Monday, September 13, 2010

View From The Ditch B ank

LOCAL TICS, AND A FEW OTHER THINGS: Just a short note about the Koran/Mosque item. I have stated in a past post that I don't think it would be a good idea for the Mosque to be built near ground zero. Whatever happens in that situation is yet to be determined. I am glad, however, that the Preacher in the South decided not to burn the Muslim Holy Book. If the media had not jumped all over that issue, I think it would have died a natural death anyway. Now, Donald Trump has offered to buy the building where the Mosque will be built. At a prophet, uh profit, to the Muslim's who own it. Sounds like a win win situation for every one. Well, except maybe Mr. Trump.
Now for the local political scene. Slick Bill just returned from a trip to Cuba, and is now in Spain. Why Spain??? Well, he says it is to help people in New Mexico find jobs. And help the State economically. Oh! Well then, if that is what he is doing, then good for him. Unfortunately it is not why he is there. So why is he there. Cause he can and cause he is Bill Richardson, and cause he likes the national and international limelight. That's why. It would help the New Mexico economics if he would stay home and govern.
Now, to the ladies who would replace him. They have finally agreed on something. They both want something better for New Mexico. They disagree on how to bring this about. They both agree on the fact that they want to fund education, they disagree on just how to do this. What they don't say is that whatever they want to do, they have to convince the legislature to pass the necessary bills to bring that about. I assume they know that, they just don't say that. According to the polls, ( who can really believe a poll of 1000 people or less, when there are 1000's of voters ) Republican Susana Martinez is several points ahead of Diane Denish. Now, the past legislature abolished the death penalty in New Mexico. Mrs. Denish wants to keep it that way. Mrs. Martinez wants to return it back to the State Judicial system. According to the polls ( see above statement) the majority of the people in the State want the death penalty back. Including me. The Richardson administration, which includes Mrs. Denish, has given around 50,000 illegal immigrants drivers licences. While Mrs. Denish wants to rework the law, she thinks giving these licenses is OK. Mrs. Martinez wants to abolish the law, and repeal the licenses that have already been issued. One of her ads states that once these illegal people get a license, they then are able to drive any where in the states, with documentation. Maybe she has something there that we need to think about. In a serious manner. One last thing. The legislature, under Slick Bill's governance, passed a law to make medical marijuana legal. It is still against Federal law. Mrs. Denish supports that law. Mrs. Martinez does not. I am against the law. A point of view, from a Doctor friend of mine, who happens to belong to the same faith I do, has stated that Marijuana is similar to booze, and we have legal booze, so we can legalize marijuana, and collect the taxes from it, just like the state does from alcohol. A point to think about. But perhaps the Federal Government needs to do the same. time will tell. Wait and see. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

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  1. 1) How is Trump buying the building a win/win? Would that not be a win for the people against the community center that keeps getting called a mosque, and a loose for the people that want to build it?

    2) I don't understand in any way how Bill going to Spain helps the NM economy.... or the job situation.... staying put and spending money on education and infrastructure does that...

    3) I seem to agree with Mrs Martinez except on the Marijuana. I have a few friends that have gotten great results from medical marijuana in helping to regulate their pain from cancer and other debilitating conditions. Also, the majority of the bad view on marijuana comes from a smear campaign done in the '20s by the timber moguls when hemp was going to replace it in a lot of things such as paper and construction, as well as damage cotton and denim as it is such a versatile textile....

    But that's just my viewpoint.....



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