Monday, December 30, 2013


A TIME FOR INTROSPECTION:  Is that actually a word?  Does it even mean what I think it does?  Maybe.  This is a little different type of post for me.  One on looking back and making a few comments on what has been, with perhaps a comment on what can be.  We will see what happens, as I have no idea what I am about to commit to print.  Hang on, if you dare.
Before I start on the year of 2013, I am going to comment on this time 14 years ago.  Do you remember what was going on 14 years ago?  If my math is correct, and I admit it may be faulty, we were on the verge of Y2K.  Remember that.  The world was in a tizzy.  Especially the world of technology, electronics and all things tech.  People were preparing for the worst and expecting it to happen.  Predictions of computers crashing as the change was made from the 1900's to the 2000's. Planes would crash, or fly blindly across the skies without guidance and finding a place to land was up to chance.  Ships would said endless seas with out a way to navigate, grocery stores were stocking up supplies, not sure when the next shipment would be able to find it's way to them.  People were stocking up on food, clothing, and tools of all kinds.  Electric generators were being purchased in record numbers, to take care of electric things in homes that would be without electricity after midnight.  Birds would not be able to find their way back north in the spring, bears would forget to hibernate, and the snow would forget to fall.  OK, I made that last sentence up.  But the panic of the people was real.  Have you forgot all this in the last 14 years?  One group of people that was not predicting doom and gloom was the leaders of the LDS Church, a church to which I have belonged all my life. Why were they not predicting doom and gloom?  Because they knew that all would be well.  And they have been telling the members for decades to be prepared for what ever may come along.
All that being said, I will now get to the purpose of this post. A review of the past year. As I give this some thought, I really have very little to say.  My wife and I ushered in the new year in the same manner we have for the past several years.  In bed, sleeping.  As we will probably do again this year. We are in the 8th decade of our life and just really don't go out at night if we don't need to.  There was an eye dr. visit in Tucson, Arizona followed by a visit to my mother in Mesa, Az.  There were Dr. visit's to Dr's in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had been looking for over a year for a full size pickup, probably a 4 door Ford F250 4x4.  The ones we had found were either well used and wore out, or new and very expensive.  Although the last several vehicles we had purchased were new off the lot, we had decided to buy a used pickup.  We just couldn't find one.  Until the last of March, we saw a vehicle on a Ford lot we were at for another purpose.  It was a 2007 F350 Power Stroke with 83,000 miles.  In very good shape and at a price $5000.00 below blue book price.  Even with the price we paid, it was still $30,000 to $35,000 below a new pickup just like it.  During the summer we remodled our bathroom and did some touchup work outside of the house.  We also did some work on Property on the ditch bank. Making plans for a possible future move there and taking down an old corral that had been built on the property nearly 40 years past.
In October we made a trip to northern Utah to visit family and attend a LDS Conference session.
Also, a grandson joined the navy and entered flight school, the husband of a granddaughter returned safely from a deployment to Afghanistan and the husband of another granddaughter graduated from Duke University, was commissioned an officer in the Air Force and deployed to Texas.  Two other Grandsons are serving in the Marine Reserve and the Army National Guard. I guess that makes us a highly military supportive family. So glad I don't watch football.  It may be difficult to know who to root for.
We had a daughter and son in law, two of their dasughters and one of their husbands and a son here for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed the company.
Christmas was quiet. We heard from most of the family by phone or e mail.
Now, we are about to enter a new year.  2014.  What will the new year bring. That is a statement, not a question. We will definitely have a repeat of some of the events mentioned for this year.  Dr. appointments.  No vehicle purchases, though.  A continuation of the remodel of the house we live in. Perhaps growing a garden big enough to can from.  Hopefully a bountiful crop from the fruit trees.  Visits from family, and maybe even a visit to family. And, of course, keeping up with duties in the church.
This is a long post for me, but probably didn't say near any thing of what went on during the past year.  Still, this is what you get.  I wish each and every one a Happy and Prosperous 2014.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

25 DECEMBER 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS:  As my wife and I arose this morning at 5 a.m. to find a glorious morning dawning, we want to wish a Merry Christmas to one and all.  As the dawn breaks over the horizon, the sun making an orange glow before bursting over the mountains to the East, we leave the house for a quick walk of 1 and 1/2 miles.  I say quick, because we walk it in about 20 minutes. Then back home to a cup of hot chocolate and breakfast, then later to open the presents we have received.  As we contemplate the reason for the celebration of this day, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we know that the gifts we give to others and that others give to us are a symbol of the gifts that were given to the Christ child.  But even more, the gift He gave to each of us by being a perfect human on this earth and giving His life as an atonment for the sins that we each will commit while we live here on this earth.  His only request is that we live the commandments and repent from those sins. 
We have seven children and 27 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  And soon to have seven great grand children. And all of them live other places.  The are scattered from Utah to Texas to Florida and down under to Australia.  Although none of them are here this day with us, we have heard from some of them at this time and will hear from others as the day goes on. Still, we can spend a quiet day in contemplation and enjoy the day with a simple holiday meal later in the day.
I hope each of you have a good day, and keep in mind those who are suffering from storms and no heat in their homes or no homes at all.  And those who are serving in battle zones or other military posts far away from family and friends on this day of celebration.
May each of you have a good day and a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 23, 2013


I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES: I take a lot of pictures.  Some of them are actually kinda good. Some of them are kinda not so good.  Some of them are down right bad.  Some of them or of family members, but most of them are flora and fauna type pictures. 

