Thursday, July 31, 2014


I TOOK A BREAK:  From the news and did a post on my food opinion, and I got behind on the news and other TV items.  So, I will comment on a couple or so of them and maybe forget the others I had thought to comment on.  We will see. So number 

1.  WATER MAIN BREAK IN L.A. This has been in the news for two days or more, now.  And SUNSET BLVD. IS FLOODED AND THERE IS A BIG SINKHOLE. So, who cares.  You do?  Well, there was a water main break in Albuquerque along with the resulting sinkhole and not a thing mentioned on national TV.  And I go to Albuquerque. I never go to L.A. or Sunset BLVD. And while I have been there, decades ago, I have no intention of ever going back.  Knock on wood. And there are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who have never been there and never will. And the news caster on the Today Show, when talking about this, said of Sunset BLVD., you know we have all been there.  Well, no,  we have not all been there.  And you just have to wonder how many other main water line's broke with the resulting sink holes that were not mentioned.  Just as Albuquerque was not.  NEWS BREAK,  TO NBC, or any other TV Net Work.  NEW YORK AND HOLLYWOOD DO NOT REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES.

2. LOIS LERNER.  You know who she is.  Well, if not, you don't watch the news.  She is the IRS woman that lost all the e mails etc.  And should be in jail or somewhere away from the public. She has now been quoted on the news as calling conservatives a very vulgar term.  If a "lady" is going to use that kind of language, or a "gentleman" either, they should not be in public service. Ever. I know, I know, that is unrealistic, but that is the way I feel.  Of Course, Mrs. Lerner should be held accountable for her actions in any case, regardless of her language.

3.  WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.  You remember that show, or movie, or whatever it was.  I remember hearing the name.  25 years ago.  It was on the news a few days ago celebrating the 25 years since that show came out.  And the news casters were quoting their favorite lines from it and saying, remember?  Me and my wife just looked at each other and said No, we don't remember the show, even, much less the lines.  Don't think we even saw it.  Man, we decided if Holly wood type questions are ask as a requirement to get into Heaven, we are doomed to sweat for ever.

4.  AUTOMOBILES. You know what they are. Those gas guzzling, oil burning, tire smoking, noisy things that most of us feed with a frenzy.  Yeah. Those things.  I have seen a couple of ads lately on the TV about these items of necessity.  One showed a teenager driving with an adult, ( his dad or his instructor) and while driving he was looking at a teen age girl walking on the sidewalk. He didn't see the car stopped in front of him, but the car did and stopped before he had an accident. Just this morning I saw a similar ad for a car that detects something and avoids an accident while the driver was distracted. Just have to wonder if all these "safety" items won't just make the driver less responsible. So what if I get distracted, the car will take care of me.  And I can't help but wonder at the distractions that are being added to the car. Just yesterday we were in a Ford Dealership and while there we were looking at a brochure for a new Ford Explorer. It has three different screens for the driver to look at for information, a slot for a SD card reader along with some other things that I don't even remember now.  But, distractions.  Seems like just more accidents waiting to happen.  I don't care how many safety devises you install in the car, the driver is still the driver and needs to remember that at ALL TIMES.


Monday, July 28, 2014


AND IF SO, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? For me, it would be a variety of many things.  Meat, veggies, grains, milk and a lot of water. And fruits. And breads. And Oh Well, you get the picture.  But do you have a favorite food.  When you go to a restaurant, do you gravitate to a certain kind. Here in New Mexico we like Mexican, or Spanish food.  Food that is not really eaten in either Mexico or Spain.  But while it is eaten all over the United States, it is just not as good as it is here in the Southwest part of New Mexico.  A State that is known for the Chili that is grown here. Yum.  So what is your favorite Mexican/Spanish Food dish.  Can you choose?  Me neither. And to top it off with a Sopapilla is, well, just delicious. You can fill it with honey, or roll it in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, or you can use it as a bread with the meal.  Why you would want to do that when a tortilla will work better I don't know, but well, you can.  Of course, when you are away from New Mexico and want a sopapilla,  be sure to ask if they know what that is.  A daughter or two, a number of years ago, in Northern Utah, wanting a taste of home, ordered a sopapilla, What came, they said, tasted good, but it was far from a sopapilla. I don't even remember now just what it was, but when they ask what it was and were told it was a sopapilla, they laughed at the waiter and when he ask where they were from and learned they were from Southwest New Mexico, he said, Yeah, we always have trouble with people from down there.  Yup, I would imagine they would.  I have watched several TV chefs cook this type of food, and while the Pioneer Woman gets it close, no one gets it quite like we do here.  But then I'm prejudice and proud of it and will never change my mind on this subject.  So enjoy the food wherever you are and just know that no matter how good your Mexican or Spanish food is, we do it best here.  Sorry you aren't here to enjoy.  Oh, and a little Salsa for topping on your Ice Cream might just be the thing.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Monday, July 21, 2014


THE NEWS IS ALWAYS FRUITFUL: And sometimes humorous and sometimes just shake your head in wonder at "What are they thinking".  Well, here are four more things to post about. All have been on the news, but some are the "rage: of the age, or something like that.  But here goes.

