Thursday, September 2, 2010

View From The Ditch bank

ARE THEY SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE--I'm talking about commercials on TV. You know the ones. Oh! you don't. Well, I'll mention a couple or so. First, there is Discount Tire. You surely know this one. If ever you don't like our tires, just bring them back. And a woman, ( I assume it is a woman ) throws a tire through their window. And they say " Thank You." Now, I assume that Discount Tire is advertising their tires and wanting you to buy them, and if you are dissatisfied, they will take them back. I assume that they are saying that you will not be dissatisfied. But the ad indicates that someone was dissatisfied, and, to me, maybe I don't want a Discount tire. I may not like them. Does any one else have that kind of a reaction to this commercial? No! Just me then. And have you seen the ad by Sonic, advertising their FOOT LONG CONEY HOT DOGS? The kids in the ad show that they are listening, but McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King say nothing. So, Sonic has them, others don't. Uh! Well, maybe the others don't cause they aren't healthy. If it is so heavy they have to deliver it to me with a crane, I don't want one any way. I'll just go get my heart attack at Wendy's, thank you very much. Just another weird way to look at a commercial. Oh! and one last thing. I won't mention a particular medicine, cause they are legion, but take your pick: This medicine will help you with_________ you fill in the blank for the medicine of your choice. Not advised if you are pregnant, have a kidney condition, a liver condition, ( I wonder why they don't say it's expensive, so don't take it if you have a financial condition) and on and on. My cause sleepless nights, ( wondering how you are going to pay for it?) may cause you to get drowsy, ( OK, so am I gonna be sleepy or wide awake?) cause head aches or back aches. I get a headache with too little sleep, and I can get a backache with hard physical labor. I don't need a medicine, that they can't tell me what it's gonna do any way, to help with that. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how this medicine will affect you. Some times I think it would just be better to be sick. Instead of taking the medicine and be sicker. Oh well, That's The View From The Ditch Bank


  1. We have a commercial up here for a lawyer that cracks Jess up everytime-
    "Been bitten by a dog? Give experience a try, call_____"
    Jess thinks it sounds as if you need to call the lawyer so you can get an experienced dog to bite you.

    And everytime I hear the side effects of meds mentioned in ads, I think of the time mom was having headaches and one of the side effects of her meds was a headache.

  2. You know that discount add has been around before Dad passed away. Mom was talking about it and how much Dad hated the commercial and would have loved to get a tire and throw it through their window. Looks like after that many years they could make a new add. Eloise


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