Sunday, September 16, 2012

Political Advertising

ELECTION 2012:  Are you as sick of the political TV commercials as I am?  Even from those I intend to vote for.  I didn't vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and now that I have the chance I won't vote for him again.  I will vote for Romney.  The Liberterian party has a lot of good ideas, and their candidate is Gary Johnson, a former Governor of New Mexico. He did a good job of Governing the State, in spite of some personal problems.  And he advocates the legalization of Marijuana.  Which I don't. But the main reason I won't vote for him is that he has as much chance of winning as a snowball surviving in, well, you know the place.  Obama made a lot of promises in 2008 that he has not come even close to doing.  And he has surrounded himself with a lot of people that should not be running this country's business.  But enough of that, at least for now.  This post is about TV commercials. 
Here in the State of New Mexico, the local politicians that want to go to Washington, or those who want to remain there, are posting TV ads that tell why they should be the one to represent us.  I know enough about these candidates, of both parties, (I don't mention the libertarians because they have no candidates running in State election ) to know that the ads from both parties are misleading.  Just like the presidential candidates, they pump themselves up as the only person who can get the job done in Washington, while the other candidate will do things all wrong.  Which ever candidate goes to Washington, they are both wrong in their ads.  They cannot do it by themselves.  And they will each do something wrong, by my standards.  They will also both do something right for the State and the Country.  In spite of my political leanings, I would like to state this.  The founding fathers of this country put in place a method of checks and balances that limits what each of the three branches of government can do.  Because of this, congress can not do a lot with out a majority vote of all members.  From both houses.  The President does not operate on his own budget.  That comes from the House. With approval from the Senate, who should propose their own budget for consideration.  They have not done this for three years.  Also, the President is supposed to get approval for his nominees from Congress.  This president has not done that on several occasions.  
As you go into this election season and go to the polls to vote, consider all options.  The current President will not accomplish all he says he can do.  He hasn't done it in the last 4 years and he will not do it in the next 4 years.  Conversely, Mitt Romney will not do all the things he says he will do.  In both cases, there is the check and balance system mentioned above.  So, it comes down to the point of which candidate you believe will do the most good for the country and the least harm.  And that goes for all the local politicians also.  In spite of what they say in the TV ads.     AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


TIVO.  DO YOU HAVE IT?    I do.  Well kinda.  Don't know what Tivo is.  Or DVR.  Well, as best as I understand it,  it is a program on your TV that lets you record a program while your gone, or watching something else.  then when you watch you can skip the commercials.  I said I have it.  Well, that was kinda misleading.  What I have is a book.  I can read it whenever I want, there are no commercials to skip, and I can put it down and return to it at my choice.  And it won't go away.  Unless I want it to.   As for what is on TV, I think most of it should be put in the commercial category and skipped.  At least, if I am reading a book with questionable material, I am not polluting every one else in the  house.  And I can skip it and read another book.  Yep, tivo is great when it comes to turning off the TV and reading a good book.  Didn't miss a thing on TV any way.  Including most of the news.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK