Friday, March 24, 2017


DO YOU EVER WISH YOU COULD JUST HAVE A ONE ON ONE WITH SOME OF THE TICS?  Or in other words a Politician?  One that has some "Power" or "Pull" to get things done?  Well, I often feel that way, but of course I am not important enough to get that kind of conversation with any one.   So I will carry on a one sided conversation with the Tics here in this post.  So here goes.  And I assume you who may read this has been keeping up with what is going on with the tics.
1. Grow up and go to work.  That is the first thing I would say. And I am speaking to the members of all parties in both the house  and senate.  You were elected to go to Washington to do the work of the people. Instead you are wasting time squabbling like petulant teenage boys over which one of them a cheer leader likes best.  They don't realize, in their squabbling, that the cheer leader don't really like either one of them.  Still they squabble over something that will never bear fruit. 
2. What ever your opinion is, ( talking to the tics ) Trump won the election.  So work with him and quit wasting time trying to take him down.  If he has a plan to improve something, work with him to improve it and then own it with him. If it is a bad plan, and I repeat, if it is a bad plan, then work with him and show him that it is a bad plan, explain why it is a bad plan and what the results will be if he continues on what ever path his plan would take.
3. Members of the opposing party. Please understand that Trump was elected because a lot of American people didn't like the way things were going in the last decades.  Not just the last administration, but the last several administrations.  They were tired of the same old same old. So look at some of the things that have been mentioned and work with that.
4. To President Trump.  Quit with the tweets already.  Be the President that you were elected to be. If, and I would say If you were wiretapped or whatever you claim, then have the FBI or who ever investigate that, if it really is an issue. If it turns out that something was actually done, then present the evidence so that the media will have to report it. If there is nothing there, then no harm done, cause you weren't tweeting it to start with.
5. Finally, for this post, the house pulled the Obama Care act repeal bill today, because the Repub's were unable to get it passed.  While I believe the act needs to be overhauled, repealed is probably not a good idea. So I am kinda happy that they couldn't pass it.  So here is what I would suggest.  Go back to where the public was before the ACA was passed into law.  What did we have then?  Why did we feel the need to pass such an act?  Look at that real closely. Then keep what was good from that time and pass the parts of the ACA that would improve on that. But do not, and I would repeat, do not fine people who can't afford insurance. if they can't afford insurance, they sure can't afford a fine.

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  1. I hope they keep investigating him and his team. Nixon is starting to look like a saint! And man. I just WISH he was capable of saying "oh, I was wrong". Which, even confronted with evidence that there was no wiretapping, he seems unable to do. Quite frankly, he and his administration is a complete disaster.


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