hop Lean is a type of drug.  And the song is promoting it's use.  According to the article.  Maybe, it said, Mrs. Obama thought it was promoting lean eating.  Don't know about her, but you couldn't prove it by me.  I don't understand the drug scene and it's terms either.

9.  A company is now promoting a washing machine that determines, as it washes, that your clothes are new, and it will wash them accordingly.  The reason, they will remain looking like new.  Hey, I want one of those.  Buy a few new clothes and the washer will keep them new.  Never have to buy any more clothes.  Just wash them and let the washer take care of them.  Yeah, right.

10. And finally.  Did any one of you who may read this blog, watch the music award show last night.  Me neither.  But the news couldn't keep from showing and showing Miley Cyrus, over and over.  Why?  Not because of her singing, but her lack of clothes.  She came on stage in not much of any thing and wound up with even less.  Even a Victoria Secret model has on more clothes than Miley had on when she finished.  Tamron Hall, NBC today show news lady, said "I just don't know what to say".  well, Tamron,  How about     That is just disgusting.


Thursday, August 15, 2013


SOME MORE THINGS THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND: I realize that my opinion's count for naught to other people, even if they (other people) agree with my opinion.  Still, I feel inclined to voice my opinion in my blog from time to time. So, here are a few more things that people do that I don't understand.

1. Tattoos:  I am allergic to pain. I have several allergies and pain is one of them.  I have never had a tattoo, never had a desire to have one.  I also understand that they are painful. And since I am allergic to pain, I wouldn't want to get one.  Why deliberately cause myself pain when I can do it accidently often enough for me. 

2. Piercings: I understand that the ear lobe has little or no feeling, so to pierce it for a pair of earrings is understandable.  If you are a woman. But to pierce the nose, the tongue, and parts better left unmentioned, is totally not understood by me.  And men doing this is way beyond my point of understanding.

3. The Mona Lisa:  I saw on the news a few days ago that officials are digging up the lady who posed for the Mona Lisa.  Why?  Well, they said that they wanted to do a DNA test to prove that she was the actual lady who posed for the picture.  How they are going to take a DNA sample from the painting is beyond me.

4. Glasses: I have worn eye glasses since I was in the eighth grade.  Being an old man I am used to them, although having cataract surgery a number of years ago, my vision is pretty good with out them.  Not perfect, but pretty good.  But contacts?  I just don't understand how any one can deliberately put a piece of something in their eye, even if it does help them see better. And the maintainence seems to me to be more than I would want to put up with. 

5.  Legal terms:  There has been a few cases on the news lately about someone killing someone else and then pleading not guilt by reason of insanity.  OK. 
That is the law.  I just want to say why?  He ( or she ) is guilty.  So, why not change the term to

Guilty but insane.  The results should be the same, but the person is still found guilty.  OK, so the other way they are found not guilty, and thus get off with the crime or something.  Maybe we should start a crusade to change the termination.  Oh Wait. I  just did.  ( I have a daughter in law who is an attorney.  Maybe she will weigh in.  Or not. )

6. While talking about the law, another news item was one where a woman and her boy friend couldn't agree on what last name to give their child. His first name was Messiah.  The judge in the case changed the name to Mark or something like that.  Why?  cause, the judge said, only one person had earned the name of Messiah and that was Jesus Crist, and so she denied the mother the right to name her child by that name.  The news went on to say that Messiah was number 356 on the most used names list in the United States.  What business is that of the judge. This name was not in dispute between the parents.  Just the last name.

7. And the last one for this post.  Words.  Namely words that people use that are not exactly the correct word, even though it sounds OK.  As in Bear and Bare.  New and Knew. And There and Their.  And, Your and You're, and   Well, you get the picture.  Or if you don't, you are probably someone who uses the words in the wrong place.  Like me, at times.