None of them, however, are of myself.  Now, I know a lot of people, if they were to read this blog, will get upset with me over this.  But, I just don't understand the idea of selfies.  For any one who may have the mis fortune to actually read this, and is wondering what a selfie is, I will tell you.  This is a picture you take of your self, usually with you cell mate, AKA cell phone, and then post said picture on the web.  On a social media like facebook. Now, this is a popular form of expression that is sweeping the country. Maybe a lot of countries.  It is talked about on the media, and pictures of "stars" are circulated.  No, not the ones that actually glitter and are pretty, but those of the people variety that have a false glitter and are seldom really pretty. But the media, who are all in love with these "stars" ooh and aah over these people and carry on like they were most improtant thing in the world.  They are not, but you can't tell the media types that. 
But back to the purpose of this post is to state my position on selfies.  Take them if you must.  Post them on face book if you feel so inclined.  Just know that they will go viral and if they are something you don't want any one to see, too bad.  I, for one, will stay behind the camera and post my pictures of scenery, if I feel like posting any thing.

Monday, December 16, 2013



1. Do you like Sardines/Anchovies?  Well, since I don't like or eat Pizza, I don't eat Anchovies. I have ate Sardines in a time far away in the past.  They were salty and they didn't smell very good.  I have seen people at work, back when I had a job, open a can of Sardines and eat them with crackers.  Saltine crackers.  Man, the Sardines were bad enough, but the crackers were just added salt.  I checked the internet for Sardines/Anchovies and learned that they were not the same fish. However, after reading about each of them, I can't see me eating either one of them any time in the near future.  Or the far future.  That being said, a segment on the news this morning that said Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Onions, Leeks and Anchovies were cancer fighting food.  Guess any self respecting cancer cell would run from the last three of those and the nuts are just a healthy snack to make you feel better.  Yep, that is what it is.  Although I like Onions and Leeks.

2. Affluenza.  A new disease?  Nope.  A criminal defense.  Yep, you read that correctly.  There was a news story recently on the TV about a 16 year old boy, and I will repeat that, a 16 year old boy, who was driving drunk and crashed into some people and killed them.  This is a crime that would automatically result in a sentence of several years in prison.  What did this boy receive?  A few years probation.  Why?  Cause he was suffering from Affluenze.  And what, you say, is Affluenze?  Well, if you really don't know, it is a case of his Parents are Affluent.  As in rich, wealthy, having more money than the boy knows what to do with.  And thus, according to the courts, he has affluenza and there fore has no feeling of right and wrong and he wouldn't be able to be in jail cause he isn't used to that kind of life.  No Kidding.  Who is?  So, he didn't pay for his crime of underage drinking and driving under the influence and killing people, cause he is under the influence of affluence.  Well, I don't have to worry about that disease.

3. I Pad Apps.  This is for a phone, not a piece of gauze that will protect your eye when you have an injury.  This piece of electronic marvel will do things that I don't really want done.  It will start your car while you are still in the airplane on the runway.  That way, your car is warm, or cool, by the time you find your lost luggage and get to the parking lot. It will check and lock your house for you in case you forgot to when you left. It will turn off the TV, or turn it on. It will turn on the stove so your dinner is cooked by the time you get home. Now, if they will get one that will pick the winning lottery numbers, I will consider buying one.  Till then, I will manage with the out dated phone that is already smarter than me any way. 

4.  Twerking.  I saw the disgusting display by Miley Cyrus on the award show a few weeks back. I have only just learned that what she was doing was a new dance called twerking.  Twerking?  Who ever in the world came up with that dance, much less the name?  Well, I like to dance, or I used to before I got old.  I was no where near a good dancer, but I managed to get by with our crushing my partners toes, for the most part.  But back then, when we did a jitter bug we danced fast, but with our feet on the ground. When we did a slow dance, like a two step or a waltz, we danced close and in time to the music. Now, there are lifts and floor mopping and throws and bumps and grinds and well, twerking. 

