Thursday, February 9, 2017


I AM REALLY GONNA GET AWAY FROM POSTING ON POLITICS: But before I do, I have a couple of things to say at the start of this post.
1. Fact--I have mentioned before that Donald Trump was not my choice for a President. I did vote for him, but would not consider myself a staunch supporter. he has his problems, and many of them are self inflicted.  I do not concern myself overly much about his business dealings, vs. his government dealings. I am concerned with the way he is brashly going about the business of conducting the office of President and I think he needs to quit being a tweety bird. 
2. Fact--When Bill Richardson was governor of New Mexico, he got a law passed that issued valid drivers licenses to any and all.  Even those who had entered the country by illegal means. Because of that, the Federal government has been after the State to rectify this mistake.  Susanna Martinez has for the 6 years she has been governor tried to get the State legislature to overturn this law, but they have been reluctant to do so.  The Obama administration kept telling the state they had to do something, and finally last year they said that New Mexico drivers licenses would no longer be considered as a valid ID for a lot of reasons.  Because of this, they State government finally created a two tier license system. The top tier, which requires a citizen jumping through a lot of hoops to prove citizen ship, can have a drivers license that is valid and can be used as a valid ID for government purposes.  If you don't want that, you can get a lower tier and can drive with it, but you can't use it as a valid ID.  Now, a former Santa Fe mayor is accusing Governor Martinez of being a racist because she advocated for  this.  Really.
3. Fact---My wife and I walk two to three miles a day, most days. My wife can walk faster than I can. She never says any thing, just adjusts her pace to match mine and we go along together.
4. Fact---Every day there seems to be a new APP for something. I don't need or even want those APP'S. I. Just. Don't.....     I will muddle along with what i have and hope I can live in the "modern" world in an older world type of style. I don't need all the  electronic items coming out.
5. Fact---When I go through the candy aisle in Wal Mart, I sometimes feel that I want some thing to eat from that aisle. And I guy it and then I find out it is not as tasty as I thought it would be.  I am getting to the point that candy just don't taste as good as it used to. So I just don't go through that aisle much any more.  I don't need the candy any way. I used to love a Snickers bar. Now, I can't hardly eat a whole one with out feeling sick.  Old Age I guess.

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  1. My friend bought me a roll of Sweetarts for my birthday. My favorite. I just...couldn't eat them at a pace I normally could. And I doubt I get them again any time soon!


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