1. Well, this one is not a news thing, but a TV ad, on the TV of course. This is from Dish network.  Get the hopper, they advertise.  You can watch one show while recording 8 others. For me, this is one of those head shakers.  I have enough trouble finding the one channel to watch, much less recording 8 others.  I wish there was 9 channels with programs worth watching, that would make TV worth having in the house.  And I have a lot more to do than to mindlessly watch TV.  But then, I don't ooh and aah over the "stars" of the small screen and have trouble even telling them apart. Seems like to me, they are a lot like the cars on the market now a days.  They all look like they came from the same computer software program, regardless of which company is spitting them out a few months before they are recalled.  Most of the TV programs on TV should be permanently recalled.  So, no, even though I have Dish for what little TV I watch, I will not be getting the hopper.

2. Selfies. This has been on the news and all over facebook.  People taking pictures of themselves and then posting them on the computer for all and sundry to look at and exclaim over.  I don't really like my picture being taken any way, much less to take a self portrait an a prison phone, OH sorry, that is a cell phone and post it all over the world.  If that is what floats your boat, go for it, I just can't see the benefit in it and it just a baffler to me why.  OH well, on to more important items.

3.  I assume you have all been keeping up on the border crisis.  With all the mostly women and children coming across the southern border from South American countries. And other places. I posted about this a time or two, and I feel a certain compassion for the children. I feel that they are pawns for some one, and only time will prove me wrong.  Still, they are here illegally. And the ACLU is at the border and as they come across, they are advising them of "their constitutional rights".  Um, what is it about the word   Illegal   do they not understand.  They are not citizens of the country, and they do not have a visa to enter. There fore they have no constitutional rights. Again, I feel sorry for the children, for the reason mentioned, as well as others, but there is a proper way to get here.  And they are not from the middle east and places like that, these are not war torn country's they are escaping from.  They just want to be here.  Can't blame them, but do it legal.

4. And finally, these two items from California. I mention two because they are kinda along the same lines.  One, the city of San Francisco has passed a rule, or is trying to pass a rule to make it illegal to put any thing in your garage except your car. No bikes, no tools, no sports equipment no nothing other than your car. No garden hoses.  And on garden hoses, Meanwhile in Glendora, Ca they will fine you $500.00 for not using water .  Or not. The State advised the residents that water is an item in short supply and to conserve on water. So one family did. And their lawn turned brown and the neighbors told the city of Glendora that the property was abandoned. When the city discovered that it was not, they told the couple to water their lawn or they would fine them $500.00.  So, they can be fined $500.00 by the State for using water that is is short supply, or fined $500.00 by the city for not using water that is in short supply to keep their property looking like the city wants it to look. So do what you want, the someone is going to get $500.00 from you any way.  Yep, that's how it works is America now a days.  

I think we just need to go hide in a cave somewhere and for get to leave a forwarding address.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


POLITICS TIMES TWO, OR THREE:  There are several things in the news lately that I have made a note to myself to post about. However, there are a couple of things that I feel the desire to post about.  So I will do that and see about the news items later.

1. Immigration: There has been much in the news about the young children coming across the border. I have posted about the porous border in the past. Living close to the border as we do, we have seen those who come across from time to time. Ranchers in Arizona see them and the evidence of their passing all the time. Occasionally they are shot at by drug dealers coming across and there are those who have been killed.  And still they come. But I digress.  Why are the young children coming into the United States illegally? And the Border Agents and Homeland security are trying to deal with this issue.  Not illegal immigrants, but the children. They are coming from more than one country south of the U.S.  I feel sorry for them.  I feel they are pawns in a larger game. I don't know a lot about exactly who is driving this.  The politicians are blaming each other. Some say the Republicans are not caring and some say the Democrats and the President are allowing this and even promoting it.  So, who knows.  Still, people in the cities where the government wants to house them are turning out in large numbers in objection to the government taking care of them.  And who is the victim.  Well, they are here illegally, so we the people are.  But, they are children and they are scared. And we need to have a little bit of compassion for them.  But in the long run, they will be sent back home and we will be left to wonder, Did we do the right thing?  I am against those who come in to the country by illegal means.  Still, I feel sorry for the children.  I hope the politicians can get this taken care of soon.  And that kinda leads me to the second item for this post, which is

2.   Politics.  Are maybe the parties that we most belong too.  First, in the Alphabet, there are the Democrats.  There are those in the party who have MSNBC and Ed Schultz. They are the party faithful and will vote for all things and people democrat. There is no room for any other opinion. On the other side are the Republicans. They have Fox news and Rush Limbaugh. And they will vote for all things and people Republican. And there is no room for any other opinion.  And then there is the middle people. And there are a lot of people of both of the above parties, as well as independents and those with other affiliations.  And the politicians of the two mentioned parties realize that there are not enough of them, the "Party faithful" to win an election. So they pander to those in the middle. Both trying to get those of us in the middle to vote for them. And we have some of those here in the State where I live.  We have a school system here in the town that is running amok and the school board apparently won't listen to the people, so the system is losing teachers right and left.  And the school administrators are from out of state and it seems to be a case of cronyism. And several city and county councils are restricting the residents to speak only of they say positive things. Any time they say something negative, they are told to sit down and refused to speak further.  Seems to me these politicians need to start listening to the people, and have a more open mind about what the people want.  And on this note, I will make one further observation on politics;

