Monday, January 30, 2017


I AM NOT A POLITICAL ACTIVIST. AND I AM NOT REALLY A BLOGGER. OK, so maybe I do write some blogs, but I don't consider myself a political blogger.  Even though I write a blog post occasionally, I don't really consider myself a blogger. And every time I blog about a political situation, I say I won't do that again for a while, then something happens that changes my mind. So here we go again. 
First, I want to restate something that I have stated already.  There seems to be 5 kinds of people in the political spectrum at this time.  I will name them and lump some of them in to groups where they don't really want to be, but I am putting them there any way.  Just bear with me.
1. There is the group that strongly supported Hillary.  2. There is the group that strongly supported Trump.  3. There is the group that didn't like Hillary but voted for her because they didn't like Trump more.  4. There is the group that didn't like Trump, but voted for him because they didn't like Hillary more.  and 5. Everyone else.  I know there were other candidates but I am not talking about those.  so, now Trump is President. And he has caused a stir of controversy. And that is what this blog is about.
Trump won the election on a campaign of controversy. He promised a lot of things that a lot of the American public liked the sound of.  Now as President, he is backing down on some of them and carrying through with others.  I fit in group 4 listed above.  On that basis, I think Trump does need to do a lot of things that he promised he would do.  But, I feel that he needs to take a really good look at just what he is doing and how he is going to do it.  Do I feel that he, and congress needs to revamp the Obama Care health program. Yes I do.  Do I feel that it needs to be completely repealed and leave people without any insurance. No I do not.  Has Trump said that he would completely repeal it? No he has not. He has said that he wants to keep the good parts and get rid of the bad parts.  I don't see any problem with that.
He said that he wants to close the borders and build a wall. He said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Mexico has said no we won't.  Time will tell on both points.  In the meantime, Trump did sign an executive order placing a ban on certain people coming into the country.  This is not a permanent ban. It is a, Lets vet some of them right now and put a 90 ban on others while the immigration policy is looked at and things figured out.  He hasn't really done any thing that Presidents haven't done since Bill Clinton, including Obama.  It's just that his methods are a bit more drastic.  he is being applauded on some sides and trashed on others. So, I have an opinion and will voice it in the next paragraph.
Immigration policy has been in place for several presidencies.  Obama limited the number of people who could come into the country in any given year. He increased the number to 70,000 and then last year he raised it to 110,000.  Trump, in his executive order, has reduced the number back to the 50,000 that was in place before Obama raised it to 70,000 in 2011. I feel at a little cross purposes on this. Living in the southwest where we see the results of a porous border, I agree with a more drastic measure on border closings.  I do not believe a wall will solve the problem. I feel that people need to be vetted before they are allowed to come into the United States. I feel that those who are working on the proper method of getting here, should be allowed to continue that process. I believe that the United States really needs to look at this process and provide assistance to those who need it. I don't think that the protests that destroy property will solve any thing. 
One last thing.  I read a lot of the posts on social media. And watch the news.  I do not like the things that I see there.  I have a lot of family, past and present who are Democrats, and they were not and are not the names that they are being called by those who are so strongly in favor of any thing Trump does.  All that name calling is senseless and baseless and is only creating more of a division in the country. a country that was already divided and there are many people on both sides that just keep picking at the scab. And as long as they do so, the division will never heal. 
OK, one more last thing.  Even though you just read the above paragraph, I just have to say that I am disgusted at the display of Senator Schummer and Representative Pelosi.  To cry crocodile tears and accuse the statue of Liberty of doing so was only creating more of the drama that I feel is causing the rift to remain unhealed.  Yes, they can oppose the order. yes they can voice their opinion. Yes, the can vote on the Senate or House floor to rule against the order. Yes they can voice their opinion and vote accordingly. But the display that they put on only makes people like me turn against them in disgust.  And that applies to members of the congress or the news media's all across the country.

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