5.  Well, guess I'll forget the little fish, and stick to bacon and beef, and I'll be just a poor boy with an outdated phone and when I dance with MELWFA I will stick to a slow dance, both feet on the ground and let the janitor clean the floor.  At my age, bumps and grinds are what I have from hitting things and what my joints do when I get up in the morning.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS:  Well, maybe not every day that is designated as a holiday.  New Years Day, for example, is just a day that starts a new year on a calendar. New years eve is a day to celebrate the ending of one year and the eve of a new year to come.  Labor day.   A day to pay honor to those who work to earn a living.  A good thing to honor, of course, but not a holiday I spend a lot of time looking forward to.  Well, actually, I don't spend any time looking forward on what to do on labor day.  Presidents day, Valentines, Halloween, all days for a specific purpose, but not a day I spend a lot of time looking forward to.  Maybe I should. Especially Valentines.  Memorial Day and Veterans Day are days that we should spend time remembering those who have gone before us and to pay honor to them. They mean more than Labor day.  Mother's day should be a special day for each of us.  And Easter is a really special day for the Christian world and should be spent in a time of remembrance of the supreme sacrifice of the Savior of the world.  There are days that should be special to each person or family, such as birthdays, anniversarys, graduation days and so forth.  And they should be celebrated according to the desires of that person or family. 
The days that I am talking about specifically for the benefit of this post are the "HOLIDAYS". Those that are upon us at this time of the year.  Yes, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are times that should be celebrated for the reason for which they were created.  And they should be celebrated with family and friends. 
So what is the purpose of this post.  To make a comment on these two holidays.  Yes, I love the holidays. Yes,I hate what goes on at this time of year. Advertisements that say buy this or buy that. This is the gift every one wants.  No, EVERY ONE does not necessarily want that. EVERY ONE does not necessarily want most of what is advertised for sale at this time of year.  MLWFAE and I watch and shop from the shopping channel QVC. But they get carried away with what they are selling.  yes, I realize that is their job.  Selling people things they say is needed. They say you can buy this for you postman, your dog walker, your hair dresser or barber, the person who delivers your pizza, maybe someone who jogged by and waved hello.  I made that last one up.  But to listen to them hawking their wares, I can't help but think, Wow, no wonder people go into so much debt at this time of year if they buy all those gifts for all those people.
But the one thing I really do not like are the ads for the Clapper and the Chia pets.  If any one was so nice to me to give me one of those, I think I would be just as nice and give it back to them.
So, even though Thanksgiving day is past, and Christmas day is coming up, lets all keep in mind the true purpose of these days and give thanks in a manner that is appropriate. Be appreciative of family. Be thankful for the things you have.  Christmas lights should be displayed in a tasteful manner and be symbolic of the light of Christ.  Gift giving should be done in a manner that is heartfelt and meaningful, keeping in mind the gifts given to the Christ child and most of all the gift He gave to all the world.  Under no circumstances should gift giving be done in a manner that is just a show of   Look what I did.  Look how much money I spent on gifts for people that drove by and honked their horn.  Just enjoy the season and say
MERRY CHRISTMAS.  After all, that is the reason for the holiday.  Be happy, but say Merry Christmas.    And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK 

Monday, December 2, 2013


WHAT DOES THIS MAKE YOU THINK OF? The Wave.  Atlanta Braves Baseball, maybe. A new dew at the beauty shop.  If not a dew, maybe a frost. Maybe you are a surfer on the ocean.  And then, there is me.  Blogging about the wave.  The one I am talking about is people waving to each other.  You know.  Like neighbors do. Or used to do.  Do you wave?  To neighbors? To firends you meet while shopping?  How about perfect strangers?  Well, no, not to them.  Cause there ain't no such thing, as a perfect stranger.  They may be strange.  Some of them are probably stranger than others.  But never perfect.  So, now that we have established that, do you wave to strangers.  I do.  When MLWFAE*  and I travel I will wave when we meet oncoming cars. Or the people driving them.  When we travel north from where we live to where the ditch bank is, we will meet people heading south, and the majority of them will wave.  Some returning the wave I had performed, and some actually initiating the wave, which I return.  Many, however, won't wave. Some just don't.  Some are looking away and don't see the wave I offered them. Some are looking down.  Texting, Perhaps?  But still, when I go in that direction, most will wave.  Recently I took a short 40 mile trip south of where I live.  I did a test.  A kind of survey, if you will.  I waved at the people in oncoming cars.  Some returned the wave, none initiated the wave, most didn't wave at all.  Makes a person wonder why.  Maybe they don't like baseball.  Now, when driving on divided highways, freeways and the like, a survey of this type will be difficult, if not impossible.  This works on most city streets and two lane highways where the cars meet mirror to mirror.  So, I ask you readers, if there be any, to take a similar survey and see what happens.  If you do, and if you would like to, report what happened here, in the comments section.  Nod or speak a greeting to imperfect strangers you meet as you shop. How many return the greeting.  Up close and personal, I venture a guess that most will.  On the highways, who knows.  Well, if you do the survey, you will.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK. 
*my loving wife for all eternity