Monday, July 21, 2014


THE NEWS IS ALWAYS FRUITFUL: And sometimes humorous and sometimes just shake your head in wonder at "What are they thinking".  Well, here are four more things to post about. All have been on the news, but some are the "rage: of the age, or something like that.  But here goes.

1. Well, this one is not a news thing, but a TV ad, on the TV of course. This is from Dish network.  Get the hopper, they advertise.  You can watch one show while recording 8 others. For me, this is one of those head shakers.  I have enough trouble finding the one channel to watch, much less recording 8 others.  I wish there was 9 channels with programs worth watching, that would make TV worth having in the house.  And I have a lot more to do than to mindlessly watch TV.  But then, I don't ooh and aah over the "stars" of the small screen and have trouble even telling them apart. Seems like to me, they are a lot like the cars on the market now a days.  They all look like they came from the same computer software program, regardless of which company is spitting them out a few months before they are recalled.  Most of the TV programs on TV should be permanently recalled.  So, no, even though I have Dish for what little TV I watch, I will not be getting the hopper.

2. Selfies. This has been on the news and all over facebook.  People taking pictures of themselves and then posting them on the computer for all and sundry to look at and exclaim over.  I don't really like my picture being taken any way, much less to take a self portrait an a prison phone, OH sorry, that is a cell phone and post it all over the world.  If that is what floats your boat, go for it, I just can't see the benefit in it and it just a baffler to me why.  OH well, on to more important items.

3.  I assume you have all been keeping up on the border crisis.  With all the mostly women and children coming across the southern border from South American countries. And other places. I posted about this a time or two, and I feel a certain compassion for the children. I feel that they are pawns for some one, and only time will prove me wrong.  Still, they are here illegally. And the ACLU is at the border and as they come across, they are advising them of "their constitutional rights".  Um, what is it about the word   Illegal   do they not understand.  They are not citizens of the country, and they do not have a visa to enter. There fore they have no constitutional rights. Again, I feel sorry for the children, for the reason mentioned, as well as others, but there is a proper way to get here.  And they are not from the middle east and places like that, these are not war torn country's they are escaping from.  They just want to be here.  Can't blame them, but do it legal.

4. And finally, these two items from California. I mention two because they are kinda along the same lines.  One, the city of San Francisco has passed a rule, or is trying to pass a rule to make it illegal to put any thing in your garage except your car. No bikes, no tools, no sports equipment no nothing other than your car. No garden hoses.  And on garden hoses, Meanwhile in Glendora, Ca they will fine you $500.00 for not using water .  Or not. The State advised the residents that water is an item in short supply and to conserve on water. So one family did. And their lawn turned brown and the neighbors told the city of Glendora that the property was abandoned. When the city discovered that it was not, they told the couple to water their lawn or they would fine them $500.00.  So, they can be fined $500.00 by the State for using water that is is short supply, or fined $500.00 by the city for not using water that is in short supply to keep their property looking like the city wants it to look. So do what you want, the someone is going to get $500.00 from you any way.  Yep, that's how it works is America now a days.  

I think we just need to go hide in a cave somewhere and for get to leave a forwarding address.


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  1. Third time's a charm?

    2. I don't understand the big deal about them - people have been taking pics of themselves (esp. on vacations) since forever. Sure, it's easier now, but it is in no way a "new" thing. I don't get it.

    4. Sounds to me like it's time to xeriscape....


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