Monday, February 6, 2017


DID YOU WATCH THE SUPER BOWL?   My wife and I did. Well, kinda. We watched a souper bowl, AKA a bowl of vegetable soup.  That is what we had for lunch on Sunday afternoon, along with some hot buttered fresh made corn bread. As far as the super bowl, we learned who won this morning when we turned on the news.  And we didn't care in any case.  On that note, I have a couple or three or so observations I want to make.
1. Why is it Ok for the Obama's to remain in Washington while their youngest daughter finishes school, but it is not OK for Melania Trump to remain in NYC while her son finishes out the school year? 
2. Why do people, AKA news anchors and Hollywood "Elites" feel it is OK to gush about a movie like 50 shades of gray and 50 shades darker, movies that degrade women in the worst way, but feel that they can trash a president for some things that he said?
3. There was a news item yesterday afternoon that said that since the TV channel that was showing the super bowl wasn't sure what Lady Gag Gag was going to do, there would be a 5 second delay of broadcasting her performance in order to prevent showing a possible "wardrobe" malfunction. Or some other thing that they felt they may need to bleep.  Turns out the performance was kinda "tame" according to the news casts. Almost like they were disappointed. It is getting pretty bad, and a sad commentary on the entertainment industry, when a national event like the super bowl has to have a delay on the half time entertainment just in case the entertainer does something inappropriate. 
4. There was a group of people participating in a protest march before or during the super bowl. A reporter interviewed one of the participants, a young girl/woman, early 20's perhaps, college age, and ask her what the march was about.  She said it was a good time to march and protest against the new administration so they would know how America really feels.  UH no, America showed ow they really feel last November. if you disagree with that, then work to make a change in 4 years, but do not suppose that you are the voice of America. You are not. You are the voice of your own opinion and perhaps the opinion of the group that you are marching with. That you have an opinion I understand, and respect. But don't think that you are the voice of what others feel. 
5. Why was there such an outcry on social media about the taxpayers being on the Hook for security for a Trump family member to the tune of $100,000 when nothing was said about the many hundreds of thousands of dollars that was spent on security every time Mrs. Obama took her family and went on a vacation?
Was it OK for her to do and not OK for a Trump member to travel?

6. I saw a thing on social media that said if President Trump was to eliminate cancer, those who oppose him would accuse him if cheating the grim reaper of business.  While this is perhaps a little extreme, it does seem that no matter what he does or says, he is opposed by those who are upset that he got elected.
7. Finally, why did the people cheer when President Clinton said we need to close the border and when President Obama said the same thing and thought it was a good idea, and then get so upset when President Trump actually did close the border.  Did he do it correctly? probably not. Could he have done it differently? Definitely so. But, does something more need done than has been done in the past.  Very definitely.  Will we pay for the court decision to over turn his action. Yes we will. we can only hope the price isn't too high.

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  1. 5. The problem, and difference, is that it was a business trip. It gets into sticky ethical area to have the taxpayers pay for a Trump family business trip. Something that clearly needs to be looked at and addressed. Had it been a vacation, I doubt you would have heard about it.

    7. I think you answered your own question, there. He didn't do it correctly nor by rule of law and when it was challenged by the courts, he Twitter-tiraded the judge as "so called", calling into question a separate branch of government that didn't agree - further showing his bullying way.


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