Monday, July 7, 2014


THE NEWS CONTINUES TO BE FRUITFUL:  Man, I make a post on a scientific item and a little humor blended in and I just get way behind on the news items.  So, I scratched a couple of items I was going to comment on and will just comment on these few things.
1. The Pres. is directing Federal agencies to give workers leeway in determining their work schedules. Guess the work of the government will get even further behind and less done, but the workers will be happy to know that they can work when ever they want to. Or not.  Don't they do that a lot any way?

2.  Did you see the news blurb on a young man that had to be rescued after he got stuck in a statue of  a female private part?  While I can only shake my head at the antic of this young man and his "desire" to get a picture of himself inside this statue, I shake my head more in wonder at why someone felt the need to create a statue of this kind in the first place.  But then, maybe that is not any worse than the nude statues they call art in local and foreign places.  Still, I hope the young man was properly embarrassed. Naw, he probably wasn't.

3. Did you see that Obama has cleared the way for the U.S. Government to export oil and gas to foreign country's. If we have supplies to export, just have to wonder why we are so dependent on foreign oil.  Something smells somewhere.

4. First in the news of late was the story about Cliven Bundy in Nevada and his dispute with the government taking over his land. What ever your feelings are in regard to Mr. Bundy, the government definitely could handle these things in a better way. But now there are two more land grab stories in the news.  One of them is in the Dakotas where the government is trying to take Reservation Land from the Indians and turning it over to the Park Service. This, understandably, has the Indians up in arms.  And finally, on this subject, The Forest service is planning to build miles of fence in Northern New Mexico to keep a ranchers cattle away from a stream and meadow where they have been for decades.  Why, because the environmentalists have discovered a mouse there that they think needs protected.  Like the cows and the mice haven't coexisted for a lot longer than the environmentalist or the forest service.  Guess the Cowboys and Indians will be on the same side on this one.

5. And finally, for this post. The nation has been in a recession for years.  And the current administration has blamed it on Bush.  Well, maybe so. But the talking heads keep saying the recession has been in recovery for the last 5 years. I, along with most people, think not. Still, I saw a woman reporter on the news this past week make this Statement. And I quote.  The recession has been over for 5 years and the Nation as a whole has recovered from it, except for these 32 States in red on the map." close quote.  And the map showed those 32 States that ranged from California to New England.  All across the country.  And, aren't there 50 States? And doesn't 32 from 50 equal 18?  If 18 States have recovered from the recession and 32 have not, how does that constitute "The Whole Country"?  Must be a new version of the new math that came out some decades back.  Guess I need to go back to school.


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