Tuesday, September 7, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL---Not quite two years ago, Barack Obama was elected President of this great nation. Along with him there were several democrats elected to congressional positions. Now, two years later, the complete house of Representatives and a number of Senators are running for office, again. And the President is leaving the office that was given to him when he was elected to office, and going on the campaign trail, stumping for Democrats in states where they may be in a position of losing. To a Republican. And if enough of them lose, then the Republicans will regain CONTROL of the house and or Senate. If the Democrats can win, then they retain CONTROL. In all the speeches I hear, it is all about control. Very little is said about what they can do for the American people. Except in passing, when talking about health care, or jobs, or the economy. But mostly, though, it is about retaining or regaining control. And I don't care if it is the Democrats, or the Republicans, or the Tory's or the Whigs, the Tea Party or the Coffee Clatch, it is all about control. Oh, their speeches may differ in content, and passion, and accusations, and their lies may be different, but still it is all about control. Mr. Obama was elected on the campaign of change. Well, look at the changes he, and they, have made, listen to the changes he and they say is yet to come, decide if it will happen and then make an intelligent decision and vote accordingly in 8 weeks, And That Is The View From The Ditch Bank.


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