Monday, January 23, 2017


I'M GOING TO WRITE THIS POST ABOUT MY OPINION ON THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP, then I think I will take a break from political posts.  At least that is what I think.  I have been watching the unfolding events, listened to the rhetoric, tried to cut through the verbal nonsense and hopefully came up with something somewhere on the side of reason.  Well, my reason, any way.  So here goes.
1. Whatever your personal opinion of the election was or is, Donald Trump won.  What he won was the electoral college vote.  What does that mean?  Well, our founding fathers set it up so that a highly populated state wouldn't be able to elect an official over the desires of several less populated states.  If the majority vote had been the rule, Hillary would have won and would have been the President of California and new York, so to speak, because the majority of the votes that gave her the majority came from there and a few other places.  People in the majority of States, however voted for Donald, thus the advantage of the electoral college.  At least that is my understanding. 
2. Because Donald won, many of the Hillary supporters were upset, to say the least.  Many others chose to riot and loot and burn.  I am not really sure that those were actually voters, but just chose to riot and protest because they felt they had a cause and could get away with it.
3. I have seen so many posts on social media on both sides of this coin.  I have seen posts by people, some of whom I am aquainted with, somewhat, call the people who voted for Hillary some vile names. Names that I know are not true. And even though I voted for Trump, for reasons that have been mentioned in previous posts, I can't help but feel upset when I read posts by friends or even family when they spout the same vile hatred type of messages that accuse the "other" side of doing.  We should all be on one side.  The side of the American people.
4. I don't understand the purpose of the Women's march on Washington and in other places across the country, including the small city where I currently reside.  The signs and the slogans just didn't fit what I thought a protest should be.  It seems to me that these women felt that they had rights that were going to be taken away from them by President Trump.  I just failed to understand the rhetoric spiel they were spouting.
5. Without a doubt, President Trump and the Republican congress will make some changes.  Some of them will be good and some will not. They will make mistakes, just like all past President's and Congresses have done. Will they actually do the damage that some of these groups think they will. I think not.  But then that is a matter of perspective.
6.  We can hope that all will go well and know that it will not.  I just hope that the country can come together and work for the best of the people. I think, however, that there are groups of people who will oppose President Trump at ever turn, regardless what he proposes and how good it may be for the country.  Just cause they don't like him. I can hope things will settle down, but they probably won't.

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  1. 2. I don't think the looters were of any political stripe and most are opportunists that come out to take advantage. They did after Obama's election as well.


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