Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I'M REALLY, REALLY GETTING TIRED. A while back I said to myself, "Self, just back off from the posts about the tics".  I really wanted to just focus on other things in the few blog posts that I write. I have even considered blogging more about things closer to me, you know, like well, me.  But I have a hard time doing that, mostly and the tics just keep on getting, well, more tic,ky. So, here goes.
I a recent debate between Queen in her own mind Hillary and Bernie and another seldom mentioned Democratic candidate, Hillary made some unsupported claims about the Donald that she has been called out on. She refuses to back down.  And Donald. Well, if his language gets any worse, the country will run out of mouth washing soap before the elections are here, much less over. Would Donald make a good President. I think not. He is a successful businessman, but I think he will not be a good President. However, there is so much of the populace that is really tired of the current government leadership, that they are rallying behind him for whatever rhetoric that seems to spew from his mouth.  As for Hillary, She is being rallied behind for whatever reason I fail to understand at all.  It has been proven that she has told many lies about the things she has done. Even if you ignore a lot of what is said on social media, and take the liberal media with a grain of salt, Hillary still comes off in a bad light.  The media seems to ignore the face that she and husband Bill made off with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of China and other items from the White House when they left after his term of office. They were caught and they did return said items, but they still did abscond with them. So what seems to be the draw for Hillary and Donald. I really don;t know. ( Are you getting tired of me using the word really?)  So, I think the best match up would be the seldom mentioned Democrat and Cruz or Rubio on the Republican side. Maybe a good look at an Independent candidate would be in order this time.

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