Saturday, September 25, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IS THE CRISIS REALLY OVER: I don't think so. I'm starting this blog talking about the recent oil spill in the Gulf. The well has been capped and plugged. No more oil is spilling into the waters of the Gulf. The crisis is over. Uh! no. Not really. Scientists are still finding oil deep within the ocean waters. Tar balls are still washing up on beaches. The shores are still polluted. Fisherman still can't go back to work fishing. I saw one news report from Alaska, where it was shown that just by digging down a foot or so on the beach's there was still oil pooled up there. After all these years. I think the Gulf will suffer for many years to come from this pollution. Not only the waters and the land, but tourists will be slow to return, fishing will be slow to resume, and people will be uncertain if the fish is safe to eat. Won't bother me, as I eat very little fish anyway. But I am just one person, so the economic impact from my non fish eating will be as nothing. Not even a drop to start concentric rings moving across the water. How will it affect BP. I can't even begin to guess, but the impact on those who actually make a living from the gulf and fishing will be devastating.

Now, a little side trip. Did you see the news article about the people of Bell, California becoming upset with the tics that was running that city. They had voted themselves incomes of hundreds of thousands of $'s. And they got caught. Literally. They are now in jail, unless they have bailed themselves out. The people of the city, and the their attorneys, have charged these officials with fraud, and corruption. And they have the proof. So they swept them out of office. Wouldn't it be funny ( read, good for the country ) if that was just the ringing of the starting bell, there in Bell, for the sweeping out of office of all corrupt politicians, going from there up and down the coast, then heading East sweeping out all of the corrupt tics before the broom of justice. Don't forget to make a big sweep right here in New Mexico as the broom goes by. If this was done, clear to the Atlantic ocean, when all these corrupt tics were swept into the ocean, the BP oil spill would be hardly a blip on the radar in comparison to the pollution that would then take place. While that would not be good for the Ocean waters, it would sure nuff be good for the land. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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