Thursday, July 31, 2014


I TOOK A BREAK:  From the news and did a post on my food opinion, and I got behind on the news and other TV items.  So, I will comment on a couple or so of them and maybe forget the others I had thought to comment on.  We will see. So number 

1.  WATER MAIN BREAK IN L.A. This has been in the news for two days or more, now.  And SUNSET BLVD. IS FLOODED AND THERE IS A BIG SINKHOLE. So, who cares.  You do?  Well, there was a water main break in Albuquerque along with the resulting sinkhole and not a thing mentioned on national TV.  And I go to Albuquerque. I never go to L.A. or Sunset BLVD. And while I have been there, decades ago, I have no intention of ever going back.  Knock on wood. And there are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who have never been there and never will. And the news caster on the Today Show, when talking about this, said of Sunset BLVD., you know we have all been there.  Well, no,  we have not all been there.  And you just have to wonder how many other main water line's broke with the resulting sink holes that were not mentioned.  Just as Albuquerque was not.  NEWS BREAK,  TO NBC, or any other TV Net Work.  NEW YORK AND HOLLYWOOD DO NOT REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES.

2. LOIS LERNER.  You know who she is.  Well, if not, you don't watch the news.  She is the IRS woman that lost all the e mails etc.  And should be in jail or somewhere away from the public. She has now been quoted on the news as calling conservatives a very vulgar term.  If a "lady" is going to use that kind of language, or a "gentleman" either, they should not be in public service. Ever. I know, I know, that is unrealistic, but that is the way I feel.  Of Course, Mrs. Lerner should be held accountable for her actions in any case, regardless of her language.

3.  WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.  You remember that show, or movie, or whatever it was.  I remember hearing the name.  25 years ago.  It was on the news a few days ago celebrating the 25 years since that show came out.  And the news casters were quoting their favorite lines from it and saying, remember?  Me and my wife just looked at each other and said No, we don't remember the show, even, much less the lines.  Don't think we even saw it.  Man, we decided if Holly wood type questions are ask as a requirement to get into Heaven, we are doomed to sweat for ever.

4.  AUTOMOBILES. You know what they are. Those gas guzzling, oil burning, tire smoking, noisy things that most of us feed with a frenzy.  Yeah. Those things.  I have seen a couple of ads lately on the TV about these items of necessity.  One showed a teenager driving with an adult, ( his dad or his instructor) and while driving he was looking at a teen age girl walking on the sidewalk. He didn't see the car stopped in front of him, but the car did and stopped before he had an accident. Just this morning I saw a similar ad for a car that detects something and avoids an accident while the driver was distracted. Just have to wonder if all these "safety" items won't just make the driver less responsible. So what if I get distracted, the car will take care of me.  And I can't help but wonder at the distractions that are being added to the car. Just yesterday we were in a Ford Dealership and while there we were looking at a brochure for a new Ford Explorer. It has three different screens for the driver to look at for information, a slot for a SD card reader along with some other things that I don't even remember now.  But, distractions.  Seems like just more accidents waiting to happen.  I don't care how many safety devises you install in the car, the driver is still the driver and needs to remember that at ALL TIMES.


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  1. 3. I love that movie so, so much.

    4. I know it would me. Now where's my hover board, already?


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