Thursday, September 30, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

HO HUM! Here we go again. What do Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Johnny Tapia all have in common. Doing the crime, not the time. Although Paris Hilton was recently not allowed to enter Japan to promote her clothing line, or whatever it is she is promoting. She said, " That's OK, I respect their laws". Uh! If she had respected the laws right here in the U S of A, she wouldn't have been denied entrance into Japan. But then, if she were incarcerated in Japan, would they let her out after serving a few hours of a much longer sentence. And Lohan. She was jailed without bond. But a different Judge set bond at $300,000.00 and she bonded out. I have no problem with her bonding out on the bond set. She can afford it. I have a problem with her being let out constantly after breaking probation and then finally being jailed without bond, just to have someone else give her a bond so she could get out of jail. And Johnny Tapia. Who? you ask. Well, he's a nobody as far as I am concerned. He lives in Albuquerque, N.M. and is a world champion boxer. Ever heard of him? Probably not. But he is constantly being put in prison for Heroin and Cocaine use. Like Hilton and Lohan, he constantly breaks parole and is put back in jail. Then let out if he will behave. But he never does. Or, "I need to get out so I can train for my next fight." And he is let out, only to be found guilty again of using afore mentioned drugs. And put back in jail, only to be let out again, to go search for a missing relative, or whatever current excuse he may come up with. Do I blame these Celebs. Of course. But I blame the Judges more. Seems they could have the backbone to just say, Stay In Jail. I am sure there are many local "celebs" who fit this same MO. How much does it cost the tax payers to fund these people's shenanigans, as opposed to just letting them stay in jail until they have served their time. And how many judges around the country let them out, time after time. Personally, I am not impressed with any of the three mentioned, or any of the others that seem to be swooned over in Hollywood or on the Today show. There are just too many common folk that would be much better company in my uneducated opinion. And I will blog more about that in a future post. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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  1. It starts when they an adolescent. We send students to truancy court and the judge orders them to attend school. Which is stupid because we live in a cumpulsory school state and being truant is against the law. So the judge tells them that if they miss any days of school or are tardy he/she will have them put in juvenile detention for 30 days or so- they can only miss school with a doctor's note.

    So the student continues to be truant and when he goes back to see the judge and tell why he has continued to be truant, the judge says "Well, you have to go to detention. Or I can see you again in 7 days and you can bring me a jumbo sized candy bar for each truant and we will call it good.'

    Serious. It makes me so mad because I have students telling me all the time that they don't have to obey the judges orders because they can just get off with a couple of candy bars.

    How is this helping/teaching students? And parents are never held accountable or responsible either. The judge will enter orders for the parent and then never follow through with the consequences. Whenever I get a copy of the orders and the punishment I usually spend the next 30+ minutes angry and in a bad mood.


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