Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I SAID TO MYSELF, I SAID, SELF, IN 2017 BLOG ABOUT SOMETHING PLEASANT:  Stay away from the political scene.  So for much of 2017, I hope to blog about things more pleasant than what is going on in the news or in Washington.  Then I realized, it probably won't happen.  So, I will start this year with this post. A few observations on the goings on with the election outcome.
1. I have never, in all my life, glamorized those who could act. As in Hollywood. I enjoyed going to movies in my younger days, when movies were a time to relax and enjoy for a while.  I will admit that there were some actors that I liked better than others, but I did not idolize or glamorize or swoon over them.  With that perspective, it has been a long time since I have looked at any actor and thought,  I would like to go see a movie that they are in. I am, for the most part, kinda to mostly disgusted with the antics of those in show business, and have been for some time.
2. I did not watch the Golden Globe awards. I had no desire to do so. I also knew that the Today Show would have more than I wanted to see on the following morning.  However, before I even turned on the TV the next morning, I was perusing Facebook and low and behold, there were some posts on the outrageous comments made by Meryl Streep. The Today Show did play those comments, and have continued to do so.  OK   enough already.  Ms. Streep has been praised or condemned for her comments excessively. So here is my comment on that.
3.  I will not refuse to see a movie that she is in just because of her comments or political views. If she is in a movie that I want to see, I will see it for the movie.  I also agree with what she said in her statement.  To recap, she said      Violence begets violence and disrespect begets disrespect. I totally agree with that. I just have to wonder if she realizes that those are the very things that are portrayed in the movies and TV shows and Broadway plays that she and those she associates with are in.  They portray it and it begets it.  
4. Those who are hollering about Trump and his ties to Russia aren't really listening.  When Mr. Obama sent all those Russians home and Putin did nothing, Trump said  Mr. Putin is a smart man. I agree.  Retaliation on his part would have only started a war. A cold war, perhaps, but a war never the less.  Smart move on his part.  
5. Many are saying that the Russians hacked into the American Political system and swayed the election.  My viewpoint;  Not really.  Did they do the hacking that they are accused of? More than likely.  Did Mr. Putin order or direct that? Also, more than likely. But they hacked into the DNC e mails and then released information from those e mails. The Democratic party supposedly knew about that before the election. Even the media admits that.  They chose to do nothing because they thought that Hillary would win in any case.  The Russians did not hack into the voting machine systems and change the votes.  They may have swayed a few votes toward Trump, but not enough to matter. The fact of the matter is, the people wanted change in Washington and they voted for that change.  The people, folks, not the "elite", Not "Hollywood", but the common every day working man and woman. And Hillary failed to recognize that.  Even President Obama admitted that a few days ago in a news statement. 
6.   In a recent local news report, the Senators from the great state of New Mexico have been quoted on the Senate floor trying to get the Obama care law to stay in place. They quote from citizens of the State that say, please save my insurance.  Trump is going to get rid of it.  Did you not hear what he said?  He said, we need to keep the parts that are working and change those parts that are not.  And yes, he did say to repeal it, but not to the point that people are left with nothing.  But to get rid of those parts that don't work and improve on the law.
Well, guess that is enough for now.  Keep the faith, give things a chance and see what transpires over the next few years.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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