Wednesday, July 15, 2015


DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE?  who is it with.  Just answer that question to yourself cause it's really none of my business.  If you have it, or who with. unless you cause me problems, then I am sure I would like to know. Actually, I would insist on it.  But that is not really the purpose of this post.  Do you watch TV?  Do you watch the commercials?  If you do, do you really listen to the insurance commercials. Or even see them in a magazine or newspaper ad?  What do they say.
Invariably they will say something like this;   "You can save ( insert dollar amount here) over other companies. The amount will vary, depending on the company, but they will all, and I repeat, all, will promise to save you money.
So that set me to thinking. The next time one of those ads come on the TV, I will just take them up on their offer. I could use the savings. And I figure if I change every 6 months or so, I should be in a position soon where the next company that offers me a savings will have to pay me to use their insurance.
Now, I think that is a deal I couldn't turn down.  How about you?

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