Monday, August 30, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank


Cucumbers, Jalapeno's, Bell Peppers, and an apple




A BOUNTEOUS HARVEST---For the two or three of you that may have been reading this blog from the start, know that I said the blogs would not be about me. And mostly they haven't. This one, however, will be, kinda. MLWFAE and I have some fruit trees and a small garden in our small back yard, as well as an Apricot tree in the front yard. Since we water the garden from a hose, and pay double rates for the water, our garden is small. Our fruit trees will bear fruit some years, but the blossoms usually freeze in the one last frost around the first of April. This year they didn't. Freeze, that is. And they all bore fruit in great abundance. And the small garden did the same. MLWFAE (my wife, for those of you that don't know ) has canned and canned, and is still canning the things from this harvest. Also, we have had a lot of rain this summer, and that has been a big help. So, at times like this, we all need to stop for a time, and give thanks to our Father above for the bounteous harvest He has provided. May you all have a good and happy fall. And that is the wish From The Ditch Bank


  1. Today was our first rain nearly all summer. Actual rain, anyway. It seemed to keep skipping us and staying south. Our harvest hasn't been that great. Wish I could take some off Mom's hands!

  2. Jealous!! I wish we had somewhere for fruit trees and gardens . . . except I have a decidedly brown thumb . . .

  3. I am with Tawnya, my harvest hasn't been very bountiful this year- despite having numerous rains and I also wish I could take some off of your hands. We could do a canning party!

    But despit my unbountiful garden and trees, the Lord has blessed me with the ability to get produce through Bountiful Baskets and I have been able to do a small amount of canning and preparing for the winter to come.

    And yes, I am thankful

  4. I've terribly missed gardening this year. Can't wait to get our garden back in next spring.

  5. You're welcome about Bountiful Baskets Sandra:)
    Wynn's garden actually did amazingly wonderful. Everything turned out great. He had the best corn he's ever had. He had to learn how to grow it after we moved here because it's too cold to grow it in Star Valley. But the fruit off the trees we would have willingly helped you out with!

    Once again Mom....but you would have to move up here!!!


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