Saturday, June 30, 2018


I SAY THAT BECAUSE IT HAS ONLY BEEN A MONTH THIS TIME since I last posted.  Today will be a short post about a few things that pertain to me. I will try to stay away from a political rant.  I will try. We will see by the end of the post how successful I was. 

1. Earlies this week my wife and I went to a city away from here for me to see a Dr. A dermatologist. After that visit, where he got a chunk of hide or four, we did a little shopping. as we were leaving the parking lot of the mall, we were in the exit and well exiting and a lady was on her way in. She was on a cell phone and nearly hit us head on cause she was entering the exit lane. Come on people, put down your phone and drive. Pay attention. The life you save may be mine.

2. We have a lot of Apricots on our tree.  Well, we had. We ate a lot. Gave a lot to neighbors and some to the tech's at the dialysis center.  We had 4 people say they wanted to come get some, but only one actually did.  Now, with the wind blowing them off the tree and birds eating on them, most of them are gone. A lot were wasted and we hat that, but people, if you want them, you have to come get them when they are ready. Time and Apricots wait for no one.

3. This year has been extremely hot and dry. While we are getting a little tired of the wind, actually while it is drying out the land even more, it is helping to keep the heat down to the high 90's level.  It takes an awful lot of water to keep the fruit trees alive, but we are trying.

4. The local community, of which we are a suburb, kinda, has been debating the possibility of authorizing off road vehicles, AKA, side by sides, to be on city streets. As in legalizing them. Man, that will be a disaster if that happens. The people here are already speeding and running stop lights and signs. I can hardly wait to see what happens when we have off road vehicles speeding around the city streets.

5. Finally I finish with a political rant.  I live in a "Covenant Community" AKA  a homeowners association. I really dislike these type of associations. They have the right to govern with out representation. If you don't live in one of these and someone suggests starting one, just slap them silly until they change their mind.  We got a letter that we needed to paint our trim and gable ends by the end of August.  I applied for a medical waiver for a time, but they have not chosen to answer me yet.  Will wait and see what they say. What ever it is, it won't be good. It doesn't matter how bad you may or may not think the federal government or your State or Local government is, homeowners associations are worse than that.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018


THE LONGER I LIVE AND THE MORE I OBSERVE THE HUMAN RACE, the more I wonder just how long things like this can go on.  And then I read the Bible and the things that went on with Sodom and Gomorrah and the Tower of Babel and I realize we still have a ways to go before we are struck down.  And then I observe the human race again and think, Maybe we don't really have that far to go after all.
Now, after that gloomy statement, I have to say I am really not that pessimistic. I know the world is sliding down, but there are a lot, and I mean a LOT of really good people around. In many countries.  In fact in most countries. I have observed the kindness of people as I went through an illness over the winter.  I observe the kindness in people as I watch the news, local and national and international. Now I will make a statement or two about things I have observed on a more personal level.
After saying what I did in the above statement about the news, I will say I really don't trust the news media. For the most part they are very biased, even though they would and will deny that.  As I said before, Donald Trump was not my choice for President. But he was elected President by the people. Not by the Russians but by the people.  So I would like to see some news reports on the things he is doing that are good, instead of looking and digging into his past for things that were bad.  Is he a good person. I really don't know.  He is brash and his language is not good.  Well, many past Presidents language was the same, they just controlled it more when in the public eye and in front of a Hot Mic.  OK  Nuff about Trump and the news for now.
Now a little about the local politics.  We have had a Republican governor for the past 8 years. She has done her best to keep the State budget in check and balanced without raising taxes. It has been a fight with the State legislature mostly Democrats, who mostly fight her and forget the people of the State.  Now we are in an election year. One lone republican is running for Governor. His ads focus on what he wants to do for the State and the people and he tells how he wants to do it.  There are 6 Democrats fighting it out to get elected for their party in the Primary election. One of them, not my choice, is saying what she wants to do for the people and the State.  The other 5 are blasting her and and blasting Trump and the NRA. None of the other 5 have any thing to say what they want to do for the people.  Well, they do. They want to raise taxes, raid the emergency fund and use if for their programs. They want to fund pre kindergarten and a lot of other things with this extra money.  One woman wants to legalize marijuana to raise funds for the State, pointing to Colorado who has a legal marijuana program and is raining money that way.  She fails to mention all the problems that has risen in Colorado because of it.  Problems we don't need here.
Well, guess I have ranted enough. Have a good day and a good week and how ever many more days or weeks until the next post.  