3. In the State of Utah, there is a thing that seems to be politics or religion. Since the dominate religion in Utah is LDS, and according to what I have read the majority of LDS people are Republican, to be a Democrat makes you less of a Mormon.  I can say without any fear of reprisal, that is a Utah thing.  I am Republican, but there are family members on both sides of my wife's and my family that are Democrat and faithful LDS members, and they are not thought less of because of it.  I guess people in Utah need to be a little more liberal in their thinking.  And vote for the person, not the party.


Thursday, July 10, 2014


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT:  At least that is how the saying goes. I'm sure if the one or two people who may read my posts are Star Trek fans, they will correct me.  But I seem to have a thought in my mind ( yes I do have those occasionally ) thought's that is, of a feature in the Star Trek series where Scotty or some other crew member would walk up to a replicator and dial in a meal of what ever they wanted and it would magically appear, and just like Lucky Charms, it was magically delicious. Well, I am an old people, so I periodically receive old people magazines and news papers.  And I recently received one of said news papers and there was a short article in it that had the head line of       ALL THE FOOD THAT'S FIT TO PRINT.  
Well, I read the article expecting an article on nutrition or something.  Nope, not that at all.  It seems that 20 percent of old people over the age of 50 have difficulty swallowing. So a Dutch company is developing, or has developed, a process to print your food on a computer printer.  Yep, that's what I thought also.  But it goes on to say that Dutch printing presses are cranking out edible foodstuffs, from pork to peas.  The process starts with pureeing  food and filling the tanks of an ink jet like printer. A secret ingredient makes the slurry the proper consistency for squirting to form a reconstituted dish.  It looks and smells much ( I like that term ("much") like the original food but has the benefit of melting in your mouth so you can swallow it.  Residents of a German nursing home are getting the first taste.
Not exactly like a Star Trek replicator, but some how it seems like maybe we are getting closer and we won't even have to go to space to do that.  Yep, just turn on the computer and dial up me a  Taco or Enchilada meal and print it out.  Red or Green.
No, I don't think so either.  Some how it just wouldn't be the same.

Monday, July 7, 2014


THE NEWS CONTINUES TO BE FRUITFUL:  Man, I make a post on a scientific item and a little humor blended in and I just get way behind on the news items.  So, I scratched a couple of items I was going to comment on and will just comment on these few things.
1. The Pres. is directing Federal agencies to give workers leeway in determining their work schedules. Guess the work of the government will get even further behind and less done, but the workers will be happy to know that they can work when ever they want to. Or not.  Don't they do that a lot any way?

2.  Did you see the news blurb on a young man that had to be rescued after he got stuck in a statue of  a female private part?  While I can only shake my head at the antic of this young man and his "desire" to get a picture of himself inside this statue, I shake my head more in wonder at why someone felt the need to create a statue of this kind in the first place.  But then, maybe that is not any worse than the nude statues they call art in local and foreign places.  Still, I hope the young man was properly embarrassed. Naw, he probably wasn't.

3. Did you see that Obama has cleared the way for the U.S. Government to export oil and gas to foreign country's. If we have supplies to export, just have to wonder why we are so dependent on foreign oil.  Something smells somewhere.

4. First in the news of late was the story about Cliven Bundy in Nevada and his dispute with the government taking over his land. What ever your feelings are in regard to Mr. Bundy, the government definitely could handle these things in a better way. But now there are two more land grab stories in the news.  One of them is in the Dakotas where the government is trying to take Reservation Land from the Indians and turning it over to the Park Service. This, understandably, has the Indians up in arms.  And finally, on this subject, The Forest service is planning to build miles of fence in Northern New Mexico to keep a ranchers cattle away from a stream and meadow where they have been for decades.  Why, because the environmentalists have discovered a mouse there that they think needs protected.  Like the cows and the mice haven't coexisted for a lot longer than the environmentalist or the forest service.  Guess the Cowboys and Indians will be on the same side on this one.

5. And finally, for this post. The nation has been in a recession for years.  And the current administration has blamed it on Bush.  Well, maybe so. But the talking heads keep saying the recession has been in recovery for the last 5 years. I, along with most people, think not. Still, I saw a woman reporter on the news this past week make this Statement. And I quote.  The recession has been over for 5 years and the Nation as a whole has recovered from it, except for these 32 States in red on the map." close quote.  And the map showed those 32 States that ranged from California to New England.  All across the country.  And, aren't there 50 States? And doesn't 32 from 50 equal 18?  If 18 States have recovered from the recession and 32 have not, how does that constitute "The Whole Country"?  Must be a new version of the new math that came out some decades back.  Guess I need to go back to school.