Friday, February 3, 2017


That is the idea that "Everyone" feels, or wants, what ever someone else does.  So, a few thoughts on REALLY.
1. Carolyn Kennedy was on the Today Show this morning and was being "interviewed" by Matt Lauer.  She has just returned from serving as ambassador to Japan for the last three years. So Matt ask her if she was considering running for political office. Why, Because "Everyone" wanted to know.  UH no, Matt, not every one. There are a few, maybe a few hundred thousand, of us who could care less. Or was even aware she was still in Japan. 
2. So when she said she wasn't sure what she wanted to do going forward, she said maybe be on TV.  And Matt said, yes, on Morning TV cause Every one wants to be on TV.  UH no Matt, not every one wants to be on TV, morning or otherwise.  In fact there are many of us that don't even like to watch that much TV, much less be on TV.
3. There is a big hype going on about the Superbowl this weekend.  Every One is waiting and wanting to know what Lady Gag Gag is going to do for the half time show.  UH No, not every one is waiting to even watch the game, much less the disgusting display that will be lad gag gag.
4. There has been a facebook post going around that several "Stars" have suggested that all people in Hollywood associated with making movies or TV shows go on strike until President Trump resigns.  A little digging and this was actually started before he was elected and carried on to the inauguration, and now that he is President.  Well, there was a mile long series of comments to this on facebook and the bulk of them said, go ahead and strike.  Who cares.  Again, not "Everyone" looks up to them as the "Elite" that they think they are.  So strike, Maybe if you do and you actually use up all your millions, you may have to get a real job, not job where you act like you have a job.
5. Rosa Brooks has proposed 4 items, or ways, to get rid of President Trump. This ranges from  campaigning against him so he is not re elected in 4 years to a Military coup to take place as soon as possible.  Really, Does she really think that a military in this country would work? Did she not listen to the people?  Apparently not.
6. President Trump has done some things that has shocked the people of the world.  It should not have. He said he would do these things and he was elected on that basis.  I do not like some of the brash ways he is doing things. I also know that the media tends to report things in the worst light, as they all supported Hillary and are against Trump and so will look for any thing negative to report.  And so they will find it and report it.  I don't know the exact nature of the conversation between Trump and the Australian Prime Minister, and it may not have been a good thing on his part, but Really, John McCain calling to apologize for that. Really, John. You do not need to apologize for the United States.  You just don't.  Not every one really cares what your opinion is, even after all you went through in your military career, that was decades back and you now need to look forward. 
7.  Is Donald Trump going to be the best President we ever had? Not be a long shot.  But he is doing some things that needed to be done and I think that we the people need to support him as best we can.  Protesting and looting and burning is not going to solve any thing.


  1. 6. You do understand that not all the media is biased and it's not super hard to come up with brash and terrible things Trump says / does, right? And, yes. An apology is clearly needed to Australia.
    7. Protesting is a wonderful constitutionally given right. It has changed policy and will continue to do so. We should not, however, mix up protestors and those who will use any opportunity to loot. It was done when Obama was first elected and done now. They are not political in nature, usually just an excuse to do harm.

  2. While an apology to Australia is probably in order, it should be made by President Trump, Not John McCain.


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