Saturday, May 19, 2018


WOW,  IT'S BEEN NEARLY SEVEN MONTHS since I put up a new post. There is a reason for that, but I won't go into most of it, as most of any one who reads this already knows why. So I will make a few observations her of what I learned while I was "away".

1. Doctors don't know every thing.  Most of them will admit that they don't. The few who refuse to admit that can hurt your health before they finally determine what needs to be done.

2. Most nurses know more than they are given credit for and they do have the patients welfare as a main concern. 

3. Some hospitals are ran better than others, even though the medical personal do the best they can.

4. Our local hospital is County owned and has went through 3 or 4 administrators in the last 2 years. They have went from deep in the red to maybe finally getting into the black. The County commissioners are looking into selling it to a for profit company.  In spite of the turmoil, the emergency room Dr's. and Nurses do an excellent job of caring for the people that enter there.

5.  Nuff said for that.  A little comment on the current political situation.  More of that to come.
I have said in the past, but will mention it again here.  Trump was not my pick for President. I did, and do, prefer him over Hillary.  More about that later.  For now I want to mention this then I will stop for the day.  We have several people running for Governor of our State.  Our current governor has timed out and can't run again.  We have one Republican running and a slew of Democrats.  The Republican in his ads has only things to say about what he wants to do for the State. While I am not sure about the front runner for the Democrats, she too has things to say about what she wants to do for the State.  The rest of the Democrats have nothing to say about the State. Their ads, as well as the ads for those running for Congress or even other state Offices, focus on three things. Impeach or Stop Trump, get rid of the NRA, and stop Trumps wall.  I find it odd that they or the media refuse to mention that the wall was actually started under the Obama administration, and most if not all that has been built was done so then.


Saturday, October 21, 2017



1. When I was a young boy I read a poem that impressed me. I don't remember now who wrote it, but it was called Hats Off, the Flag is Passing By.  Now I always believed that and I still do. Show respect for the flag and the national anthem.  If and I said IF, those in the foot ball league feel they have a need to protest something, then by all means do so. But to take a knee in protest of the flag and the national anthem is a mark of disrespect, not a show of protest. You can go on your knees in prayer. You can go on your knees or knee to propose to a loved one, you can kneel in respect to royalty where it is in the reigning party. But when the flag of the United States is presented, you stand and put your right hand over your heart. If you have on a hat, you remove it and place it over your heart. If you are in military uniform, you salute it. But you do not take a knee to protest it.  THIS I KNOW.

2.  I just got back from a three day trip to Albuquerque. Two nights in a motel. Traffic noise, sirens and people every where making noise.  It was so nice to go to bed in my own bed, as broke down as it is, and open a window and hear        nothing.  Nothing but the sound of silence. There was some wind in the apple tree but it was a soothing sound, not a cacophonous sound like the city.  I'll take the sound of silence any time. AND THIS I KNOW.


Friday, October 6, 2017


1. The shooting in Las Vegas.  I feel pain for those who lost loved ones or had loved ones injured in the horrific act of one individual.  However, as usual, Hillary and her minions jumped on the gun control band wagon immediately, with no regard to the suffering that was going on. So lets look at a couple or three things that really happened here.  First, the NRA, which Hillary wants abolished, had nothing to do with this shooting. They have issued a statement asking for stronger laws against what this shooter used.  The shooter bought legal guns and then purchased illegal items from the internet to modify they guns he had in order to make them the type of gun he used.  He did not buy these guns as he used them from any gun dealer.  Finally, on this topic, there are millions of responsible gun owners which translates into millions of legal guns in the USA and they are not  going on a shooting spree. Do not punish them for the actions of someone else.

2. The hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.  The mayor of one of the cities has started a public feud with President Trump, which Trump has went along with. The mayor has stated that the Trump administration is doing nothing to help those in need.  So, once again, lets look at the facts.  The Governor of Puerto Rico has been in touch with President trump almost daily and has praised his assistance. There are cargo ships with multiple shipping containers full of supplies in Puerto Rico, but they have been unable to dock because of damaged docks. When they were able to get the shipping containers on land, there were two problems, One was the damage to the roads getting to anyone, and the other one is that truck drivers in Puerto Rico were not showing up to work to get these supplies to the areas where they are needed. Drivers from the US mainland have went to Puerto Rico to do this.  Yet, the aforementioned mayor would rather trash Trump than acknowledge that his administration has and is giving all the assistance they can.  Yet, none of these items are being reported on the news.

3.I saw on the news this morning that someone is inventing an electric airplane. It resembles a small business jet and will have a range of a few hundred miles and will seat around 8 people. Well, if you are a Jetsons fan that may sound good, but to me, I would fear that the extension cord would come unplugged mid flight or something, so I guess I won't be getting on one any time soon.


Thursday, September 21, 2017



DACA.  Years ago, under other administrations, those who were brought here as children, illegally, were pretty much allowed to stay here.  This is an issue that congress was supposed to address, but they did not.  President Obama ask them too, but they did not, so he signed an executive order called DACA.  This program was designed to end soon.  Now, the President is not allowed to make law.  That is the job of congress.  The President can then sign or veto. And if he veto's it, then congress can over ride him with a certain percentage of the vote.  Now, President Trump repealed DACA.  In spite of the protests and the hysteria that surrounded that announcement, he did not say any thing about deporting those who are called Dreamers.  He did say to congress, Now go to work and do your job and do something about this.  He did indicate that he would sign into law a law to keep the dreamers here and on a fast track to citizenship. 

2.  North Korea.  I saw a post on Facebook that accused President Trump of threatening North Korea.  The post indicated that if Trump would back down then North Korea would quit doing what they are doing.  Not so.  North Korea has said that they at going to obliterate the United States and reduce us to ashes.  They have fired missile after missile and have showed defiance in the face of other Nations trying diplomatic avenues to have them back down.  They have chosen not to do so. President Trump has said that we would defend the U.S and it's allies.

3. On a lighter note, there is a facebook post that says that partners who watch and discuss movies are less likely to get a divorce than those who don't watch movies.  Well, after over 56 years of marriage, it is nice to know the reason for the divorce should we ever reach that point.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I DIDN'T REALIZE IT HAD BEEN SO LONG SING I POSTED. Apparently I haven't been missed.  well, I could have named this post Random Thoughts. I didn't, but I could have.  Because that is what it is going to be.  A few random thoughts on random subjects.

1. President Trump ended the DACA program.  My thoughts.  This is a good and viable program.  I am surprised at the reaction to this announcement.  Didn't they listen to what he said?  So, here is my understanding of this program.  In 2010 President Obama ask congress to send him a bill that would address the issue of immigrants who were brought her illegally as children. Congress did not do that, so Obama signed a executive order creating DACA. It was set to end in 2020, I think.  I may be wrong on that.  President Trump, under advisement from his advisors, ended the program, but he did the same thing that Obama had done.  Put the onus on Congress, telling them to come up with a program in the next 6 months to address this issue. If they fail to do so, then he said he would revisit the issue himself. He also said that those on this program would be a low priority to be deported.  So, if yo have to protest, protest congress. There is a lot more going on with this issue, but this is enough on it for now from me.

2. Do you watch the food net work on TV?  I do sometimes. I have come to a conclusion. I could not cook for these people. Even if I could cook, I couldn't cook for them. They don't like food, unless it has been saturated in booze.  And they eat things that should not be eaten.  Like chicken feet and pig snouts and cat fish heads.  Things I couldn't or wouldn't cook, even if I knew how to cook.

3. On a related note, I couldn't be a judge on these programs either.  The judges eat these foods and talk about the taste of things I have no clue what they are even talking about.  And one judge says it's too salty, another one says it is not salty enough, one says it is cooked to long and another says it is not cooked long enough.  I look at the things they cook and eat and have to wonder, hw would they survive with just plain old steak and potatoes.

4.  On a show I watched a day or so ago, one cook made a taco.  Now, I like taco's. But this one had beef tripe, peas and something else that just don't fit in my world of tacos.  All I could say was Really.

5. I think I have a sense of humor.  As I watch TV and see the things that are previewed for the upcoming season and billed as comedy, all I can do is shake my head in wonder.  As in, I wonder where any one thinks that trash is comedy. it is not funny, nor humorous. I is mostly lewd and gross and usually down right disgusting.

6. I will end with this.  The digital age.  I use computers, because well, that is the way things are. But the digital age is just getting too much for me.  Speak and some electronic item answers. Order and someone will pick out what you ordered and mail it to you.  Nope, I still like to see what I am getting, especially grocery wise. I do not want a wal mart employee picking out my vegetables.  I still think a lot of the old things are best.